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Sins Defeat

I’ve fought so hard to win the victory
Yet sin still seems to have its grip on me
I’ve wandered from His teaching way to long
Now I’m not sure if I can still go on

The guilt and shame of sin wells up inside
My heart pumps hard and there’s nowhere to hid
His eyes look down on me with love and grace
He reaches out His arms and we embrace

I realize right then I’ve done it wrong
I’ve truly had the vict’ry all along
I just needed to stand on my two feet
And decide I will not walk in sins defeat

The strength to stand comes from my walk with Him
He gives me power to leave behind my sin
The longer I keep fighting, never done
For Jesus has already freedom won

My vict’ry lies within His written word
There’s nothing more I need to be secured
I lift my hands, surrender all to Him
My heart, my soul my mind and all my sin

For long ago they nailed Him to a cross
His blood cleansed all my sin, He paid the cost
And then He rose in triumph over death
So I could give to Him my every breath

I Am A Victor

The Savior now sits upon His throne
He rose from the grave and ascended above
The praise of the angels greeted Him there
The Cherubim flying around in the air

Oh, how I’d love to hear the applause
As Jesus ascended from earths humble cause
He bought our salvation and set us all free
By taking upon Him the curse meant for me

Praise, adoration and worship on High
Unto the one who has won the fight
Satan defeated when he thought he’d won
Victory given to God’s only Son

From lamb who was slaughtered to lion who reigns
He did it all our vict’ry to claim
Death is defeated, the grave has no sting
It’s time to lift up our praises and sing

Hosanna, hosanna to Jesus my Lord
Hallelujah, amen to the one I adore
Exalted and seated upon the throne
All power and authority He does now own

Forever I’ll worship and lift up His name
Because of Him my life is not the same
I am a victor because of He arose
And I’ll live forever with Jesus my Lord

The Great Victory

I looked at the cross and what did I see
But Jesus my Lord looking down at me
His body was bloody and filled with pain
Then I heard Him say "I will rise again"

This cross is simply a means to an end
Soon I will die and this pain will end
They will put my body in a borrowed grave 
It will seem like all hope had been erased

A stone will be rolled across the door
Guards will be placed to make it secure
I will be busy behind the scenes
Leaving this grave to take back the keys 

I'll enter the realm of the devil himself 
And demand that he give me the keys he has held
These keys give release from hell and the grave
So that all who had loved me now will be raised

Then I will  roll the stone from the grave
The guards will be stunned and will fall down in place
I will rise victorious over death and the grave
And you will be granted new life in my name

A life filled with hope and joy and peace
A life where my mercy and grace never cease
Don't worry my child, do not be afraid
This cross that I bear brings a victory so great

Take Flight

 Arise out of your slumber
 Awake out of your sleep
 The God of all creation
 Calls to me.  Calls to me
 Do not give in to temptation
 Do not follow your fear
 The plans I have for you
 Are coming near.  Coming near
 You are my child forever
 You are my hearts delight
 I am the God of heaven
 Open up your heart
 And take flight
 Nothing can stop you.  Nothing can harm you
 Nothing can steal your joy
 Nothing to worry. Nothing to fear
 Only my love forever
 My love forever 

Shout the Victory

I’ve decided not to fear
To no longer live in doubt
I’ll no longer walk in places of defeat
Now I know my enemy
He is always after me
Speaking words that are filled with deceit
I will now just trust the Lord
To work all things for my good
I know He’s the one who’s always in control
He is right here by my side
In Him I will abide
He’s victorious every time this I know
Shout the victory
No longer in defeat
Jesus reigns over all the enemies
He’s the one who died for me
From my fears He set me free
I’ll sing Hallelujah to my King
Hallelujah.  Hallelujah
Hallelujah to the one who saved my soul
Hallelujah.  Hallelujah
Jesus Christ won the victory
We have no reason to fear.   None whatsoever.  I must admit that I have been guilty of worrying and fearing over who wins this election.  There is such a difference in both the demeanor and the policies of the two candidates.  I have come to a place where I am going to trust the Lord and pray for my leaders.  Down on my knees in prayer for those in authority which is what the word tells us to do.  We bicker and murmur and complain about those in authority.  We laugh at cartoons and jokes about the Senate and the House of Representatives.  Please tell me where in scripture it says that is okay to do!  Elijah called a bear out of the words to destroy those that mocked him.  How dare we mock those whom God has put in authority over us!
We need to pray and not fear.  Pray for whoever is President, because God has put them there.  If it’s not a godly person, I blame it on the church.  We have been lax on prayer.  We have not done what God tells us to do.  When the Israelites did that in the days of the judges,. God gave them over to the enemy.  Why should we think he will do any different to us?  It’s about time we stop fearing and just pray!
Psalm 91:5-6 King James Version
Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.
Jesus Life

