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What A Mystery

What if I had a million stars to put in place?
What if I knew them all and called them all by name? 
I’d pick a special one to put up in the sky
Over the place where soon the Savior would arrive

What if the angels came to me with wondrous praise?
What if they asked me who should hear the news they gave?
I’d pick the ones who would be humble and obey
Shepherds out in the field who kept watch every day

Oh, what a mystery. Oh, what great love
The Son of God left His throne above
Oh, what compassion on sinners like me
He left His royal throne to die for me

What if the shepherds brough their flocks to see the King?
What if three wise men travelled far their gifts to bring?
There in a manger lay the Savior of the world
Today He’s just a babe but He’ll be Lord of Lords


What if He had not come?  I’d still be lost.
No hope to look for, all peace is gone
Joy would be sorrow, True love unknown
If Jesus had not come this Christmas morn


Come to the Star

 I couldn’t believe my eyes.
 There it was,
 shining so brightly in the Eastern sky.
 A radiant star,
 one never seen before.
 Brighter than the greatest star,
 brighter almost than the moon,
 high in the sky.
 I knew it was a sign.
 A sign of the coming King.
 A sing of a great leader.
 A sign we had looked for since time began.
 I had to go.
 Go to that star,
 go to where it pointed
 because I knew the ancient texts.
 They said a Messiah would come to save His people.
 And not just his people,
 but all people
 all races, kindred and tribe.
 The ancient text said he would be a wonderful counselor,
 a mighty God,
 an everlasting Father,
 a prince of peace.
 They said the increase of his government and peace would have no end.
 I had to see this child.
 this wondrous child,
 this destined child.
 I could not go without a gift,
 A gift worthy of a king.
 Gold would be my gift to the child
 I sent word two of my allies.
 When word came back,
 They also had seen the star.
 They also knew it’s meaning.
 They also would make the trip.
 One reminded me that he would be a priest to his people
 A priest like no other.
 A priest who would wash away their sin.
 A priest who would make their stony hearts flesh.
 He was brining frankincense
 In remembrance of the anointing oil for priests.
 The other remembered that he would die,
 He would die a horrible death,
 The death of the Roman cross.
 He would be led like sheep to the slaughter
 He would be wounded for our transgressions,
 bruised for our iniquities,
 the chastisement of our peace would be upon him,
 and by his stripes we would be healed.
 That King brought myrrh,
 the anointing oil of death.
 The journey would be long and arduous,
 but we had to go see this child.
 We wondered to each other why others were not going with us?
 Why did they not see the star?
 Why did they not know the ancient text?
 Why did they not realize what was happening?
 We realized among ourselves that some refuse to see,
 they refuse to acknowledge a king has come.
 They do now want to be responsible to someone higher than themselves.
 They do not desire accountability to such a Messiah.
 Others are blinded to the meaning of the star.
 They need someone to tell them,
 to show them the way,
 to lead them to the star.
 How about you,
 the reader of our story here.
 Have you seen the star?
 Will you follow its course?
 Will you come to the Savior?
 Can I help you understand?
 Can I help you see?
 Do not wait,
 today is the day of salvation.
 Come to the star today,
 before it is too late

One Very Special Night

 One night
 One very special night
 So many years ago
 Changed the course of History
 That baby in a manger
 So forgotten by the world
 Attended to by shepherds
 Visited by Kings 
 Wrapped in tattered cloths
 And sleeping on the hay
 All but a silent night
 With Sheep baaing
 And horses whinnying
 Cows mooing
 and donkeys adding hee-haws
 They celebrated His birth
 They praised His coming
 They witnessed His arrival
 While the world slept on
 Don't let this Christmas pass
 Without recognizing the past
 Without recognizing that it changed the world
 Don't let this Christmas pass
 Without looking in that manger
 At a lowly child
 Who would change all mankind

So Few

 He was born in a stable in little Bethlehem
 Laid in a manger sleeping on the hay
 Angels beckoned shepherds and kings from other lands
 To see the Son of God that day
 What they all knew is that He was born a King
 Despite the surroundings they could see
 Mary and Joseph knew glad tidings He would bring
 The Son of Man would show the way
 Oh, what a blessing
 Oh , what an honor
 Oh, what a solemn call it is
 So few had come to the baby born that night
 So few knew Him as a King
 Today we decorate with lights and candy canes
 Presents are set under a Christmas tree
 But there are so few that really recognize the day
 As a day they celebrate their King
 They think He’s a prophet or a teacher of great truths
 They think He’s a wise man with a gift
 Some even think He’s a fable and never really lived
 Oh how wrong they are to miss the King
 Oh, what a blessing
 Oh, what an honor
 Oh, what a solemn call it is
 To be among the few who call this baby King
 So few make Him Lord of their lives
 So few bow down to the baby born that night
 So few know the Savior has arrived
 So few recognize He came to give His life
 So few will bow before His throne
 The shepherds Knew the story
 The wise men knew the story
 Mary and Joseph knew the story
 Do you? 

