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Awe And Wonder

I sit here in awe and wonder
At our God who reigns above
I can't comprehend why He rescued me
Then showered me with His love

He made all the stars in heaven
One by one He calls them by name
Yet He still finds the time to hear my prayer
When I lift up my voice with praise 

He parted the sea by His power
Fed manna and quail from on high
Still, He cares for me every day I live
And he never passes my by

He brought down the walls with a shout
And He stilled the wind and the waves
In the midst of my storms, He brings comfort
With my hand in His I am brave

From the cross He forgave my transgressions
With His blood wiped away all my sin
So, I sit here in away and wonder today
At the grace I receive from Him

God Never Changes

God never changes.
If there are troubles in your life, 
God can change them to miracles
If you have doubts, 
God can change them to faith
If you are sick, 
God can change you to healed
If you're in sorrow, 
God can change it to joy
If you're trouble, 
God can change it to peace
If you're heart hurts, 
God can change it to comfort
If your lost, 
God can change you to found
If you're in sin, 
God can change you to righteous
If your alone, 
God can change it to oneness with Him
God never changes in His character, 
but he is ever changing our character if we let Him.
Allow Him to change you as He sees fit
It's always for the best.

Oh, Lord Most High

 Oh, Lord most High, you are merciful
 You brought me out of the grave
 I was dead in my transgressions
 Then all of my sins you forgave
 Oh, Lord Most High, you are gracious
 You pour out your blessings on me
 Peace and joy, hope and love are all mine
 As my heart is laid down at your feet
 Or, Lord most High, you are patient
 There is so much you want me to change
 My life is still not quite perfect
 My priorities you rearrange
 Oh, Lord most High, you are loving
 Despite my enduring pride
 You allow these trials and temptations
 So that only in you I can hide
 Oh, Lord most High, you are holy
 My desire is to be more like you
 Take my heart, my soul and my spirit
 Show me what you want me to do
 Oh, Lord most High, you are worthy
 The praise of my lips I will give
 I will bow down at your footstool
 And love you as long as I live 

My Father Loves Me

He is always with my
Walks beside me
Guards behind me
Leads before me
Whispers to me
Words of love
Words of mercy
Words if grace
He is as patient as the bee
Waiting for the flower to bloom
He is as joyful as the bird
Who teaches her young how to fly
He has plans for me
Plans greater than I can see
His plans for this universe
Are no match for His plans for me
He always wants what us best
He always brings good
Out of everything that comes my way
The hardest trial brings the greatest victory
The deepest valley brings amazing growth
The fiercest storm brings rainbows of treasure
Because He brings good out of all things
I never have to fear
I never have to worry
I never have to doubt
I never have to wonder
What He says He will do
Because He cannot lie
He says He hears my cry so He does
He says He will answer my prayers so He will
He says He will show my His ways so I shall see
He says He will speak to me so His words will come
I can depend in Him like the sunrise
I can rely on Him like the stars at night
He is everlasting
He is almighty
He is glorious
He is wonderful
He is amazing
He is my King
He is my Lord
He is my Savior
He is my redeemer
He is my God
He is my Father
And He loves me.