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I Come

I come to seek your mercy, Lord
I know it’s there for me
You displayed it mightily
When you died upon that

I come to seek your healing, Lord
I know it’s been fulfilled
You took care of al disease
When your blood you freely spilled

I come to seek deliverance, lord
I know you set me free
The crown upon your head declared
That you’ve become my peace

I come to seek forgiveness, lord
I know you made a way
When you spoke those words upon the cross
They still are true today

I come to seek your grace, Oh Lord
I know you give it all 
The blessings you pour out on me
Are more than I recall

I come to give you praise, Oh Lord
For all you’ve done for me
You died and rose again to give me
Life Eternally

Eyes Wide Open

I wish my eyes were open so I could truly see
The miracle that happened when He saved a wretch like me
I was lost and all alone in a world of sin and shame
But He sought be out relentlessly and called me by name

I didn’t know His word or the price that He had paid
I didn’t know He came down from His throne that fateful day
I didn’t know the manger was the birthplace of a King
To be honest I did not know very much of anything

Then I heard a preacher telling of the price He paid for all
He was beaten, whipped and crowned with thorns upon His brow
They led Him to a cross where He was naied and crucified
Then He gave His blood and breathed His last, hung His head and died.

I never knew this story had an impact on my life
After all it happened long ago and I never did ask why
Why tell this story more and more as time kept moving on?
Why does this man stand out above the others who have gone?

Then I heard the preacher say They put Him in a grave
They rolled a stone and set a guard to ensure He would stay
But three days later that old stone was moved and opened up the door
And this man walked out of that grave to live forevermore

This had my attention as the preacher bellowed on
His death was just for you and for you He lives on
Your sins were washed away by the blood that flowed that day
You have eternal life because the Son of God was raised

He said that all I had to do was ask Jesus to come in
And believe with all my heart that He wouldA cleanse me from my sin
Then repent of what I’d done and leave my life of shame
To walk with Him in heaven one day, forever to remain

I didn’t waste a minute, to that altar I did run
I repented of my sin and my new life had begun
Now I now the reason and my eyes are open wide
For me and you He bled and for all of us He died

He Died For You

In the midst of my troubles when all seems so lost
I turn my eyes upward to that man on the cross
He suffered in anguish pain ripped His soul
Despised and rejected the scars took their toll

In one last, deep breath "It is finished" He said
And He gave up His life and was taken for dead
"What was finished" you ask as you look on that tree
"Did the death of one man make a difference to me"

The plan of salvation that God had begun
In the beginning had now been won 
For Jesus took all of our sin on that cross
He gave up His life at a terrible cost

The perfect lamb slain for all of our sin
So that we might find freedom deep down within
Have you knelt at His cross and accepted this truth?
So precious and gracious - he died there for you.

He Comes for You

She came into Bethlehem
Meek and mild
Heavy with child
Riding a donkey for many miles
Worn and weary from a long journey
Seeking room to give birth
There was none but a stable
A lowly manger filled with hay
Would be the child’s resting place
Just one stranger in the city
Teaming with visitors
No one knew her
No one cared
No one knew whom she carried in her womb
Yet at his birth
Shepherds from the field came to greet him
They were told by angels to come
Come meet the King
Come meet the Savior
He brings peace on earth
Good will to man
They came
And they bowed
And they worshipped the King
Then they left and told all
And few understood what they said
Mary knew who He was
Joseph knew who He was
But the world did not know who just arrived
In such humility
In such a place as this

He comes into the gate
Lazarus awaits
Freshly risen form the dead
Bartimaeus awaits
His eyes wide open
The crowd awaits
To praise the coming King
Riding on a donkey
Meek and mild
Heavy with His fate and what awaits Him
Not the crowd
Not the praise
But the cross He sees coming for Him
He arrives to Hosannah
Blessed be the one who comes in the name of the Lord
He arrives to praise
Palm branches waving
People shouting and singing
He arrives to death
Calvary looms large in the distance
He knows He will be beaten
He knows He will wear a crown of thorns
He knows He will be condemned to die
He knows He will be nailed to a cross
Yet He still comes
In great humility
To fulfill His destiny
And all prophesy
To all who think they know who He is
But have no idea what will become of Him
The pain
The agony
The suffering
The loneliness of the cross
All for us
All for me
All for you 

Will you welcome the King?
Will you lift your palms to worship?
Will you welcome Him today?
Give Him all your praise?
Give your life today?
He gave His for you
Now it’s your turn
Your time
Your destiny
Let Him in
Welcome Him with open arms
He comes to die
Yet He comes to save
He comes to suffer
Yet he comes to heal
He comes to forgive
Yet her takes all your sin
Take His love today
He gives it for you

Jesus Came A Calling

There was a time that I was wandering deep in sins despair
I had no hope to live for and I really did not care
I’d almost given up on this misery of mine
Then Jesus came a calling and stepped into my life

What a change took place that day when Jesus rescued me
From a sinner who was perishing to a soul that was set free
I looked up to the heavens and raised my hands up high
To give praises to my Savior for His eternal life

Praise the one who came to give His life for mine
Praise the Lord of heaven who came to earth to die
Took on the form of man to face a cruel death
Nailed upon the cross and gave His final breath

