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Beside Me

 Today I can say how good it is
 To sleep in my house 
 To lay in my bed
 To rest in my living room
 With the one I love beside me
 It was lonely when we were apart
 It was hard to sleep
 It was uncomfortable to rest 
 It was unusual in its waiting
 With one beside me now and then
 Our Father in heaven gave his son
 To be born in a Manger
 To die on a cross
 To forgive our sins and give us life
 So we could be with Him eternally
 He cries to us 
 Come, rest in my peace
 Come, lay in my arms
 Come, be with me forever
 For you are the one I love
 If you don't know Jesus
 As your Lord and Savior
 Why not ask Him today to forgive you
 Ask Him into your heart
 And He will save your soul
 And you will be with Him

Hello My Child

Hello my child I greet you
As you rise from sleep today
I see you as you kneel down
And start to softly pray
You whisper words of caring
For friends both far and near
I’m glad to answer every prayer
That you bring to my ear

Hello my child I’m with you
Please walk with me today
I’ll guide you and protect you
While you walk in my way
I’ll give you strength and power
To do what you must do
I’ll see to it that every trial
Will only strengthen you

Hello my child I’m near you
Please talk with me today
Tell me your troubles and your fear
Then I’ll teach you my ways
You’ll learn of love and beauty
You’ll learn of joy and peace
Then in the end you’ll know the hope
That lasts eternally

Hello my child I love you
And when the hard times come
I’ll carry you through every storm
I’ll help you overcome
I’ll never ever leave you
You never have to fear
For even when it seems I’m gone
I’ll always be right here