The Light

What an awesome God I serve
He sent His Spirit to survey this world
When it was dark and void of life
His Spirit roamed to find emptiness
Then he spoke and there was Light
Light that shone without a source
Light that engulfed the whole world
All at once
No more darkness
Day and Night were now entrenched
Never to be changed again
He spoke again and dry land appeared
Above the waters
Separated by the waters
No life yet
Just dry land beside still waters
Land ready to produce
Land ready to be occupied
Then He separated the heavens from the earth
Clouds appeared
Two days had passed
On day three God spoke again
He caused the grass to grow
And the trees to grow
The fruit trees which carried their own seed
He looked out up all He had done
And said It is Good
On the fourth day
He spoke again
Let there be lights in the sky
The Sun by day
The moon by night
Let stars shine in the heavens
Placed one by one
And it was so
These lights did not replace the first Light
Which now shines in our hearts
On our sin
To show us God’s way
His path
The first Light was the Word of God
And the Word became flesh
And dwelt among us
He taught us
Showed us the Father
That we might believe
Then He was taken
Accused falsely
Condemned to die
On a cross
A crown of thorns on His head
Spit on
Made to carry His cross
Nails through His feet and hands
Vinegar to drink
And darkness covered the earth
During the middle of the day
The Light was hanging on a tree
The unblemished Lamb of God
Sacrificed for all my sins
Took my place
And died for me
Placed in a borrowed tomb
Wrapped in a linen cloth
Stone placed at the entrance
Sealed by the rulers
Guards put in place
No escape
But nothing could hold the Light
On the third day He came forth
Once again to shine the Light
The Light that was from the beginning
The Light that will never die
Heaven and earth will pass away
But His Word
His Light
Will remain forever and ever
What an awesome God I serve

Rolling Stones

The men were aghast
When Jesus had asked
That they roll away the stone
They did what He said
But then they all fled
For fear of a stink from the tomb

Then Jesus looked higher
He prayed to the Father
To glorify Himself today
He called Lazarus
Come forth from the grave
The people were soon all amazed

Lazarus walked out
There was no doubt
He had risen from the dead
They slowly unwrapped
His body in tact
And praised God for this great event

About two weeks later
In a scene much greater
Another stone was rolled away
It was not a man
But by angel’s plans
The stone was rolled back from the grave

When Peter arrived
With John by his side
The empty tomb greeted them there
Mary had been there
She looked everywhere
Then an angel said shed not a tear

Jesus has risen
Just as he said
You’ll not find the living among the dead
Go and I’ll meet you
In Galilee
Then you will go His story to spread

As she hurried off
Jesus appeared
He stopped and told her not to fear
He is alive
For all to see
Soon all the world will be longing to hear

Two stones rolled away
Two dead men alive
Two miracles made
Two moments in time

Our stones can defeat us
Our stones hold us back
But God has the answer
Your stone He’ll attack

He’ll roll it away
By man or His power
You’ll rise once again
Through His grace this hour


The Stone Was Rolled

He came to Bethany that day
He heard the news but then delayed
His good friend sick in bed did lay
He waited several days

Then He heard His friend was dead
He then did go to see His friend
He knew what God would do ahead
His perfect plan was laid

The sisters of His friend did weep
They knew their brother did not sleep
They laid him in a tomb to keep
And rolled a stone to seal

They met Jesus on the way
If you had been here he’d be safe
They wept as they showed Him the place
Where the tomb was sealed

Jesus wept then raised His eyes
He prayed that God be glorified
He looked the men right in the eye
Now roll away that stone

When it was moved He made a cry
Lazarus come forth to life
The dead came forth with head held high
Unwrap him and go home

A few days later Christ was dead
His borrowed tomb was sealed in dread
A stone slab had become His bed
But He had other plans

An angel came and rolled the stone
Jesus came forth to gain His throne
Death was defeated, sin atoned
Now on His word we stand


Praise Rises Up

I can feel a praise is rising up
When I think about what Jesus did for me
He captured victory
From the hand of sure defeat
His sacrifice became what set me free

The praise within me bubbles to the top
As the story has an ending full of hope
He was buried since He died
In three days from death He’d rise
He returned to heaven which I can now call home

Praise Rises Up
Within my Spirit man
My voice lifts high His name
As I praise the Lord again
Worthy are you Lord
Of the praises of my heart
I’ll sing my Hallelujahs
To your name

I can’t contain the joy He brings
That’s why my mouth must shout and sing
He’s worthy of my praise
I’ll lift His name all day
An offering of praise I humbly bring

Praise Rises Up
When I think of what He did
He gave His life for me
In freedom I can live
Worthy are you Lord
Of the praises of my heart
I’ll sing my hallelujahs
To your name

The wonderful name of Jesus
The matchless name of Jesus
The merciful name of Jesus
The precious name of Jesus
The delivering name of Jesus
The providing name of Jesus
The marvelous name of Jesus
No other name like His

Praise Rises Up
Within me every day
When I think about His love
And the price He had to pay
Worthy are you Lord
Of the praises of my heart
I’ll sing my hallelujahs
To your name

Nothing Too Hard

There’s nothing to hard
Nothing impossible
Nothing my God can’t do
Mountains can move
Rivers can stop
So He can guide you through
No sickness can stay
Disease must obey
When God sets His mind on you
All enemies flee
When my God speaks
His words are power and truth
Lift up His name
Give our God praise
Worship His holy name
Jesus our Lord
King evermore
Worthy of all our praise
When my prayers go up
To His throne above
His answer is on the way
Just wait on the Lord
His timing is sure
There’s blessing in every delay
When fear fills your heart
And doubt gets a start
That God may not hear your request
Just turn to His word
And know that He heard
He’ll give you His absolute best
Lift up His name
Give our God praise
Worship His holy name
Jesus our Lord
King evermore
Worthy of all our praise
When Jesus had died
On the cross crucified
A large stone was sealed for the door
The stone rolled away
That marvelous day
Now He lives forevermore
Lift up His name
Give our God praise
Worship His holy name
Jesus our Lord
King evermore
Worthy of all our praise