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Lord, You’re Alive

On that old cross
You took my sin
My soul to win
On that cross of shame

I’ll never know
The weight you bore
But I am sure
It brought you pain

But you never wavered
You never complained
Laid in a borrowed tomb
The vict’ry obtained

Then in the morning
The stone rolled away
Death was defeated
You rose from the grave

Lord, you’re alive
My Lord, your alive
You have risen up
From death to life
My Lord, you’re alive

Lord, you’re alive
My Lord, your alive
You have risen up
From death to life
My Lord, you’re alive


Just Pray

In the darkness
In the quiet
In the loneliness they felt
Women weeping
Men in anguish
Their world had been upset

They saw Him die
Jesus was their closest friend
For three years
Day after day
They had heard Him preach the word

They saw Him heal the sick
Raise the dead
Open blind eyes
Make the deaf to hear
The dumb to speak
Cleanse the leper
Stop the issue of blood
Turn water into wine
They saw Him do all these things
Now He was gone
They were alone

I can imagine
They took time to pray
Time to reflect on all He had done
He told them he would rise form the dead
Bit they did not believe that was possible
All they could do was pray
Ask God what’s next
What do they do now?

Isn’t that what we should ask
What now Lord?
What is your next task
Your next mission
Who should I witness to
What should I say
Give me the words
And the boldness
These are things we should pray about
Not to be blessed
But to be a blessing
In times of uncertainty
As the disciples certainly had this day
Then pray some more
Then pray even more
Pray and God will answer
Pray and God will speak
Pray and God will show you His way
Just pray!

The Only One

Where does the power come from
Where does your grace reside
Where can I find forgiveness
At the cross. The wonderful cross

Where was I healed from sickness
Where was my shame washed away
Where is there found true freedom
At the cross. The wonderful cross

No other place on earth nor in heaven high above
Has God come down to man to show His eternal love
No sacrifice was greater than God giving His only son
No other one can save us. Jesus is the only one

Where did He give me new life
Where was heaven made home
Where did He gain the victory
At the tomb when He rose again


He rose in power and glory
He rose in majesty
He rose so we could rise with Him
When He shall return again