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The Believers Life

Didn’t He?

 Didn’t He promise you healing
 When sickness would come your way?
 Didn’t He promise to walk with you
 Every single day?
 Didn’t He promise you joy unspeakable
 Replacing the sorrow you feel?
 Didn’t He promise His peace would be with you
 When life would seem so surreal?
 Didn’t He teach you to trust Him
 When others would tell you He lies?
 Didn’t He leave His Spirit with you
 To comfort you when you cry?
 Didn’t He come to show us the Father
 So we could live Holy and blessed
 Didn’t He show us that even in troubles
 We could enter into His rest?
 Didn’t He shed His blood for your sins
 When He sacrificed His life?
 Didn’t He set you free from your past
 When on that cross He died?
 Didn’t He promise He’d rise from the grave
 To give you eternal life?
 Didn’t He say he was building a mansion 
 For you on the other side?
 All of His promises here for the taking
 All of His words are alive
 All that we need to do today
 Is believe that He gave His life
 He gave that life so that you could be free
 He rose again to give victory
 He’s coming soon for all to see
 He promised this all
 Didn’t He?

Fake News

This world is full of guessing
What the truth is and is not
The news around the world
Seems often to be bought 

Two sides that can't agree
On what course they should take
Makes for a lot of wordplay
That makes the truth seem fake 

There's one thing that I know 
Will always speak the truth
That is the Holy Bible
God's Word to me and you 

It tells me Jesus came to earth
And gave His life away 
A sacrifice for all my sins
So He could make a way 

No oversimplification
Is in these words today
If you will ask forgiveness
You too will find the way 

His way is to eternal life 
With Peace and joy for you
The fake news that appears down here
Gives way to God's good news