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He Lights Our Path

Rainfall, incessant since daybreak
Gently soaking into the ground
Giving life to all that lives
Much like God's word - the water of life
The living water that springs from within
Incessant, ever flowing
Drawing us closer to Him
The wind, howling wildly
Starting when it wants, where it wants
Ending without a trace
I never know when it is coming,
Or where it is going.
So is the Holy Spirit
Blowing through my life
Encouraging me, guiding me
Showing me His will, His life
Drawing me loser to Him
The sun, giving light to all
Warming us with its radiance
Helping us to see what s around us
Giving life to all it touches
So is the Son, Jesus Christ
He gives life to all he touches
He helps us to see what is inside us
He lights our path
Drawing us closer to Him
All the world glorifies the Father
The heavens declare the Son
All of nature testifies of Him
All of His creation praises His wonderful name
Let us rejoice and be glad in Him!

Every Moment

 Making time
 Losing time
 Forgetting the time
 We all have the same amount
 Ever minute, every day, every year
 It's not a matter of how much time
 But how we use the time
 It is a gift to us
 A precious gift
 From God
 Do I squander it?
 Do I plan it?
 Do I ignore it?
 Do I watch it?
 Do I use it to the fullest,
 Or squander it away?
 God's gifts are meant to be cherished
 Every moment should be cherished
 Every moment accounted for
 Every moment be made special
 Every moment given back to Him.
 I will lift my praise every moment
 I will lift my prayers every moment
 I will lift His name every moment
 I will honor Him every moment
 How will you use your time today?

Darkness Can Not Stay

 I saw the Light.
 It shone in my heart,
 And darkness fled before it.
 Where the Light shines in my life
 Darkness cannot stay.
 Oh, Lord
 Help me open all the doors in my life to your Light.
 Help me allow all my darkness to be purged
 By your glorious Light.
 The Light of your word will heal
 The Light of your word will deliver me
 The Light of your word will set me free
 The Light of your word will bring me peace
 The Light of your word will bring me Joy
 The Light of your word will help me love my neighbor as myself
 The Light of your word brings me life abundantly
 Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
 So that I may see your glorious Light.
 So darkness will be removed from my life
 And I will walk with you every moment of everyday.

Fog to Glory

 The outlook is bleak
 A cloud descended from above
 Shrouding the earth with a blanket
 Dense moisture shrouds all that I can’t see
 Thick fog
 Zero visibility when driving fog
 Pea soup indeed
 I can’t see the tops of trees
 Or the house down the street
 Or the dog barking in the distance
 Only fog
 Bleak and dreary
 As if a sadness covered the earth
 Direction is lost
 Where I am is a mystery as I drive
 Danger lurks closely
 I must stay aware
 And awake
 But then the cloud lifts
 As if a hand had picked it up
 It dissipates into nothing
 Blue sky is all around
 Either the cloud has just vanished
 Or it sunk into the ground
 What is left behind is breathtaking
 The misty fog left it’s mark
 Trees covered with frost abound
 Glistening in the bright blue sky
 Glorious and beautiful they rise
 Majestic and full of wonder
 Wonder at how such a gloomy day’
 Could turn so beautiful
 So quickly
 I stop to ponder
 Take a picture
 And marvel at the glory of God
 This is our life
 One minute it can be gloomy
 Full of lost hope
 Of fading desires
 Of things gone wrong
 Of turns made reluctantly
 Of dreams dashed
 Then God lifts the burden
 He casts His Holy Spirit upon us
 And we shine
 We shine by reflecting the glory of the Son
 His splendor makes us beautiful again
 ‘His mercy restores our hope
 His grace removes our faults
 Once again, the day seems bright
 Once again all is right
 I am renewed
 He has made me shine!

The Gift of Jesus

 He came for me
 On that dark and cloudless night
 So long ago
 He came for me
 Shepherds came when angels called
 They worshipped Him
 What a gift, what a precious gift
 More than silver, more than gold
 More than all the wealth foretold
 More than power, more than fame
 More than any other name
 The gift of Jesus
 He came for me
 Left His royal throne in heaven
 To sleep in hay
 He came for me
 The Son of God became a baby
 To set me free
 What a gift, what a precious gift
 More than silver, more than gold
 More than all the wealth foretold
 More than power, more than fame
 More than any other name
 The gift of Jesus
 The name that saves me
 The name that heals me
 The name that sets me free
 The name that delivers me
 The name that rescues me
 The name that provides for me
 The name above all names
 The name of Jesus
 What a gift, what a precious gift
 More than silver, more than gold
 More than all the wealth foretold
 More than power, more than fame
 More than any other name
 The gift of Jesus 