The Cross Was the Reason

 When I think about the manger, I think about the cross
 All the wondrous things God did on those two days
 The first tells of the birth of the precious Son of God
 To bring to us the dawn of peace and grace
 The shepherds in the field show all are welcome there
 The kings who came with gifts show us His worth
 The star was like a beacon that anyone could see
 But only few received the Saviors birth
 The manger shows His meekness and deep humility
 That the Son of God would come to such a place
 The inn shows us that many would turn the babe away
 Refusing to partake of God’s sweet grace
 The cross shows us His passion for every single one
 The bruises and the scars He took for us
 His cry of please forgive them rings down throughout all time
 Showing that our God is true and just
 He gave His mother comfort from the agony He felt
 As He gave John the charge to care for her
 His cry of don’t forsake me shows His bitter taste of death
 For the first time He was parted from His Father
 When He cried it is finished all creation should have bowed
 To the King who gave His life for all mankind
 The plan of our redemption was finally complete
 And His death would be a light for all of time
 But it was not finished, the story’s not complete
 Three days later He arose from death to life
 Now He lives forevermore and He reigns from High above
 Providing for us all eternal life
 Yes, the manger stands so tall as a beacon in the dark
 Of a world that’s full of sin and much despair
 But you cannot see the manger as a symbol by itself
 The cross was the reason that He came

The Gifts of Christmas

 I see them buying Christmas gifts everywhere I go
 They’ll wrap them all real nicely and tie them with a bow
 Underneath the Christmas tree they’ll make the children smile
 What a chance to share the love of Jesus with a little child
 He was born in a manger so many years ago
 Shepherds called by angels came to Him, bowing low
 Three kings came there to greet Him by following a star
 They brought gifts of great significance from afar
 One brought gold that shone like the noonday sun
 This gift was meant to show He was a king, a chosen one
 The riches He possessed were greater than that gold
 His victory on the cross is there for all to behold
 The second brought some myrrh, a gift of somber tone
 The anointing of the dead was how this gift was known
 It signified that He would die to take our sins away
 The fragrance of His sacrifice is still alive today
 The third gift was a vial of frankincense, oh so sweet
 It was used in the anointing oil of all the priests
 It signified that Jesus was a priest above them all
 And that our life would do well to answer to His call
 So this year when those gifts are underneath the tree
 See it as a moment of golden opportunity
 To tell the world of Jesus and how He is enough
 He came, He lived, He died to show us His great love 

He Came Down

 Down from above
 Bringing His love
 The Savior came on Christmas day
 Babe in the hay
 Quiet He lay
 While angels proclaimed His praise
 Shepherds rejoiced
 They heard Angels voice
 To Bethlehem they made their way
 Bowing in honor
 Glory forever
 To Jesus who came as a babe
 He came down to save us
 He came down to free us
 From sweet little babe
 To sacrifice made
 He came down and gave us His grace
 I cannot imagine
 His love I can’t fathom
 That He would give up His throne
 His birth was obscure
 His life was a blur
 Only three years was this earth His home
 From lowly beginning
 To triumphant King
 He had to give all he had
 His death on the cross
 Was such a great loss
 But victory came in the end
 He came down to save us
 He came down to free us
 From sweet little babe
 To sacrifice made
 He came down and gave us His grace
 God with us
 The form of a babe
 The Lord of Lords lay
 Ready to redeem us all
 He came down to save us
 He came down to free us
 From sweet little babe
 To sacrifice made
 He came down and gave us His grace 
Christmas Poetry

A Little Hole In Heaven

 A little hole in heaven
 Opened up that Christmas day 
 When Jesus Son of God 
 Came to earth as a little babe
 When He left His throne above
 He traveled through that hole
 A host of angels followed
 And one His story told
 He told it to some shepherds
 Out in the field that night
 They trembled at the Angel
 For he shone with heavenly light
 He told them that a Savior
 Was born in Bethlehem
 The full angelic choir sang
 The shepherds went to greet Him
 That hole let out the brilliant light
 That surged from Jesus throne
 It looked as if a giant star
 Above the manger shone
 Three kings from far off countries
 Saw the brilliant star so bright
 They set off on a journey
 With gifts for the promised child
 Yes a little hole in heaven
 Opened up that Christmas night
 Through it came our Savior
 Coming down to give us Light
 He shone the Light from heaven
 So that we could see our sin
 Then He died as our redeemer
 If our hearts would now repent
 Open up your heart to Jesus
 On this blessed Christmas day
 He came down from heaven’s glory
 So He could light your way