Defeating Every Enemy

The gladiator stands his ground
Defeating all who come around
He roars a valiant vict’ry sound
The champion of all

The colosseum stands and cheers
The gladiator proudly hears
He pounds his chest and shows no fear
He stands both proud and tall

There was one man who came before
The gladiator took the floor
He came to open different doors
A meek and mild man

The crowd did cheer to have him die
They shouted out to crucify
The devil laughed an evil cry
And made his final stand

He struck the man with whips of stone
The bruises bashed right to the bone
A crown of thorns denounced his throne
He gave himself away

Up on a cross them hung him high
Nails in His hands and feet applied
A spear pierced through his fleshly thigh
He spoke that he forgave

They laid him in a borrowed tomb
The sealed it shut with stone of doom
The guards did watch all night of gloom
To ensure no escape

But when the stone did roll away
He rose again a victor great
The greatest champion was raised
From death He had escaped

Alive forevermore is He
Defeating every enemy
Providing grace and His mercy
To all who trust in Him

To all who would just call His name
Jesus will come and freedom claim
For you today, just give Him Praise
For in Him we all win

Just Abide

The Master dead
What a tragedy
What now?

No words of encouragement
No teaching remembered
Where can I draw strength?

My friend in the grave
He left before his work was done
Why did he have to die?

I have been seen with him
They think I am guilty too
What will I do now?

They will be looking for me
They will be relentless
What will the rest of my life hold?

He was so good to us
He always encouraged us
How can I go on?

I loved him so much
My soul cries out for comfort
To whom shall I turn?

He always told us to have hope
He always told us not to worry
How long must I hide?

I will just abide
I will go until tomorrow
I will take one day at a time
I will trust him
Even though he’s dead

A Day Gone Bad for Good

I’ve often had a day that I consider bad
Not a thing goes quite the way that I would wish it had
When I look back at one day that happened long ago
My bad day seems quite beautiful compared to what I’ll show

It started with betrayal from a friend that he held dear
Then a walk to a garden where he prayed with many tears
He asked his closest friends to pray with him as one
But they just fell asleep so he had to pray alone

Soon soldiers had arrived with that friend who turned away
A kiss upon his cheek was the clue that he’s the prey
After a brief scuffle all those with him turned to flee
He was taken captive by a Roman enemy

Early in the morning several trials now were held
Religious leaders found men who would fashion lies to tell
They beat him and the spit on him as he remained quite still
They charged him with blasphemy and took him down the hill

Just before the dawn the second trial took place
That Roman procurator found him guiltless to his face
Sent him back to Herod who did not know what to do
Back to the Roman who decided pain was due

They scourged him with a whip laced with chips of stone
Then placed upon his head a crown of longest thorns
Bloody and so tired he faced a crowd he’d seen
Just five days ago they had praised him in the streets

This time they would choice between him and some known thief
They chose the other guy and gave him no relief
Crucify him was their cry and they strapped on him a cross
He bowed under its weight and another helped him up

They made it to the place that others were to die
They drove through hands and feet long and painful spikes
The cross was set upright and the terror now began
Only nine am and what a day he had not planned

He hung there for six hours and many words he spoke
He asked God to forgive them for the life that they forsook
Halfway through the sky turned dark in middle of the day
The final act was written it is finished he did say

They laid him in a borrowed tomb and set a guard to watch
The tomb wad sealed with one large stone so no one could approach
His day was over and to us it looks so very bad
But truly it’s the best day that we have ever had

We call this day Good Friday for our sins were washed away
Our healing was provided by the stripes He took that day
Deliverance from all our enemies was now ensured
His death became our victory for all of time secured

So sing aloud your praises for this worst of any day
Remember what had happened when you’re stuck in nasty days
Rejoice in all your trials and worship His great name
Jesus Christ endured the cross to take away your pain

New Covenant

The day has come
Prepare the feast
We celebrate
Egypt’s defeat

The Passover
Is here today
A meal prepared
To eat and pray

The room prepared
The table set
Jesus arrives
With closest friends

He stoops down low
He washes feet
Some think not them
They try retreat

The servants’ way
Jesus explains
Is what He came
To teach and train

After the meal
He takes the bread
This is my flesh
New Covenant

He takes the cup
This is my blood
To cleanse your sin
It is enough

They leave the room
As Jesus talks
When all is said
They end their walk

In Garden dark
He bows his head
Thy will be done
Not mine He said

My Heart Belongs to Him

Sometimes I wake up in the night
And I just want to praise Him
He’s done so many wondrous things for me
Perhaps that’s how it was that day
So many years ago
When Jesus came to town for all to see

The people heard of Lazarus
Christ raised him from the dead
They also heard He’d come to town that day
They lined the streets to welcome Him
Palm branches lifted high
They shouted as He passed along the way

Hosanna, Hosanna
Hosanna to the King
We worship and adore you
We wave an offering
We lay our palms before you
We bow down at your feet
Jesus you are welcome here today

The priests and Pharisees
Were not at all impressed
They questioned all this praise for just a man
But Jesus silenced them
These simple words He said
The rocks would praise if quiet they remained

Hosanna, Hosanna
Hosanna to the King
We worship and adore you
We wave an offering
We lay our palms before you
We bow down at your feet
Jesus you are welcome here today

I need to welcome Him
Into my heart today
The stony heart must now be rolled away
He’s coming here for me
My future in His hands
My heart belongs to Him this glorious day

Hosanna, Hosanna
Hosanna to the King
We worship and adore you
We wave an offering
We lay our palms before you
We bow down at your feet
Jesus you are welcome here today

In Your Place

Can you see Him
Nailed to a cross
In your place

Can you see Him
Taking on sin
In your place

Can you hear Him
Agony for hours
In your place

Can you hear Him
Cry out to God
Cry out to man
It is finished
Gave up His life
For you

Will you trust Him
Give Him your life
He gave His for you
When He died
In your place

Will you believe
Three days later
Rose from the grave
Our lives to save

Come to Him now
Give Him your life
Because He gave His
In your place

Washed Away

A crowd gathered in the street
Welcoming the King
Palm leaves scattered on the ground
Robes laid at His feet

Hosannah to the King who comes
Riding on a colt
Proclaiming highest praise to Him
Before the rocks cry out

He overturns the temple wares
Rebukes the Pharisees
Tells stories of hard times to come
The crowd now disbelieves

By night they take Him quickly
A fast and unfair trial
He stands before the crowd again
They shout crucify

A crowd gathered in the street
To mock this would be king
His body whipped and beaten down
He walks in suffering

Up to Calvary they go
Hands and feet are nailed
They raise Him up for all to see
A sign says He is Lord

Then He spoke three words of hope
Father forgive them
And all down through the ages
His mercy now does win

He gave His life that day for us
No one took it from Him
Through His sacrifice for us
He’s washed away our sin

Oh what a wonderful Savior
Who died that day for me
Purchased my salvation
From sin He set me free