Come to the Star

 I couldn’t believe my eyes.
 There it was,
 shining so brightly in the Eastern sky.
 A radiant star,
 one never seen before.
 Brighter than the greatest star,
 brighter almost than the moon,
 high in the sky.
 I knew it was a sign.
 A sign of the coming King.
 A sing of a great leader.
 A sign we had looked for since time began.
 I had to go.
 Go to that star,
 go to where it pointed
 because I knew the ancient texts.
 They said a Messiah would come to save His people.
 And not just his people,
 but all people
 all races, kindred and tribe.
 The ancient text said he would be a wonderful counselor,
 a mighty God,
 an everlasting Father,
 a prince of peace.
 They said the increase of his government and peace would have no end.
 I had to see this child.
 this wondrous child,
 this destined child.
 I could not go without a gift,
 A gift worthy of a king.
 Gold would be my gift to the child
 I sent word two of my allies.
 When word came back,
 They also had seen the star.
 They also knew it’s meaning.
 They also would make the trip.
 One reminded me that he would be a priest to his people
 A priest like no other.
 A priest who would wash away their sin.
 A priest who would make their stony hearts flesh.
 He was brining frankincense
 In remembrance of the anointing oil for priests.
 The other remembered that he would die,
 He would die a horrible death,
 The death of the Roman cross.
 He would be led like sheep to the slaughter
 He would be wounded for our transgressions,
 bruised for our iniquities,
 the chastisement of our peace would be upon him,
 and by his stripes we would be healed.
 That King brought myrrh,
 the anointing oil of death.
 The journey would be long and arduous,
 but we had to go see this child.
 We wondered to each other why others were not going with us?
 Why did they not see the star?
 Why did they not know the ancient text?
 Why did they not realize what was happening?
 We realized among ourselves that some refuse to see,
 they refuse to acknowledge a king has come.
 They do now want to be responsible to someone higher than themselves.
 They do not desire accountability to such a Messiah.
 Others are blinded to the meaning of the star.
 They need someone to tell them,
 to show them the way,
 to lead them to the star.
 How about you,
 the reader of our story here.
 Have you seen the star?
 Will you follow its course?
 Will you come to the Savior?
 Can I help you understand?
 Can I help you see?
 Do not wait,
 today is the day of salvation.
 Come to the star today,
 before it is too late

One Very Special Night

 One night
 One very special night
 So many years ago
 Changed the course of History
 That baby in a manger
 So forgotten by the world
 Attended to by shepherds
 Visited by Kings 
 Wrapped in tattered cloths
 And sleeping on the hay
 All but a silent night
 With Sheep baaing
 And horses whinnying
 Cows mooing
 and donkeys adding hee-haws
 They celebrated His birth
 They praised His coming
 They witnessed His arrival
 While the world slept on
 Don't let this Christmas pass
 Without recognizing the past
 Without recognizing that it changed the world
 Don't let this Christmas pass
 Without looking in that manger
 At a lowly child
 Who would change all mankind

Ponder These Things

 Lord of the Heavens
 Seated on the right hand of God
 Four and twenty elders worshipping
 Sing glory and honor and power and might
 To the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
 Exalted above all others
 Since the beginning of time
 Glorious and majestic
 Full of awe and wonder
 All things created by Him
 All things created for Him       
 Beautiful beyond description 
 More precious than silver or gold
 Merciful and gracious
 Longsuffering and full of goodness
 Worthy of all praise
 Son of the most high God
 Holy is He
 King of heaven and earth
 Left His heavenly place
 Left the splendor and the glory
 Left the right hand of God
 Left His Father
 Left His power and authority
 Left His throne
 To come to this earth
 Disrobed of His glory
 Clothed in rags
 A baby in a manger
 No honor bestowed Him
 No welcome of royalty
 But animals in the stable
 A star announcing His birth
 Brightly shines above the city
 Wise men from afar witness the star
 They start their journey
 Angels announcing His birth to shepherds
 Not to kings
 Sing glory to God in the Highest
 Say the Savior, Christ the Lord, has come
 As a babe in as manger
 Beckon the shepherds to go and see
 They come and tell Mary their tale
 And bow before the King of Kings
 Little baby in the hay
 Mary ponders these things in her heart
 We should so ponder these things
 His humility
 His love
 His sacrifice
 All for us
 All for you
 All for me

