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The Cross Was the Reason

 When I think about the manger, I think about the cross
 All the wondrous things God did on those two days
 The first tells of the birth of the precious Son of God
 To bring to us the dawn of peace and grace
 The shepherds in the field show all are welcome there
 The kings who came with gifts show us His worth
 The star was like a beacon that anyone could see
 But only few received the Saviors birth
 The manger shows His meekness and deep humility
 That the Son of God would come to such a place
 The inn shows us that many would turn the babe away
 Refusing to partake of God’s sweet grace
 The cross shows us His passion for every single one
 The bruises and the scars He took for us
 His cry of please forgive them rings down throughout all time
 Showing that our God is true and just
 He gave His mother comfort from the agony He felt
 As He gave John the charge to care for her
 His cry of don’t forsake me shows His bitter taste of death
 For the first time He was parted from His Father
 When He cried it is finished all creation should have bowed
 To the King who gave His life for all mankind
 The plan of our redemption was finally complete
 And His death would be a light for all of time
 But it was not finished, the story’s not complete
 Three days later He arose from death to life
 Now He lives forevermore and He reigns from High above
 Providing for us all eternal life
 Yes, the manger stands so tall as a beacon in the dark
 Of a world that’s full of sin and much despair
 But you cannot see the manger as a symbol by itself
 The cross was the reason that He came

Music To My Ears

 When I think about the fact
 That He left His royal throne
 I can’t help but praise His name
 When I think about the fact
 In a stable He was born
 I can’t help but praise His name
 When I think about the star
 That led the wise men there
 And the great angelic choir
 That the shepherds saw in fear
 When I think about His love
 To become a babe so dear
 I can’t help but praise His name
 Bless His name.  His mighty name
 The name of Jesus is so sweet and so fair
 Bless His name.  The matchless name
 The name of Jesus is music to my ears
 When I think about the fact
 He bore the stripes for me
 I can’t help but praise His name
 When I think about the fact
 That He died to set me free
 I can’t help but praise His name
 When I think about the pain
 That He endured for me
 How He gave His life for all
 That day at Calvary
 When I think about the grace
 That He poured out for me
 I can’t help but praise His name
 Bless His name.  His mighty name
 The name of Jesus is so sweet and so fair
 Bless His name.  The matchless name
 The name of Jesus is music to my ears
 I’ll sing His praise
 Every day
 With Loudest voice
 And hands up-raised
 I’ll lift Him high
 With all my might
 The wondrous name
 Of Jesus
 Bless His name.  His mighty name
 The name of Jesus is so sweet and so fair
 Bless His name.  The matchless name
 The name of Jesus is music to my ears 

The Gifts of Christmas

 I see them buying Christmas gifts everywhere I go
 They’ll wrap them all real nicely and tie them with a bow
 Underneath the Christmas tree they’ll make the children smile
 What a chance to share the love of Jesus with a little child
 He was born in a manger so many years ago
 Shepherds called by angels came to Him, bowing low
 Three kings came there to greet Him by following a star
 They brought gifts of great significance from afar
 One brought gold that shone like the noonday sun
 This gift was meant to show He was a king, a chosen one
 The riches He possessed were greater than that gold
 His victory on the cross is there for all to behold
 The second brought some myrrh, a gift of somber tone
 The anointing of the dead was how this gift was known
 It signified that He would die to take our sins away
 The fragrance of His sacrifice is still alive today
 The third gift was a vial of frankincense, oh so sweet
 It was used in the anointing oil of all the priests
 It signified that Jesus was a priest above them all
 And that our life would do well to answer to His call
 So this year when those gifts are underneath the tree
 See it as a moment of golden opportunity
 To tell the world of Jesus and how He is enough
 He came, He lived, He died to show us His great love 

Tell Them of His Love

  Tell them of His mercy
 Tell them of His grace
 Tell them of His love that on the cross displayed
 Tell them of His peace
 That calms the raging storm
 Tell them about Jesus and all that he has done
 Tell them of His words
 Tell them of His joy
 Tell them of forgiveness that was spoken long ago
 Tell them of His healing
 From every ill or pain
 Tell them He has promised that He will come again
 Tell them all the lessons
 He spoke as He was led
 Tell them of the feast He prepared from fish and bread
 Tell them of His passion
 Tell them of His death
 Tell them that he cared for them until His dying breath
 Tell them of the thorns
 Tell them of the stripes
 Tell them of the agony our sin caused Him inside
 Tell them that he bore our sins
 And cast them far away
 Tell them He is with them every single day

These You Are

 Wonderful Counselor
 Mighty God
 Prince of peace
 These you are
 Lion of Judah
 Lamb of God
 Rose of Sharon
 These you are
 The word made flesh
 Son of God
 Bread of Life
 These you are
 Light of the World
 Eternal God
 Living water
 These you are
 Healer, provider
 Revealer of God
 Deliverer, Savior
 These you are
 Forgiver of sins
 Way to God
 Rock of ages
 These you are
 Refuge and fortress
 Power of God
 Redeemer of souls
 These you are 

He Did It All For Me

As I approached the cross
I could hardly look
At the body that was Christ
At the agony he bore
Tears welled up in my eyes
As I saw the crown of thorns
He took it all for me
I saw the stripes they gave’
Wrapped around His frame
I saw the nails they drove
Into His feet and hands
I saw the blood run down
How could he even talk
He did it all for me
I saw Him grasp for breath
Just enough to breathe
But suddenly He spoke
Words that pierced the air
Father forgive them
They know not what they do
With those words He forgave me and you
Forgiven.  I’m forgiven
I’m set free from guilt and shame
Forgiven.  I’m forgiven
I’m set free and I’ll praise His name
Jesus Christ my victory
He did it all for me
He did it all for you
He did it all for all.

