In Your Place

Can you see Him
Nailed to a cross
In your place

Can you see Him
Taking on sin
In your place

Can you hear Him
Agony for hours
In your place

Can you hear Him
Cry out to God
Cry out to man
It is finished
Gave up His life
For you

Will you trust Him
Give Him your life
He gave His for you
When He died
In your place

Will you believe
Three days later
Rose from the grave
Our lives to save

Come to Him now
Give Him your life
Because He gave His
In your place

Crazy Love

You came down from heaven a little babe
Gave up your glory for man to save
Poured out your mercy and your grace
All the way to the grave

You preached three years to people in need
Did many miracles many good deeds
You made enemies of the Pharisees
Just so you could die for me

How crazy is your love Lord your love for me
It reaches to the mountains and across the sea
You tell me you will love me for eternity
How crazy is your love for me

You let them take you freely on that dreadful night
Were beaten, scourged and bloodied what an awful sight
They nailed you to a cross, the day turned into night
You died that day to give me life

Your love is so amazing
Your love is so divine
Your love surpasses all things
Your love will always shine
Your love reached down from heaven
To Calvary that day
How crazy is your love for me

How crazy is your love Lord your love for me
It reaches to the mountains and across the sea
You tell me you will love me for eternity
How crazy is your love for me

Washed Away

A crowd gathered in the street
Welcoming the King
Palm leaves scattered on the ground
Robes laid at His feet

Hosannah to the King who comes
Riding on a colt
Proclaiming highest praise to Him
Before the rocks cry out

He overturns the temple wares
Rebukes the Pharisees
Tells stories of hard times to come
The crowd now disbelieves

By night they take Him quickly
A fast and unfair trial
He stands before the crowd again
They shout crucify

A crowd gathered in the street
To mock this would be king
His body whipped and beaten down
He walks in suffering

Up to Calvary they go
Hands and feet are nailed
They raise Him up for all to see
A sign says He is Lord

Then He spoke three words of hope
Father forgive them
And all down through the ages
His mercy now does win

He gave His life that day for us
No one took it from Him
Through His sacrifice for us
He’s washed away our sin

Oh what a wonderful Savior
Who died that day for me
Purchased my salvation
From sin He set me free

With Every Breath

He gave up all His glory
To come to earth a lowly child
No pomp or royal feast announced His birth
His childhood was quiet
Though His parents knew His fate
They knew just who He was and His great worth

Then when the time was comes
That He should start to show Himself
He submitted to the baptizing of John
The heavens opened wide
A voice spoke loud and clear
God said Behold This is my beloved Son

For three years He did preach
And heal the sick and raise the dead
As He put the wisdom of the wise to shame
The people followed close
The leaders of that day sought ways
They could rid themselves of Him and all His fame

The plot against Him thickened
When He tore the leaders down
They determined It was time for Him to go
They riled up the crowds
They condemned Him in great haste
Urged the crowd to cry out Crucify Him now

He was whipped and beaten
Spit upon, a crown of thorns
Then they nailed His hands and feet to that tree
He cried Father God forgive them
As He bowed and gave His life
Taking all my sin and shame, He set me free

He was buried
Stone secured Him
The hope they had was dead
Then early Sabbath morning
The guards fainted in dread
The stone rolled away
He arose from that old grave
Victory forevermore
For His children, young and old

With all that I have in me
With every breath I take
I will lift my song of praise up to the Lord
His worship fills my heart
And flows out through my lips
Forever He’s the one that I adore

Turn the World Around

It’s not a little thing at all
Though people will  discount it
I’m not even reluctant
To say it changed the world

In it’s time it was enormous
Truly massive in it’s scope
Because a new beginning
Was about to now unfold

When Jesus died upon that cross
There were just a few take notice
But when He rose up from the grave
The world was turned around

Twelve men and many others
Began to preach His story
The church was born by His dear plan
And victory abounds



In response to the daily prompt Massive