All my sin and shame was nailed upon that tree
I give praise to my Savior who bled and died for me
But that was not the end of His mission and His plan
In three days He rose to glory so that I could live again

I will take the life He’s given me and live it for my Lord
I will follow His commandments and read His holy word
Each day I’ll lift my praises to the one that I adore
My resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ my Lord

The Cross Was the Reason

 When I think about the manger, I think about the cross
 All the wondrous things God did on those two days
 The first tells of the birth of the precious Son of God
 To bring to us the dawn of peace and grace
 The shepherds in the field show all are welcome there
 The kings who came with gifts show us His worth
 The star was like a beacon that anyone could see
 But only few received the Saviors birth
 The manger shows His meekness and deep humility
 That the Son of God would come to such a place
 The inn shows us that many would turn the babe away
 Refusing to partake of God’s sweet grace
 The cross shows us His passion for every single one
 The bruises and the scars He took for us
 His cry of please forgive them rings down throughout all time
 Showing that our God is true and just
 He gave His mother comfort from the agony He felt
 As He gave John the charge to care for her
 His cry of don’t forsake me shows His bitter taste of death
 For the first time He was parted from His Father
 When He cried it is finished all creation should have bowed
 To the King who gave His life for all mankind
 The plan of our redemption was finally complete
 And His death would be a light for all of time
 But it was not finished, the story’s not complete
 Three days later He arose from death to life
 Now He lives forevermore and He reigns from High above
 Providing for us all eternal life
 Yes, the manger stands so tall as a beacon in the dark
 Of a world that’s full of sin and much despair
 But you cannot see the manger as a symbol by itself
 The cross was the reason that He came
Jesus Life

Victory is Mine

He rose up like a standard
Arms stretched out
Feet tied together
Nailed to a cross
A crown of thorns on His head
Bleed dripping down
Sipping vinegar from a sponge
Winning my victory
The battle was raging
As he hung there to die
Satan thought he would win
He had the Son of God on the brink of death
Humiliated between two thieves
Soaked in blood from being scourged
No way to escape the nails
Pain inescapable
Hanging in defeat
But the battle had just begun
He shouted out “Father, Forgive them”
All my sins, not just there’s
All my failures, not just theirs
All my disobedience, not just theirs
All of it
Every single transgression I had ever done
Gone in three words from Jesus
My victory won
Then He said “It is finished”
Hung His head and died
Gave up His life for me
The devil cried “Victory”
The battle raged on
Jesus went to Satan’s lair
Brought the keys
Set the captives free
He didn’t die just for me
He died for all
Gave His life for all
Even those that had died
He gave new life
Their Spirits rose and walked the streets of Jerusalem
Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jacob, David
Ruth, Hannah, Bathsheba, even Eve\
All were covered
All were set free
All gained Victory
On the third day
The stone rolled away
Jesus rose from the grave
Full or power and grace
The battle is over
The victory won
For all time
For all mankind
So why do I keep fighting?
Why do I let the enemy have his way?
Why do I allow his torment?
Why do I even listen?
He is defeated
Jesus has won my victory
It’s time to walk in that victory
To put aside my defeat
To claim what He has already done
And make it mine today
Victory is mine.

The Love of the Cross

I could search a million miles across this earthly home
I could seek out every passion that has captured a heart
I could look for what is greatest
According to this world
But I'll never find a greater love than Jesus imparts 
He stretched out His arms for me
When they nailed Him to that tree
He bled and died to wash my sins away
What a precious gift of grace
What a precious gift of grace
No power is greater than the blood of the Lamb
No hope us greater than His promise to man
No one can hold Him back He's coming again 
No love is greater than the love of the cross
I have seen how lives have been changed when a person looks to Jesus
Turning from their sin and making Him Lord of all
When they finally hear His voice and answer His call
There's no power on earth that can do what Jesus does
No power on earth can do what Jesus does
No power on earth can do what Jesus does 
Nothing can separate me 
Nothing can separate me 
Nothing can separate me from His love (4X)

This Love

I believe that God sent His Son to die
I believe He was brutally crucified
I believe Jesus gave away His life
This is what I believe

I believe in the cross of Calvary
I believe in the blood He shed for me
I believe that this blood has set me free
This is what I believe

Nothing can take away this love
Nothing can take away this love
Nothing can take away this love
This love that God has for me

I believe that He died that fateful day
I believe that He rose up from the grave
I believe that He’s coming back one day
This is what I believe

Nothing can take away this love
Nothing can take away this love
Nothing can take away this love
This love that God has for me

His word He has given
His promise is true
His mercy forgives me
His grace makes me whole
His power is in me
His peace floods my soul
His joy overwhelms me
I give Him control

Nothing can take away this love
Nothing can take away this love
Nothing can take away this love
This love that God has for me

The Believers Life

Come To Him

He took the time to come to me
To set me free
At Calvary

He took the time to come to me
To deliver me
From all dis-ease

He took the time to come to me
To be with me
For eternity

He took the time to some to me
Down from His seat
In heavens retreat

He took the time to come to me
Will I take the time to come to Him

To come to Him down on my knees
With all me please
For others needs

To come to Him with arms raised high
To give my life
A sacrifice

To come to Him first every day
To give Him praise
To seek His face

To come to Him for all my needs
He gives me peace
Sets me at ease

He came to you
Will you come to Him?