A Crown of Victory

Adam and Eve were awakened that day
When their innocency was washed away
From God’s presence they became afraid
So they hid from the face of God
He asked them why they hid away
They blamed one another for their shame
But God knew that they were both to blame
Sin had now entered the world
He told the woman she would give birth
He told the man that the earth would be cursed
Thorns and thistles would grow to hinder their work
In that garden that once was free
The way was blocked to the tree of life
For thousands of years man lived in strife
Then Jesus cam and offered His life
As a ransom for you and me
He told a story about seeds that were sown
The seed of the Word of God was His own
Yet for many the thorns made the word unknown
And the seed withered and died
The thorns He wore that day as a crown
Represented the thorns that grew from the ground
Of the garden that day when man fell down
He wore them the day that He died
But those thorns were a crown of victory
That Jesus won for you and me
He is the way to that wonderful tree
That gives us eternal life

Desire of God

I don’t want to die
Things are going so well right now
People are listening to me
Hearts are being touched
Lives are being changed
The crowds follow me everywhere
They love my stories
Stories of farming and young men
Stories of pearls and tares
Stories of harvest and sowing
They long for my words
And pay attention when I talk
They need me
It just can’t be time for me to go
This ministry is touching too many people
The lame walk
The blind see
The deaf hear
The cripple stretches forth his body
The leper becomes whole
Diseases go
Demons flee
Water to wine
Fig trees whither
So many good things are going on
So many wonders are bringing people from afar
Miracle after miracle
Healing after healing
There are so many more than need a touch from me
I have so much more to do
There are other women with issues of blood
Other harlots who need forgiveness
Other centurions who need their servants healed
There are so many abuses of your word
Pharisees seeking the higher place
Moneychangers robbing the people
Pious ones praying but empty
Clean but filthy
Wrong but thinking they are right
Leading so many astray
Showing so many the wrong way
How can I leave now when so many are deceived
Hearts to mend
Minds to cleanse
Lives to change
It can’t be my time
I want to stay here
To minister to the masses
To give more to those who need my help
I want to touch more lives
To heal more
To deliver more
To forgive more
To bring more back to life
To rebuke those who are misleading your people
If I leave who will they turn to
Who will they follow
Who will shepherd them
I can’t go yet
I have so much more to do
That is my will
My way
My wish
But it is not yours
Your purpose is greater
Your love is stronger
You know what is best
You know how all can be blest
You know there is only one way to truly set them free
One way to bring complete healing
One way to ultimate deliverance
You have brought others alongside me to continue the ministry
It will not die
It will stay alive
It will be your church
Your people
Your way to touch lives
Your heart’s desire
So not my will
Not what I want
Not what I desire
Not what I would do if I had my way
Your will
Your desire
As much as I want this cup to pass from me
I want your will more
I must die
I must die for your kingdom to go forth
I must die for you to be glorified
I must die for them
All of them
They all need forgiveness
They all need a sacrifice
Pure and holy
Undefiled by sin
You have kept me
Protected me
Enabled me to be at this place
At this time
All I want is what you want
All I desire is to do your will
Not mine
Not my way
Let me be your servant
Let this flesh die
So the Spirit can come
Your will be done


Behold the little babe
Lying in the hay
Shepherds gather ‘round
Bringing Him their praise

Behold the Son of Man
Teaching in the street
Healing all who come
Friend to all he meets

Behold the Lamb of God
Hung upon a tree
Beaten, bruised and tortured
All to set me free

Behold the Resurrection
Rising from the grave
Victory over death
Praise His Holy name

Behold the King of Kings’
Sitting on the throne
He’s the Lord of Lords
Worship Him Alone

He Was….But He

He was a King
But He became a servant
He was mocked
But He gives comfort
He was despised
But He loves me
He was rejected
But He accepts me
He was questioned
But He is the answer
He was unforgiven
But He forgave us
He was weak
But He gives us strength
He was called a liar
But He is the truth
He was thought to be lost
But He is the way
He wept over Jerusalem
But He dries our tears
He was always traveling about
But He gives us rest
He was troubled in the garden
But He gives us peace
He was forsaken by those closest to Him
But He will never leave us
He was silent before Herod
But He is the Word of Life
He was beaten
But He gives healing
He was crowned with thorns
But He gives us wisdom
He was thirsty
But He is the living water
He was burdened with our sin
But He took our sin away
He was crucified
But He gives us life
He was dead
But He gives us power
He was laid in a dark tomb
But He is the Light
He was alone in the grave
But He is always with us
He was buried
But He rose again
He went back to heaven
But He’s coming back soon