His Blessings Flow

When it comes to the mercy of my God
I don’t know where to start
He gave His only beloved Son
To purify my heart

When I think of the grace that he bestows
The list grows rather long
Day after day His blessings flow
And to me they belong

And when I think of the patience He and with me
I don’t know where to begin
I was running from Him for oh so long
I’m sure it was running thin

But He loved me then and He loves me know
And He’ll love me forevermore
I can  only lift up my heart and sing
To my precious, wondrous Lord


In response to the daily prompt Thin

Tried and True

This world is full of wonder
This world is full of life
This world is full of sorrow
This world is full of strife

This world is full of chaos
This world is full of fear
This world is full of friendship
This world has love for me

So many different feelings
Flood our minds each day
We all have to determine
Which path we’re going to take

If you get discouraged
Because you turned aside
Take time to find patience
Within your daily life

You are His creation
His love is tried and true
Keep that promise close
His grace will cover you


In response to the daily prompt Patience

Implicit Trust

I trust the Lord
No doubt
No confusion
No wondering

Many times
It’s not a matter of what
Or How
Or Why

It’s a matter of when
The answer will come

It’s in His hand
And on His schedule
He knows what’s best
For me.

So I learn to wait
Wait for healing
Wait for deliverance
Wait for understanding
Wait for Him
And in my waiting
I praise Him
I rejoice
In His mercy
And grace

What an awesome God
I serve
He gives so much
To me
When I lift up
My prayer
He hears me
Yes  He hears me
What an awesome God
I serve

As I Wait

I cried out to God
In the midst of my need

And I prayed He would give me relief 
I asked Him for mercy 
And told Him my plea 
And then I began to believe


One day, then two days 
A week then passed by 
And I had not received a reply 
I went back to God 
And I asked Him what’s up
And He then spoke and told me why


It’s time to be still
And know I am God 
Your prayer will be answered on time
Until then you wait
And trust in my love 
The best timing is always mine.


I knew He was right 
As He always is 
So I summoned the patience He gives 
And my spirit raised up 
And praise filled my heart
So I lifted my worship to Him


Praise the Lord for His mercy 
Praise the Lord for His grace
Praise His mighty name with every breath 
All glory to Jesus 
My Savior divine 
Praise the Lord for His loving embrace


So now when a trial 
Comes into my life 
I lift up my voice in praise
For He is worthy
Every day
As I wait I will lift up His name


All glory to Jesus
My fortress and rock 
He’ll keep me safe in the storm 

And I’ll cling to Him

As I wait for His time

Safe and secure in His arms