Victory is Mine

He rose up like a standard
Arms stretched out
Feet tied together
Nailed to a cross
A crown of thorns on His head
Bleed dripping down
Sipping vinegar from a sponge
Winning my victory
The battle was raging
As he hung there to die
Satan thought he would win
He had the Son of God on the brink of death
Humiliated between two thieves
Soaked in blood from being scourged
No way to escape the nails
Pain inescapable
Hanging in defeat
But the battle had just begun
He shouted out “Father, Forgive them”
All my sins, not just there’s
All my failures, not just theirs
All my disobedience, not just theirs
All of it
Every single transgression I had ever done
Gone in three words from Jesus
My victory won
Then He said “It is finished”
Hung His head and died
Gave up His life for me
The devil cried “Victory”
The battle raged on
Jesus went to Satan’s lair
Brought the keys
Set the captives free
He didn’t die just for me
He died for all
Gave His life for all
Even those that had died
He gave new life
Their Spirits rose and walked the streets of Jerusalem
Abraham, Joseph, Moses, Jacob, David
Ruth, Hannah, Bathsheba, even Eve\
All were covered
All were set free
All gained Victory
On the third day
The stone rolled away
Jesus rose from the grave
Full or power and grace
The battle is over
The victory won
For all time
For all mankind
So why do I keep fighting?
Why do I let the enemy have his way?
Why do I allow his torment?
Why do I even listen?
He is defeated
Jesus has won my victory
It’s time to walk in that victory
To put aside my defeat
To claim what He has already done
And make it mine today
Victory is mine.

His Glorious Light

Peeking through the darkness
Piercing through the night
Into all my sorrows
Comes his glorious light

Overcoming failures
Showing me the way
His light makes me victorious
Each and every day

His light shines all around me
His light will give me strength
To overcome the battles
Then Guide me on the way

I love the light of Jesus
I love his saving grace
I cannot wait to see him
To look upon his face

When this life overtakes me
And I feel weighted down
My hope remains in Jesus
For He’s my solid ground

I Feel Victory

Whatever the enemy puts in my way
I’ll never surrender
For my God will prosper
No storm or temptation can lead me astray
He is my defender
My Lord and my Savior

In every battle I’ll feel no alarm
I’ll trust in Him
Through every storm
With Him by my side I cannot be harmed
I know He’s beside me
His armor I’ve worn

I feel victory
By His righteous hand
I feel victory
Not by my might
Or power in me
But by the Spirit I can walk free

Now I am climbing higher each day
He holds my hand
He shows me the way
Soon He is coming down from above
I can’t wait to see Him
Since I’m in His love

I feel victory
By His righteous hand
I feel victory
Not by my might
Or power in me
But by the Spirit I can walk free

The War Rages On

The war rages on within me
My spirit battles my flesh
There are times I seem lost in the sin of my past
And I cannot find any rest

I know that He died for my sins
That He hung on the cross for me
Yet I still face this foe that is deep down inside
He yearns for victory

I get down on my knees and cry mercy
To the one who can pull me out
Then I feel Him come and fill me with grace
I rise up and let out a shout

Thanks for the victory Jesus
This battles not mine but yours
I give you my mind and all of my thoughts
I know you hear all my prayers

Help me yield myself wholly to you, Lord
Help me give up all that is mine
Help me follow you closely every day
Help me walk in your vict’ry divine

Only in you can I overcome
The lusts of the flesh that floods in
Only in you do I have the strength
To feel your sweet peace within

Thank you dear Lord for your mercy
Thank you for your saving grace
Help me to walk with the Spirit each day
Until I see your sweet face

The Believers Life

Love So True

I am feasting at the throne of God
For my sins were washed away by His blood
He gave His life for me
On a tree at Calvary
And the price that He paid was enough

Now my life’s a living sacrifice
All I have belongs to Jesus Christ
All my disbelief is gone
For my victory was won
When He rose again for all eternity

His blood has saved me
His power raised me
His love surrounded me when I was lost in sin
He overwhelms me
With grace and mercy
Now I cannot help but give my life to Him

While I am walking on this earth below
I will give all that I have to know
The wonders of His word
So that I can walk this earth
And tell the story of eternal hope

His blood has saved me
His power raised me
His love surrounded me when I was lost in sin
He overwhelms me
With grace and mercy
Now I cannot help but give my life to Him

Bruised and beaten crowned with thorns
Cruel words at Him were thrown
All to bring to me new life
Love so true
Love so true

His blood has saved me
His power raised me
His love surrounded me when I was lost in sin
He overwhelms me
With grace and mercy
Now I cannot help but give my life to Him