Works of Grace

 It really doesn’t matter what happens
 Whether good or bad
 Whether the enemy attacks of stands back
 Whether I stand or fall
 Whether I abide in the shelter of His wings
 Or walk on my own path alone
 It really doesn’t matter if I’m happy or sad
 If I’m blessed or in need
 If I’m energized or tired
 If I can clearly see the future 
 Or if I have no hope
 None of these things should determine
 If I give Him thanks
 Thanks is due the Lord at all times
 In every situation
 In every trial
 In every test
 In every hour of every day
 Because He is righteous
 He is worthy
 He is God in heaven
 No matter what happens on this earth
 He never changes
 His love always remains
 His compassion is from generation to generation
 His mercy can grace surround us
 Like a fortress and a refuge
 For all  he has already done
 Not for what is happening now
 I must give Him thanks
 Give Him thanks with the fruit of my lips
 Give Him thanks by my actions
 By working out my salvation
 By showing mercy to others
 By being full of grace and forgiveness
 My thanks is not just words of praise
 But works of grace
 Feeding the hungry
 Quenching the thirty
 Brining peace to the troubled
 And joy to the sorrowful
 I thank Him by spreading His love
 By sowing seeds of faith
 By sharing the Gospel
 Thanks is not an attitude
 It is gratitude
 Thanks is not a reaction
 It is an action
 Thanks is not just words
 But deeds
 Thanks is abiding in Him
 Thanks is making disciples
 Thanks is preaching the word
 Thanks is being in season and out of season
 Thanks should inhabit our lives
 Overflowing so others will see
 Not just hear
 This hour
 This minute
 Give thanks
 Give thanks to the Lord for all He has done
 For this great creation
 For the future He has for you
 For the joy that is set before you
 Thanks for your friends’
 Thanks for your enemies
 Thanks for your good times
 Thanks for your trials
 Thanks for His great compassion on you
 No matter what comes
 Or what doesn’t come
 Give thanks 

He Takes Time

 He takes time to talk with me
 Through His word
 Through His Spirit
 Through other people
 He cries out for me to listen
 Listen to His voice when I read the word
 He will speak wisdom to me
 He will speak knowledge to me
 He will show me truth
 The truth of His word
 The truth that will set the captive free
 Open the blind eyes of my heard
 Open my deaf ears
 Bring me back to life
 Help me to walk again
 If only I would listen
 If only I would take time to hear.
 He takes time for me
 Why don’t I take time for Him
 He takes time to walk with me
 Showing me the path
 Showing me His way
 His plan
 His desire for my life
 His path is always the right path
 Even when I go through danger
 Or trouble
 Or sickness or pain
 He is there with me’
 Right beside me
 At times He leads me
 Other times He pushes me forward
 But it is always in the right direction
 Because He knows where I should go
 He knows the plans for my life
 He knows how I can get there
 So He takes time to walk with me
 Why don’t I take time for Him?
 He takes time to hear my prayer
 Amon the millions that are praying
 Some with loud voices
 Some with whispers
 He hears me
 He hears me when I humble myself
 He hears me when I seek His face
 He hears me when I turn from my wicked ways
 He hears me in the morning
 He hears me in the night
 He hears me any times I call
 I am not an interruption
 Or a distraction
 Or an intrusion
 His ear inclines to me
 He is bending down
 With His ear to my lips
 So He can hear me
 Hear my cry
 Hear my plea
 Hear my request
 Hear my praise
 He wants to hear it all
 He takes time to listen to me
 Why don’t I take time for Him?
 He takes time to know me
 To know me intimately
 To know my faults
 My fears
 Me victories
 Me defeats
 He knows what blesses me
 He knows what offends me
 He knows what brings me joy
 He knows what brings me sorrow
 He knows everything about me
 He knows me
 He is with me in my hard times
 He rejoices when I rejoice
 He upholds me when I am down
 He brings me down when pride rises up
 He does all things for my good
 He knows what I need before I ask
 He answers before I speak the words
 I don’t have to worry
 I don’t have to be afraid
 I should not get offended
 I should not get hurt by words
 I don’t have to wonder
 What tomorrow may bring
 He knows my tomorrow
 He will take care of all things
 He takes time to know me
 Why don’t I take time for Him?
 Time is a gift
 A gift from our Father
 He gives us each moment, each day
 He gives us the sunshine and rain
 He gives us the sunrise and sunset
 He gives us the birds and their melodies
 To fill our days
 This day is the present
 My present
 I live in this time
 Right now
 Right here
 I have not been promised any more time
 Only today
 Only right now
 Only the present
 What I do with my time is up to me
 How I will live
 How I will speak
 How I will believe
 Is all up to me right now
 Not later but now
 He has given me this time
 And He takes time for me
 Why don’t I take time for Him