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Forever I Am Yours

 I don’t know why you love me Lord
 But you do.  Yes, you do
 I don’t know why you love me
 But you do.
 I’m not a model citizen for heaven
 So many things I don’t deserve
 Yet you have given me your mercy
 You’ve given me a heart that’s pure
 The love you’ve shown me has saved me
 From every trial that I might face
 By faith I’ll follow in your footsteps
 I know I’ll never lose your grace
 I don’t know why you saved me Lord
 But you did.  Yes you did.
 I don’t know why you saved me Lord
 But you did
 I know you’ve called me out of darkness
 So I can show the world your holy light
 I pray my life will be a witness
 Of your redeeming sacrifice
 You took on the stripes, the curses of man
 The crown on your head and the nails in your hands
 You carried your cross to calvary’s hill
 You gave up your life so I could be filled
 With your love.  Hallelujah
 Hallelujah.  Hallelujah
 I don’ know why you love me
 But you do.  I know you do
 I don’t know why you saved me
 But you did.  Oh Yes, you did
 Your love has saved me forever
 Your love has saved me forever
 Your love has saved me forever
 Forever I am your, forever I am yours! 

If He Loves Me

If He loves me why do I suffer
If He loves me why do I hurt
If He loves me why do the trials of my life bring trouble at every turn
If He loves me why do I tremble
at what the next day will bring
If He loves me when will He come to my side and remove all the things that sting
Isn’t it enough that He died for me to take away my sins?
Isn’t it enough that the comforter comes to settle your heart within?
All that this life will throw at you will never compare to His love
So when trials and tests try to steal all your rest
Come to Jesus for He is enough
His love is always there.  It is always a comfort, always a resting place when trouble comes.  We don’t have to wonder if he loves us if we will just look at the cross.  Look at what he went through for you.  Look at how much He suffered because he loves you.  There is no pain greater than the pain of His heart breaking when the Father turned His head and darkness covered the sky.  He had never been separated from His Father, not for all eternity past.  And yet for three hours, He was covered with sin, and the Father could not look.  That is how much Jesus loves you and me.
When trouble surround you and it seems that a temptation is too hard to bear, get that picture of the cross in your mind.  Think about Jesus on that cross.  In your minds eye look at the blood dripping down from His brow.  Look at the tears in His flesh.  Look at the nails in His feet and hands.  Look at His love poured out.  This is the image that will get you through your tests and trials.  He loved you so much that he stretched out His hands and died for you.  Isn’t that enough?  Does He really need to do any more for you to show you His love?
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believed in Him would have everlasting life.

Poured Out

I can’t imagine why He would come down
From His throne in the heavens above
To become a little baby in a manger
It was His love.  It was His love
I can’t imagine why He would spend time
With a group of ragged men He called His own
He taught them of the ways of His kingdom
It was His love.  It was His love
A love that knows no boundaries
‘A love that knows no end
A love that keeps on giving
A love that calls me friend
A love that gives itself away
A love that welcomes all
His love is more than I can know
His love is all in all
I can’t imagine why he would give His life
To take away my sin and my shame
Then he rose again to grant me eternal life
It was His love.  It was His love
Poured out through the ages.  Poured out on the earth
Poured out from His heart of hearts to all who find His worth
Poured out for our sins.  Poured out for our souls
The blood He shed was poured out by His love
A love that knows no boundaries
‘A love that knows no end
A love that keeps on giving
A love that calls me friend
A love that gives itself away
A love that welcomes all
His love is more than I can know
His love is all in all

