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The Cross Was the Reason

 When I think about the manger, I think about the cross
 All the wondrous things God did on those two days
 The first tells of the birth of the precious Son of God
 To bring to us the dawn of peace and grace
 The shepherds in the field show all are welcome there
 The kings who came with gifts show us His worth
 The star was like a beacon that anyone could see
 But only few received the Saviors birth
 The manger shows His meekness and deep humility
 That the Son of God would come to such a place
 The inn shows us that many would turn the babe away
 Refusing to partake of God’s sweet grace
 The cross shows us His passion for every single one
 The bruises and the scars He took for us
 His cry of please forgive them rings down throughout all time
 Showing that our God is true and just
 He gave His mother comfort from the agony He felt
 As He gave John the charge to care for her
 His cry of don’t forsake me shows His bitter taste of death
 For the first time He was parted from His Father
 When He cried it is finished all creation should have bowed
 To the King who gave His life for all mankind
 The plan of our redemption was finally complete
 And His death would be a light for all of time
 But it was not finished, the story’s not complete
 Three days later He arose from death to life
 Now He lives forevermore and He reigns from High above
 Providing for us all eternal life
 Yes, the manger stands so tall as a beacon in the dark
 Of a world that’s full of sin and much despair
 But you cannot see the manger as a symbol by itself
 The cross was the reason that He came
Christmas poetry

The Great Payment

 Have you ever thought it strange
 That a baby in a manger
 Would be the one who came to set men free
 And have you ever stopped to think
 About the fact that Heaven’s King
 Left His throne to come and die for you and me
 You may think it’s fable
 He was born in lowly stable
 But the story has withstood the test of time
 And I thought that you should know
 Why I’ve come to love Him so
 For I want you to know this Lord of Life
 You see, He changed my life
 When I came to Him that time
 That my life was spinning out of control
 He forgave all of my sin 
 And He put His spirit in 
 Now He walks with me wherever I may go
 Because this baby in the manger
 Was no ordinary stranger
 But the Son of God who came to earth that day
 He shared the Father’s love
 And brought healing from above
 And He said He was the truth the life the way
 His teaching brought division
 Put the leaders in derision
 They decided that He must be put to death
 So they shouted crucify Him
 On a cross they railed against Him
 And He gave His life in one last gasp of breath
 The final price was paid
 For the sin of human race
 And now we are set free forevermore
 And it all began that day
 In a stable filled with hay
 And a baby who the blessed Mary bore.
 This Christmas don’t forget
 The great payment for our debt
 That was made by that baby in the hay
 He was born to die for me
 And to set the captive free
 Let us celebrate His birth this Christmas day 

The Reason

 Shoppers are shopping
 Mailmen are walking
 Delivering gifts bought on line
 Trees all are glimmering
 Houses are shimmering
 Lights hung to cheer us in time
 Carols are ringing
 Sleigh Bells are jingling
 Songs of the season are here
 Bright lights are glowing
 Egg nog is flowing
 All midst the words of good cheer
 We all are running
 From each day’s beginning
 To celebrate Christmas each year
 But how about stopping
 Take time from shopping 
 And realize the reason where here
 The star was a’shining
 The cattle were lowing
 When Mary gave birth to a son
 Shepherds were praising
 Sheep were there grazing
 A Savior for all had now come
 He went ‘round teaching
 And gave many healing
 His words filled the hearer with life
 But leaders were seething
 And they started pleading
 To have Jesus crucified
 He went through the suff’ring
 And became the off’ring
 For all of the sins of mankind
 The grave not confining
 He came out a’rising
 Defeating death for all of time
 This is the reason
 For Christmas season
 Let’s not forget why we sing
 For this is God’s son
 Who became the one
 To save all of us from ours sin
 So, I will sing praise
 To His wonderful name
 I will lift up my voice to the King
 He’s always the same
 And His love will remain
 He has given to us everything 

This Christmas

Riding down the road
Destination known
Many miles to go
This Christmas

Presents packed away
Waiting for the day
Lots of things to say
This Christmas

Amidst the noise and merriment
I must remember one great thing
That there’s a reason
For the season
Jesus is the greatest gift

The story must be told
It never does grow old
Tell it loud and tell it bold
Jesus is the gift to hold

Eternity awaits
Please don’t hesitate
Accept Jesus it’s not too late
This gift was meant for you
This Christmas