A Crown of Victory

Adam and Eve were awakened that day
When their innocency was washed away
From God’s presence they became afraid
So they hid from the face of God
He asked them why they hid away
They blamed one another for their shame
But God knew that they were both to blame
Sin had now entered the world
He told the woman she would give birth
He told the man that the earth would be cursed
Thorns and thistles would grow to hinder their work
In that garden that once was free
The way was blocked to the tree of life
For thousands of years man lived in strife
Then Jesus cam and offered His life
As a ransom for you and me
He told a story about seeds that were sown
The seed of the Word of God was His own
Yet for many the thorns made the word unknown
And the seed withered and died
The thorns He wore that day as a crown
Represented the thorns that grew from the ground
Of the garden that day when man fell down
He wore them the day that He died
But those thorns were a crown of victory
That Jesus won for you and me
He is the way to that wonderful tree
That gives us eternal life

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