Taking Time

I don’t plan to disappoint Him but I do
I don’t plan to contradict Him but I do
I don’t plan to have a bad day where I walk away from Him
But I do.  Way too often I do
I don’t listen to His voice like I should
I don’t walk in His footsteps like I should
I don’t think about the ways I can witness of His love
Not I don’t.  Way too often I don’t
Taking time to be with Jesus should be my priority
Not just eking out a life of fun and games
Taking time to be with Jesus is my goal and my desire
I can’t remain where I am.  I have to change
I must spend time in His word every day
I must walk away from sin every day
I must tell of His great love to everyone I meet
Yes I must.  Every day I must
Taking time to walk like Jesus is my prayer
So that I can touch the sinners where they are
Taking time to spread His story to the ones who need it most
Ever word I speak will make them more aware
There was a song many years ago that Larnell Harris sang entitled “I Miss My Time With You.”  It represents the voice of God saying to someone how much he misses spending time with them because they haven’t been praying or reading the word like they should.  It’s a beautiful song with a great message.  When we love someone here on this earth, we want to spend time with them.  We will go out of our way often to spend time with them.  Their voice and their face are like caffeine top our spirit – they pick us up!
Way too often the cares of this life take precedence over spending time in prayer, in the word, and in our witness.  At least, that is true with me.  If I do not spend that time in the morning, I may never find it in the middle of the day. I have to Make Time!  I have to deliberately carve out some time, best in the morning, to spend with Him.  If I do that over and  over again, soon it will be a part of my routine and I will be spending the time with Him that I need to.  It is up to me to spend time with Him, because he is always with me.  I just am not aware of that until I turn to Him and seek Him first.
Psalm 63:1 King James Version
63 O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;

You Overrun Me

Sometimes I find myself running. Running away from you
Habits and traits of the past will surface and I don’t know what to do
I feel I have called on your mercy much more than you want me to
So I turn and just start running.  Running away from you
But you overrun me.  You won’t let me go
You catch me in full stride.  My running is slowed
It’s then that your mercy and grace is bestowed
You pour out your love.  You pour out your love
Then I look into your eyes.  Tears roll down my cheeks
I know that your strength has overcome my weakness
You take me in your arms and I can hardly speak
My head rests on your shoulder.  Your mercy at its peak
You overrun me when life gets me down
I know in the flood of shame you won’t let me drown
You take off my garment and give me a gown
You pour out your love.  You pour out your love
You turn me around and we walk in your grace
I look and I see a smile on your face
I can’t help but wonder what you see in me
That when I run away you come after me
Your love overruns me when I go astray
Your mercy and grace will not go away
So I sing this song and give you my praise
You pour out your love on me
In the song Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing the last verse says “Prone to wander Lord I feel it. Prone to leave this God I love.”  That is our human condition.  This flesh we live in, that our souls live in, is prone to walk away from the statutes of God.  We find ourselves running from the very God who has saved us and died for us.  We run because we feel shame, or guilt, or unloved or alone.  We run because we don’t think God will forgive us again for that foul mouth, or that lying tongue, or our impulsive flesh. But nothing could be farther from the truth. 
In the parable of the prodigal son we find the father looking for His son to come home after he had been gone for weeks, or months or years.  We don’t know how long the son had been gone.  The father was always watching for him, hoping he would come home.  When that day came that he saw his son in the distance, he ran to meet him.  He ran to welcome his son home, to pour out his love on him and embrace him.  I can see the son as his father came running, turn and start to run away, afraid of what the father might do to him.  But the father overran him and wrapped his arms around him and pour out grace and mercy on him.  He loved his son just like God loves us!

Two Things

There’s only two things you must know
To be all you can be
Thing one is His great mercy
Thing two is grace that’s free
Mercy reached out to touch our lives
When Jesus came from above
Took the form of a baby
Because of His great love
Mercy was with Him every day
As He healed all that would come
Taught the ways of the Kingdom
Truly was God’s Son
Mercy then took Him to the cross
Where He bled and died for me
Mercy rose Him up from the grave
So I’d live eternally
The greatest show of mercy
The world has ever seen
Is something I must know deep down
Because it was done for me          
Grace has supplied my every need
From the moment I was born
From the fresh air that I breath each day
To the sunrise every morn
Grace followed us as we grew in years
For it truly gave us life
Each trial that we faced has passed
And grace helped us survive
Grace gave the greatest gift of all
When we asked the Savior in
By grace are you saved through faith my friend
It is grace that makes you win
This grace that’s so amazing
Grace always blesses me
He gives it freely to us
Supplying ever need
When you are looking out ahead
At what your life may bring
Make sure that grace and mercy
Are the most important thing

I Close My Eyes

I seek a place of rest.
I walk through the forest
Majestic pine trees on every side
with branches that form a canopy above
Below a beautiful pine needle bed good for my feet tread upon
There is no path laid before me
No way that I have to go to get somewhere
Only the tiny round needles everywhere
my eyes come upon a stump that juts out as if it were a seat waiting for me
I sit and I close my eyes
No trouble there is
No enemy to attack me
Only His gentle breath that the summer breeze leaves behind
I am at rest

