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The Believers Life

Didn’t He?

 Didn’t He promise you healing
 When sickness would come your way?
 Didn’t He promise to walk with you
 Every single day?
 Didn’t He promise you joy unspeakable
 Replacing the sorrow you feel?
 Didn’t He promise His peace would be with you
 When life would seem so surreal?
 Didn’t He teach you to trust Him
 When others would tell you He lies?
 Didn’t He leave His Spirit with you
 To comfort you when you cry?
 Didn’t He come to show us the Father
 So we could live Holy and blessed
 Didn’t He show us that even in troubles
 We could enter into His rest?
 Didn’t He shed His blood for your sins
 When He sacrificed His life?
 Didn’t He set you free from your past
 When on that cross He died?
 Didn’t He promise He’d rise from the grave
 To give you eternal life?
 Didn’t He say he was building a mansion 
 For you on the other side?
 All of His promises here for the taking
 All of His words are alive
 All that we need to do today
 Is believe that He gave His life
 He gave that life so that you could be free
 He rose again to give victory
 He’s coming soon for all to see
 He promised this all
 Didn’t He?

Beside Me

 Today I can say how good it is
 To sleep in my house 
 To lay in my bed
 To rest in my living room
 With the one I love beside me
 It was lonely when we were apart
 It was hard to sleep
 It was uncomfortable to rest 
 It was unusual in its waiting
 With one beside me now and then
 Our Father in heaven gave his son
 To be born in a Manger
 To die on a cross
 To forgive our sins and give us life
 So we could be with Him eternally
 He cries to us 
 Come, rest in my peace
 Come, lay in my arms
 Come, be with me forever
 For you are the one I love
 If you don't know Jesus
 As your Lord and Savior
 Why not ask Him today to forgive you
 Ask Him into your heart
 And He will save your soul
 And you will be with Him

He Came to Die

 At Christmas time we celebrate
 The Birthday of our Lord
 Born this day in Bethlehem
 A stable His abode
 Shepherds came to greet Him
 For an angel told them where
 They bowed before the little child
 While Mary looked on there
 He grew and started preaching
 Repent for God is nigh
 He healed all that would come to Him
 He taught them with no lies
 His message made the rulers made
 The planned to take His life
 But He knew all about their plans
 The prophets all were right
 We celebrate His birth today
 And rightfully we should
 But more important is the fact
 He came to die for you
 His purpose from the very start
 Was to give His life away
 Please don’t forget the price He paid
 On this Christmas day 

A Crown of Victory

Adam and Eve were awakened that day
When their innocency was washed away
From God’s presence they became afraid
So they hid from the face of God
He asked them why they hid away
They blamed one another for their shame
But God knew that they were both to blame
Sin had now entered the world
He told the woman she would give birth
He told the man that the earth would be cursed
Thorns and thistles would grow to hinder their work
In that garden that once was free
The way was blocked to the tree of life
For thousands of years man lived in strife
Then Jesus cam and offered His life
As a ransom for you and me
He told a story about seeds that were sown
The seed of the Word of God was His own
Yet for many the thorns made the word unknown
And the seed withered and died
The thorns He wore that day as a crown
Represented the thorns that grew from the ground
Of the garden that day when man fell down
He wore them the day that He died
But those thorns were a crown of victory
That Jesus won for you and me
He is the way to that wonderful tree
That gives us eternal life

