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What More Could I Want

Out of darkness.  Out of night.
Out of blindness into light.
Praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord

Out of sickness.  Out of pain.
Into healing once again.
Praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord

How He loves me. How He loves me. Jesus loves me this I know.
How He loves me.  How He saved me. For the Bible tells me so

Out of trials into peace.
Out of sorrow, joy released
Praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord.  Praise the Lord


He gives me beauty for ashes and a garment of praise
He gives me mercy unending and a mountain of grace
He gives me hope for tomorrow and a heart full of faith
What more could I want?  What more could I want?
What more could I want from Him?

Awe And Wonder

I sit here in awe and wonder
At our God who reigns above
I can't comprehend why He rescued me
Then showered me with His love

He made all the stars in heaven
One by one He calls them by name
Yet He still finds the time to hear my prayer
When I lift up my voice with praise 

He parted the sea by His power
Fed manna and quail from on high
Still, He cares for me every day I live
And he never passes my by

He brought down the walls with a shout
And He stilled the wind and the waves
In the midst of my storms, He brings comfort
With my hand in His I am brave

From the cross He forgave my transgressions
With His blood wiped away all my sin
So, I sit here in away and wonder today
At the grace I receive from Him

You Haven’t Given Up On Me

I often wonder how you found me when I was in sin
Your word says you can't look upon the filth that lied within
Yet somehow you looked through my mess and saw my troubled soul 
You reached out and you touched my heart.  By your blood I was made whole

I often wonder how you stay with such a wretch as me
Who, even though you've touched me, still to sin i often flee
Such love I can't imagine that would cover ally shame
That's why each day I lift my hands and praise your holy mane

Jesus, precious Jesus
I'm so glad you haven't given up on me
Jesus, precious Jesus
You will carry me along to victory

I often wonder why you love me even when I fall
You come and pick me up again and then you forgive all
Your mercy still amazes me and I stand in awe of grace
As I humble seek your presence and I yearn to see your face

Jesus, precious Jesus
I'm so glad you haven't given up on me
Jesus, precious Jesus
You will carry me along to victory

You hold me
You love me
You heal me
You deliver me
You free me
You save me
You carry me to victory 

Come Into His Chamber

Come into the Kings Courts
His Son has invited you
And He awaits your presence
He desires to clothe you
With royal garments
Of Mercy, Grace and Truth 
He desires to fill you
With fruit from His table
Love, peace and joy
He delights in your presence
He delights in your praise
He desires to have you close to Him
At all times
His table is spread out
A banqueting table with more than you can imagine
he wants you to feast at His banqueting table
Feast until you are fill
Of all the wonderful things He has for you
Come into His Chamber 
Come into the King of Kings
And Lord of Lords 
He awaits your presence

He Comes for You

She came into Bethlehem
Meek and mild
Heavy with child
Riding a donkey for many miles
Worn and weary from a long journey
Seeking room to give birth
There was none but a stable
A lowly manger filled with hay
Would be the child’s resting place
Just one stranger in the city
Teaming with visitors
No one knew her
No one cared
No one knew whom she carried in her womb
Yet at his birth
Shepherds from the field came to greet him
They were told by angels to come
Come meet the King
Come meet the Savior
He brings peace on earth
Good will to man
They came
And they bowed
And they worshipped the King
Then they left and told all
And few understood what they said
Mary knew who He was
Joseph knew who He was
But the world did not know who just arrived
In such humility
In such a place as this

He comes into the gate
Lazarus awaits
Freshly risen form the dead
Bartimaeus awaits
His eyes wide open
The crowd awaits
To praise the coming King
Riding on a donkey
Meek and mild
Heavy with His fate and what awaits Him
Not the crowd
Not the praise
But the cross He sees coming for Him
He arrives to Hosannah
Blessed be the one who comes in the name of the Lord
He arrives to praise
Palm branches waving
People shouting and singing
He arrives to death
Calvary looms large in the distance
He knows He will be beaten
He knows He will wear a crown of thorns
He knows He will be condemned to die
He knows He will be nailed to a cross
Yet He still comes
In great humility
To fulfill His destiny
And all prophesy
To all who think they know who He is
But have no idea what will become of Him
The pain
The agony
The suffering
The loneliness of the cross
All for us
All for me
All for you 

Will you welcome the King?
Will you lift your palms to worship?
Will you welcome Him today?
Give Him all your praise?
Give your life today?
He gave His for you
Now it’s your turn
Your time
Your destiny
Let Him in
Welcome Him with open arms
He comes to die
Yet He comes to save
He comes to suffer
Yet he comes to heal
He comes to forgive
Yet her takes all your sin
Take His love today
He gives it for you

Jesus Life

Happily Ever After

Once upon a time there was a Savior
Who came down from the heavens high above
He came a humble babe
And in a manger lay
He came to teach us of His Father’s love 

He walked upon the earth and brought deliverance
The common people flocked to hear him speak
But man of high estate
Thought death would be His fate
They convinced the people that His life was fake

This Savior was condemned to cruel death
They whipped Him so His blood ran crimson red
Then they nailed Him to a tree
Thinking they had victory
They’d be rid of Him once His flesh was dead

Then on that cross He spoke some words that traveled
Down through the course of man for all of time
He said father forgive them
For they know not what they do
Then he bowed His head and silently He died

The men of high estate were quite elated
The man they couldn’t stand was finally gone
But three days after death
He rose again to life
Bringing happily ever after to us all

This little verse may seem a fairy tale
But it is true and Jesus lives today
Just give your life to Him
And He’ll forgive your sin
Then for all time you will reign and live with Him

You Captured My Heart

I love you Lord
More than I love myself
I need you Lord
More than anything else
I’ll follow Lord
Anywhere that you lead
I’ll trust you Lord
You know my deepest needs

Everything I have
Everything I see
It’s all your creation
You’ve given it all to me
Everything I want
All that I desire
Is fulfilled by you, Lord
You captured my heat

My Child

When I woke up this morning, I heard Jesus
He was calling out my name loud and clear
I rose up from my bed and said I’m here Lord
Please speak your words of comfort in my ear

He said I love you son
I said I love you Lord
He said I’m with you everywhere you go
He said I’ll lead you, Son
I said I’ll follow, Lord
He said You’re my child forevermore

As I go about my daily preparation
I keep listening to hear the words He says
If we block out all the noise that this world offers
We can know His voice is there throughout the day

He says I’ll heal you son
I say forgive me Lord
He says I forgave all your sins upon the cross
He says I’ll give you peace
I say my words of praise
He says you’re my child forevermore

My child I’m with you in the darkest moments
My child I’m with you in the raging storm
My child I’ll lift you up out of the valley
And set your feet on the solid ground

He said I love you son
I said I love you Lord
He said I’m with you everywhere you go
He said I’ll lead you, Son
I said I’ll follow, Lord
He said You’re my child forevermore

Lover of My Heart

 My heart sings out your praises
 Joyful Hallelujahs 
 Worshiping your presence 
 Lifting up your name
 Glory in the highest 
 Highest adoration
 You alone I worship
 Lifting up your name
 Jesus, blessed Savior
 Lord of heaven and earth
 Jesus, mine forever
 Living in my heart
 Jesus, King of all Kings
 Master of my future
 Blessed Lord of all things
 That is who you are!
 So I will sing your praise 
 And magnify your name
 Jesus, Lovely Jesus
 Jesus, Lord forever
 Jesus, blessed Jesus 
 Lover of my heart.