To Tell

Why do I write these words of mine
Words from my mind that come out in rhyme 
Why do I often take the time
To write down these words of mine

To tell of His love, His wonderful love
That came down from God,  our Father above
Born in a manger, that was enough
To tell of His wonderful love

To tell of the peace He has for you
That helps to sustain you in all you do
And lead you through trials that you’ll go through
To tell of His precious peace

To tell of the joy that bubbles inside 
No matter what life may ask you to hide
This joy overcomes every time you might slide 
To tell of unspeakable joy

To tell of His mercy so rich and free
For on that cross He pardoned me
Rose from the grave so with Him I’ll be
To tell of His marvelous mercy

To tell of His grace so abundant and vast 
To me He brings blessings that will always last 
He showers my life with a glorious blast 
To tell of amazing grace

To tell you that you can be saved today 
All you must do is call on His name 
And Jesus will came so you can give praise
To tell you that Jesus saves

Those are the reasons I write my rhymes 
I desire salvation for all of mankind
These blessings are yours if you’ll take the time
To ask Jesus Christ to abide.

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