I seek a place of peace
in a world where peace is difficult to find
I walk down a path
through a Meadow
which leads into the forest
Deep into the dense
Brush land with trees all around
In the distance I hear a babbling Brook
I set my gauge to get there
Slowly transcending the rocky terrain
I arrive at the bottom of the Hill
The voice of the brook is mumbling over the rocks
Water sweeps from my right to left
I see a stump sitting there just waiting for me
I rest myself upon that stump
I sit and close my eyes and listen to that brook
Wandering aimlessly yet relentlessly toward some distant destination
I am at peace

I seek a place of love
I am not sure where that can be found today in this city
I settled in to watch a romance movie with my wife
sitting in a chair across the Room
There are a few words
every once in a while a question
We just enjoy the movie together
There’s a connection there that one can only describe
as a feeling one gets from a long marriage
a closeness that young people just don’t understand
where that time is precious
I sit and close my eyes
I can sense her love coming across the Room
Like an aroma from a candle
I am in love

I seek a place of joy
It would be easy for me to get caught up in the things of this world
in troubles that are all around me
it would be easy to get disgusted, cold or unhappy
It would be easy to complain and murmur and boast
But I choose a higher path
I choose to walk with the Lord
To know He is always guiding and leading me
even though the Valley
even through the storm
protecting me even if serious trouble comes
Even when the tempter is so strong
I close my eyes and hear His gentle voice
I have found a place of joy

I seek the Lord
He is found
All these other things come my way
Because I put Him
All these other things I are ornaments upon the tree
The tree He is growing as He grows me
All these are the things are my desires
But His desire is that I would want only Him
When I will seek only Him
All these other things will be a natural by-product
of closeness I feel with my Lord
so when I close my eyes
I pray that God will bring me closer to Him
And that is all I pray
Then I am with my Lord


His Loving Hand

Wherever I walk He’s beside me
Wherever I go He will lead
Wherever I turn He’ll be with me
I trust in His loving hand

Whenever I fall He revives me
Whenever I slip He gives grace
Whenever I stumble He holds me
I trust in His loving hand

He holds me tight all the time
He never lets me go
No matter what trials or troubles come
His loving hand I will hold

Whatever I need He supplies me
Whatever I do He will bless
Whatever I fear He will lift me
I trust in His loving hand


All the day long. All of the night
Every moment I won’t leave His sight
He’ll be there with me holding my hand
Oh what a Savior. Oh what a friend


God Is Determined

God is determined to bless me
In ways that I can’t comprehend
I am determined to praise Him
I’ll give Him the best that I can

God is determined to heal me
He’ll take away all my pain
I am determined to love Him
I’ll worship again and again

God is determined to save me
From all of my troubles and storms
I am determined to fall down
I’ll take in the health that he forms

God is determined to guide me
Through all of the valleys I face
I am determined to follow
I’ll trust in His wonderful grace

God is determined to know me
He’ll speak to me every day
I am determined to know Him
I’ll hear His sweet voice and I’ll say

Jesus I love you with all of my heart
I love you with all of my mind
All of my soul I give to you
For you are my strength all the time

His Abiding Love

I sit here and I tremble at a world out of control
I wonder what will happen as we travel down the road
Will the chaos just increase or will it come to rest
Regardless of what happens I know God will do His best/

You see I do not have to fear what man can do to me
All I need to do is be what God wants me to be
If I follow in His ways and always do His will
I will find my soul will rest when I will just be still

For in that time of stillness He gently speaks to me
He opens up my eyes so that I can clearly see
That all this world can offer will never quite compare
To the peace that He can give me in these times of great despair

Do not think upon what the enemy may do
Set your mind on Jesus for His promises are true
This world will one day fall away and darkness fill the sky
My trust will be in Jesus and He will be my guide

He’ll guide me safely through the storms that will soon come my way
He’ll guide me through the wilderness and strengthen me each day
He’ll walk with me and talk with me and give me peace of mind
While all the while He’ll help me to be gentle and be kind

You see, no greater force is there than His abiding love
Against all of the evil of this world it is enough
So get down on your knees and say a prayer tonight
Lord fill my heart with all that is pure and good and right

Send me out into this world that is growing ever dark
Make me sound the trumpet loud, let me be the spark
The fire of the Holy Ghost is needed everywhere
Help me be the light that will shine and fill the air