Desire of God

I don’t want to die
Things are going so well right now
People are listening to me
Hearts are being touched
Lives are being changed
The crowds follow me everywhere
They love my stories
Stories of farming and young men
Stories of pearls and tares
Stories of harvest and sowing
They long for my words
And pay attention when I talk
They need me
It just can’t be time for me to go
This ministry is touching too many people
The lame walk
The blind see
The deaf hear
The cripple stretches forth his body
The leper becomes whole
Diseases go
Demons flee
Water to wine
Fig trees whither
So many good things are going on
So many wonders are bringing people from afar
Miracle after miracle
Healing after healing
There are so many more than need a touch from me
I have so much more to do
There are other women with issues of blood
Other harlots who need forgiveness
Other centurions who need their servants healed
There are so many abuses of your word
Pharisees seeking the higher place
Moneychangers robbing the people
Pious ones praying but empty
Clean but filthy
Wrong but thinking they are right
Leading so many astray
Showing so many the wrong way
How can I leave now when so many are deceived
Hearts to mend
Minds to cleanse
Lives to change
It can’t be my time
I want to stay here
To minister to the masses
To give more to those who need my help
I want to touch more lives
To heal more
To deliver more
To forgive more
To bring more back to life
To rebuke those who are misleading your people
If I leave who will they turn to
Who will they follow
Who will shepherd them
I can’t go yet
I have so much more to do
That is my will
My way
My wish
But it is not yours
Your purpose is greater
Your love is stronger
You know what is best
You know how all can be blest
You know there is only one way to truly set them free
One way to bring complete healing
One way to ultimate deliverance
You have brought others alongside me to continue the ministry
It will not die
It will stay alive
It will be your church
Your people
Your way to touch lives
Your heart’s desire
So not my will
Not what I want
Not what I desire
Not what I would do if I had my way
Your will
Your desire
As much as I want this cup to pass from me
I want your will more
I must die
I must die for your kingdom to go forth
I must die for you to be glorified
I must die for them
All of them
They all need forgiveness
They all need a sacrifice
Pure and holy
Undefiled by sin
You have kept me
Protected me
Enabled me to be at this place
At this time
All I want is what you want
All I desire is to do your will
Not mine
Not my way
Let me be your servant
Let this flesh die
So the Spirit can come
Your will be done

The Only One

Where does the power come from
Where does your grace reside
Where can I find forgiveness
At the cross. The wonderful cross

Where was I healed from sickness
Where was my shame washed away
Where is there found true freedom
At the cross. The wonderful cross

No other place on earth nor in heaven high above
Has God come down to man to show His eternal love
No sacrifice was greater than God giving His only son
No other one can save us. Jesus is the only one

Where did He give me new life
Where was heaven made home
Where did He gain the victory
At the tomb when He rose again


He rose in power and glory
He rose in majesty
He rose so we could rise with Him
When He shall return again


Victory by Death

He was beaten, bruised and torn
His body tired and worn
Yet he did not speak a word in His defense
A crown of thorns upon His head
His forehead slowly bled
Then pain and agony was quite intense

Then they placed a robe upon Him
With a scepter in His hands
The guard knelt down and mocked Him as a King
Little did they know their words
Were true through all of time
Because He was indeed the King of Kings

The cross was laid upon His back
He fell beneath its weight
His weak and bloody body just gave out
They led Him to Golgotha
They nailed Him to the cross
Forgive them was His final living shout

They thought they had the victory
But soon they would find out
That what they did would touch all of mankind
Three days He laid a dead man
But then He rose again
The victory over life and death complete

He brought us victory that day
He showed us His amazing grace
By dying and then rising up again
Now we should live for Him
His Word deep down within
For soon He will be coming back again

To Die For Us

What a light
What a light so bright
Came down to us
To die for us

What a child
What a lowly child
Came down to us
To die for us

King of glory
Lord of all things
We come now to bow before you
God of wonder
Radiant splendor
You have given us your son

What a day
He went to the grave
Three days later He arose
He came to save us

King of glory
Lord of all things
We come now to bow before you
God of wonder
Radiant splendor
You have given us your son

To redeem us
To restore us
To return us back to you

King of glory
Lord of all things
We come now to bow before you
God of wonder
Radiant splendor
You have given us your son

All For Me

All For Me

I was stuck in miry clay
All alone deep in my sin
When the Savior came to me
As I was

He shed His blood for me
Rose again to give me life
Today I stand with Him
As I am

Yesterday, today, forever He will never change
His love and His sweet peace always remain
I can place my trust in Him
For He washed away my sin
Forever I will lift my hands in praise

He’s coming back for me
I will look upon His face
Forever with my Lord
I will be


Yesterday I was lost, He paid the cost
Today I am set free He ransomed me
Tomorrow He will come in clouds above
All for me. All for me


Christmas Poetry

I Believe

I did not see the star that shone above so bright
I did not hear the innkeeper say there’s no room tonight
I did not see the shepherds or the wise men by His side
It’s written in His book so I believe

I did not hear Him teaching His gracious words of life
I did not see Him healing those who came to Him in strife
I did not seethe demons as they heard Him and took flight
It’s written in His book so I believe

I believe
I believe
With the faith that I was born with I believe
Though all may try to stop me
And take this faith from me
With all that is within me
I believe

I did not hear the crowds as they cried out crucify
I did not see Him hung with two thieves by His side
I did not hear Him fry out it is finished when he die
It’s written in the book so I believe


They laid Him in a tomb and sealed it with a stone
They guarded Him in death thinking He was all alone
But the grave could not hold Him
The stone could not contain Him
He rose up from the dead
I believe
I believe