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Our Salvation


Brightly shining
From the sky above
Down to earth below
Every day
The sun’s rays stream down
From so far away
To touch us all
To heat us all
To give us sight
The light reveals colors
In its prismatic glow
Radiating energy and warmth
Even when the clouds appear
Seemingly blocking it out
The warmth still comes
The light still comes
It cannot be quenched
It cannot be darkened
It cannot be stopped
From rising each day
At the appointed time
And setting the same
With brilliance
And majesty
It shines from the heavens
Through all the earth

So is God’s love
It always shines
Touching us all
With His mercy
And amazing grace
His love is pure and kind
Patient and not envious
His love always seeks our best
Always finds a way
Through every trial
Every test
Every temptation
His love
Never leaves us
Never forsakes us
Always shines its glory on us
Though He is King of Kings
And Lord of Lords
He still loves a sinner like me
He still loves me
When I lose my way
Nothing can separate me from His love
Not mountains or valleys
Not rivers or oceans
Not heaven or hell
Not forces of the spiritual realm
They have no power over His love
His love is always there

Safe In Your Arms

I can’t imagine what I’d do without you
You fill up all my days with Joy and peace
And when I am afraid
You send your precious race
To give me rest and set my mind at ease

I never will go anywhere without you
Your Spirit guides me down the path of life
And if I go astray
You gently show the way
To get me back where I can walk the line

Oh precious Savior
Oh wondrous Lord
You give me victory
In this old world
My life is yours, Lord
I’ll always be
Safe in your arms
For all eternity

I never will do anything without you
You give me wisdom for the trials of life
And if I should mess up
Your mercy is enough
To gently guide me through every time

You show me and you lead me
Guide me and precede me
You carry me
You rescue me
You’re everything to me

Oh precious Savior
Oh wondrous Lord
You give me victory
In this old world
My life is yours, Lord
I’ll always be
Safe in your arms
For all eternity

Way Beyond Compare

I was sitting here just thinking
Of what Christ has done for me
How He came down from His throne
Just to give me victory
He gave up His life to save me
Took a beating near to death
Then nails into His hands and feet
And a spear into His chest

I was thinking of His majesty
That he gave it up for me
When He laid there in a manger
And shepherds came to see
He didn’t have to come down
He could have stayed in heaven
But he loved us all so much
That He died for our redemption

Oh what great compassion
Jesus has for you and me
I have to lift my voice up high
And praise His majesty
Praise His love and mercy
Praise His wondrous grace
Praise Him with a loud voice
Lift His glorious name

Hosanna to my Jesus
Hallelujah to my King
He is ruler of the heavens
That is why I sing
He has amazing love
For you and I to share
This life I have with Jesus
Is way beyond compare

Your Love is More

Your love is more amazing then the heavens filled with stars
Your love is more spectacular than Jupiter or Mars
Your love is more extraordinary than a precious pearl
Your love is more than anything found in this old world

Your love is more astounding than thunder in the sky
Your love is more magnificent than lightning in the night
Your love is more fantastic than a brand new shiny car
Your love is more wonderful than sunsets seen afar

Jesus I don’t understand why you love me so
Yet you just keep on giving me this love down in my soul
Even when I mess up and think I’ve lost my way
You just keep forgiving me and cover me with grace

Jesus hold me closely and never let me go
Help me find a way to return to you this love
Keep me on the narrow path so one day I may be
Sitting at your throne above for all eternity


What He Went Through For You

I want to tell you how much Jesus loves you
You have to know what He went through for you
He did not have to come
He is God’s only Son
He could have stayed in Heaven all His days

He came down to this earth as a baby
Born in a lowly manger filled with hay
He was the King of Kings
But this babe had nothing
Only Shepherd’s came to greet Him where He lay

He walked upon this earth as a teacher
He healed the sick wherever He would got
But leaders of the day
Tried to find a way
To ridicule and prove He was a fraud

They finally decided He must be killed
They used their power to send Him to the cross
He was beaten and scorned
His scalp was pierced with thorns
They didn’t know that He’d accept the cost

They nailed Him to the tree at Calvary
They mocked Him as He slowly gave His life
But then He said forgive them
The people were astonished
That He could have compassion as He died

They placed Him in a borrowed tomb that evening
Three days He lay and friends hid while they mourned
The stone then rolled away
He rose again that day
We all can now rejoice for He’s alive

He came to earth for you
He bled and died for you
He rose again for you
He’s coming back for you
Won’t you cry out today
Ask Him your sins to take
He came to die for you
Because He loves you

Praise & Worship

Holy, Holy Are You Lord

This is a new chorus God gave me this morning at church. I hope to record it tomorrow and will port it if I get it done.

I will lift my hands and lift my voice in worship
I will celebrate His mercy and His grace
I will tell the world how much Jesus loves them
I will honor you with all my praise

Holy, holy
Holy, holy
Holy, holy are you Lord
Holy, holy
Holy, holy
Holy, holy are you Lord