He Came to Die

 At Christmas time we celebrate
 The Birthday of our Lord
 Born this day in Bethlehem
 A stable His abode
 Shepherds came to greet Him
 For an angel told them where
 They bowed before the little child
 While Mary looked on there
 He grew and started preaching
 Repent for God is nigh
 He healed all that would come to Him
 He taught them with no lies
 His message made the rulers made
 The planned to take His life
 But He knew all about their plans
 The prophets all were right
 We celebrate His birth today
 And rightfully we should
 But more important is the fact
 He came to die for you
 His purpose from the very start
 Was to give His life away
 Please don’t forget the price He paid
 On this Christmas day 

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