The Light

What an awesome God I serve
He sent His Spirit to survey this world
When it was dark and void of life
His Spirit roamed to find emptiness
Then he spoke and there was Light
Light that shone without a source
Light that engulfed the whole world
All at once
No more darkness
Day and Night were now entrenched
Never to be changed again
He spoke again and dry land appeared
Above the waters
Separated by the waters
No life yet
Just dry land beside still waters
Land ready to produce
Land ready to be occupied
Then He separated the heavens from the earth
Clouds appeared
Two days had passed
On day three God spoke again
He caused the grass to grow
And the trees to grow
The fruit trees which carried their own seed
He looked out up all He had done
And said It is Good
On the fourth day
He spoke again
Let there be lights in the sky
The Sun by day
The moon by night
Let stars shine in the heavens
Placed one by one
And it was so
These lights did not replace the first Light
Which now shines in our hearts
On our sin
To show us God’s way
His path
The first Light was the Word of God
And the Word became flesh
And dwelt among us
He taught us
Showed us the Father
That we might believe
Then He was taken
Accused falsely
Condemned to die
On a cross
A crown of thorns on His head
Spit on
Made to carry His cross
Nails through His feet and hands
Vinegar to drink
And darkness covered the earth
During the middle of the day
The Light was hanging on a tree
The unblemished Lamb of God
Sacrificed for all my sins
Took my place
And died for me
Placed in a borrowed tomb
Wrapped in a linen cloth
Stone placed at the entrance
Sealed by the rulers
Guards put in place
No escape
But nothing could hold the Light
On the third day He came forth
Once again to shine the Light
The Light that was from the beginning
The Light that will never die
Heaven and earth will pass away
But His Word
His Light
Will remain forever and ever
What an awesome God I serve

True Separation

I forget way to often
This fact frustrates my wife
How much easier would things be
With a cobweb in my mind
Every thought would be captured
And would stay eternally
Because I have no spiders
Loose inside of me
Then I’d always remember
Jesus died for you and me
I could call on His word
To help your eyes to see

The word of God is swift
Sharper than a two edged sword
It can truly separate
Your body and your soul
It will reach inside and free you
From the sin that holds you down
I would always be prepared
To witness to the crowd
People would be healed
Souls would be set free
If the word of God was captured
By the cobweb inside me

In response to the daily prompt

Without You

Lord help me walk close to you
Always by your side
That I might find the path you have for me

Lord help my ears hear your voice
Every time you speak
That I might learn tom be as I should be

Without you my life is shallow
Without you I’d fall and fail
Without you my heart would wither away
I’d be lost, Lord without you

Lord help my eyes see the lost
As I walk down the street
That I might be your witness overcoming fear

Lord help me breath your word each day
That I might grow in faith
Then when the trials and storms come I will not shed a tear

Without you my life is shallow
Without you I’d fall and fail
Without you my heart would wither away
I’d be lost, Lord without you

Help me stay by your side
Help me walk in your stride
Help me in you to abide
Never without you
Never without you

Without you my life is shallow
Without you I’d fall and fail
Without you my heart would wither away
I’d be lost, Lord without you

Only Jesus

She woke up in the night from the pain
That had plagued her since her teenage years
No relief would come from the torment she went through
Unless she got her hands on drugs not hers

He woke up In the night from the thoughts
That plagued his heart and soul everyday
He could not right his mind from the sin that lurked within
Unless he started looking once again

What they need is Jesus, only Jesus
What they need is time spent in the Word
As they turn their thoughts toward Him
Their minds won’t turn within
And the struggles of this life will quickly dim

This life can be a catalog of struggles
That can captivate our mind and soul
But when we turn our hearts and minds to Jesus
His Words will bring us out of this old world

Only Jesus can save us
Only Jesus can raise us
Out of the murky land of sin
Only Jesus delivers
Only Jesus rescues sinners
Out of the guilt and shame within

What we need is Jesus, only Jesus
What we need is time spent in the Word
As we turn their thoughts toward Him
Our minds won’t turn within
And the struggles of this life will quickly dim


Routine Daily


My puppy likes to sniff around
At everything that’s on the ground
His head will turn at every sound
While I await his duty

When he is done we come inside
His food is where it does not hide
He doesn’t always take a bite
It’s only there for thirty

I hope he learns real soon his fate
That he cannot procrastinate
A hungry day comes if he’s late
If he does not eat quickly

I find some things the same for me
My morning time gets real busy
Before I know it I will be
Into my routine daily

So early on I take the time
To get into God’s word divine
It gives me life and sets my mind
To get me through the day

In response to the daily prompt

On the Scheduler’s Time

I used to work in sales, selling little office things
I called on many customers who needed many blings
One place was a hatchery where chicks would incubate
They shipped them round the world before it was too late

The process of the warmer was to let the chicks mature
They had to hatch for shipment on the time of scheduler
They were always ready and the birds arrived on time
McMurray was the name of that customer of mine

The word of God within us is similar in ways
We read it and apply it to help us through our days
Then when the heat is on the word will bring us through
We get delivered at the time that only God did choose

When you are in a hot spot and don’t know what to do
Allow the word of God to rise inside of you
Just when you need encouragement the right verse will be shown
You will find His mercy in the midst of the unknown


In response to the daily prompt Incubate

Above This Dying World

Finding out what’s right what’s wrong
Finding out how to be strong
Finding out the ways of God
Learning from the word

Finding out a better way
Finding out more every day
Finding out the words to pray
Learning from the word

The word is truth to guide my path
The word is life that always lasts
The word shows me the way to pass
On pleasures of this world

The word sheds light on giving grace
The word shows me my Saviors face
The word gives me desire to raise
Above this dying world

Now I will give my cares to Him
Now I will have His peace within
Now I will raise a joyful hymn
To Jesus Christ my Lord

Now I will sing a song of praise
Now I will worship hands upraised
Now I will lift my voice always
To Jesus Christ my Lord

Hallelujah to the Lamb
Hallelujah to I Am
Hallelujah Christ is Him
I will praise His name

Hallelujah let’s adore
Hallelujah Christ is Lord
Hallelujah evermore
I will praise His name

Things We Shunned

Give a little
Take a little
That’s the world today
Wrong is right
Right is wrong
You must all now obey

The problem is
The things we give
Are lifestyles from the past
Replacing them
With things we shunned
Our moral code has lapsed

When Jesus walked
Upon this earth
He was uncompromising
He told the truth
About God’s love
His word is justifying

The church are those
Who call Him Lord
The live in righteousness
Keep following
The word of God
His moral code is best

In response to the daily prompt Uncompromising

Don’t Drink the Kool-Aid

We hear politicians speaking of the things their going to do
Evangelists are harping if you give God blesses you
The world outside is screaming for a change that’s overdue
And they tell us to be careful at what we’re going to choose

I say don’t drink the kool-aid of these modern day prophets
There’s a better potion out there that has long been hard and set
This elixir isn’t an;s device or something made of late
It’s a drink that comes from God Himself void of any hate

The drink I speak of never stops to fill us if we drink
This living water doesn’t come from anybody’s sink
It comes straight from the throne above, and it will make you think
That the wisdom of this world is full of death and stink

Let’s gather round our bible’s folks and read the word of God
Let’s follow in His path and use His wisdom from above
Then we’ll have a chance to fill this world with His great love
Because when it comes to spreading love, His word will be enough


In response to the daily prompt Elixir