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Shall The Dead Arise?

Based on Psalm 88:10a “Shall the dead arise to praise him”

I was dead
Wrapped up in sin
Held back by doubt
Darkness was all around me
I could not see where to go next
I could not imaging getting free
God was quiet
I wondered if He even heard my cries
I felt so alone
So far away
Like a dead man in the grave
Stinking with sin
No hope
No future
No life
Then Jesus came
Commanded the stone be rolled away
And it was
Light flooded into the room
My sin exposed
My shame announced
Blinded by the light
I covered my eyes
I could not stand before Him
The sinless Son of God
I was not worthy to even approach Him
I smelled of death
I walked like death
Sin all over me
No power
No strength
Then He cried out
“Come Forth”
His power stood me up
His love started my feet to moving
Still wrapped in my sin
I could not hold back
I could not stay where I was
I had to come out
Out of that grave
Out of that sin
Out of that death
Into the brightness of His glory’
His mercy
His grace
Then He said
”Unwrap Him”
The bindings of sin started to unravel
I could feel the weight slip off of me
I could feel the freedom all over me
I was free
Free from sin
Free from doubt
Free from fear
No longer bound
Basking in the light of His love
Drinking of the living water
Drawing from the well
No more pain
No more suffering
No more darkness
No more shame
Then I praised Him
I thanked Him
I gave Him all the glory
Shall the dead arise?
Indeed they shall!
They shall arise to praise Him
Arise to bring Him honor
Arise by the power of His mercy
His grace
His love
Shout His praise
The victory is ours
The stone has rolled away
The bondage is all erased
I am free!
Christmas Poetry

I Believe

I did not see the star that shone above so bright
I did not hear the innkeeper say there’s no room tonight
I did not see the shepherds or the wise men by His side
It’s written in His book so I believe

I did not hear Him teaching His gracious words of life
I did not see Him healing those who came to Him in strife
I did not seethe demons as they heard Him and took flight
It’s written in His book so I believe

I believe
I believe
With the faith that I was born with I believe
Though all may try to stop me
And take this faith from me
With all that is within me
I believe

I did not hear the crowds as they cried out crucify
I did not see Him hung with two thieves by His side
I did not hear Him fry out it is finished when he die
It’s written in the book so I believe


They laid Him in a tomb and sealed it with a stone
They guarded Him in death thinking He was all alone
But the grave could not hold Him
The stone could not contain Him
He rose up from the dead
I believe
I believe