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Something From Nothing?

In so mant ways
This world does amaze
With colors and sounds and attractions
It just seems to me
To be but a dream
That this all could randomly happen

People will shuffle
And cause a kerfuffle
To try and say God was not planning
But everyone knows
If the truth would be told
That something can’t come out of nothing

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I see the painter linger

His brush poised in the air

He silently is pondering

What this piece will declare

Out there on the horizon

The sun is sinking down

All colors of the rainbow

Can in the clouds be found

Anything the painter draws

Is only a pastiche

Of God’s own great creation

His images are rich

Rich in beauty far beyond

What brush strokes can attain

Rich in all His glorious ways

Shining once again

The painter starts to paint again

His brush strokes slow and calm

He knows this painting will reflect

The beauty of the Lord

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That Which Surpasses

I used to love seeing those games
Where everything stays the same
Balls set set strings
Ducks go diving
The pure motion always remains

Perpetual games they were called
And I would get quite enthralled
When my life took a turn
Twas then that I learned
Perpetual is not this at all

The sunrise and sunset each day
The wind and the sun and the rain
These are the things
That surpass everything
When it comes to perpetual ways

These gifts that come from above
Filled with our Father’s love
Will always remain
For His love will not change
His mercy is always enough



In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/06/22/a-new-daily-post-word-prompt-june-22nd-2018-word-perpetual/

Mercy Paintings

I saw the sunset painting hanging in the air so high
So I asked my painter neighbor why he hung it in the sky
He said is was not him who put that painting where it lie
It must have been another one’s surprise

So I asked around the art museum who might be the one
Who hung their painting in the sky when they thought it was done
When I walked back out to see the sight I noticed what had come
A new painting was shining like the sun

Now I was quite perplexed another painting had appeared
Then I noticed that it changed again and I broke down tears
I realized that no earthly one could paint such brilliance here
That God was sending me a message clear

Every moment mercy comes into my life to stay
Just like the brilliant sunset it’s faithful every day
And no one does provide it like the master in His way
I take it so for granted as it fades

From now on I will recognize His mercies all brand new
From the brilliance of a sunrise to the wet of grassy dew
From the singing birds that greet the sun rising with its hue
His mercies do abound for me and you

And when I see the mercy paintings hanging in the sky
There will no longer be a question why it hangs so high
I will know that God does show His love and that He’s always nigh
Then I will l lift His name with praises high

What God Can Do

He placed the stars in heaven one by one
He made the earth the moon and the sun
He set them all in flight
They move both day and night
To make this planet just the place for us

He made a man from dust that was the earth
He breathed into the man his spirit birth
Then He took a rib
And made a wife Him
So they would multiply and fill this earth

It is incredible what God can do
It is phenomenal He does this for you
It is remarkable that he loves you
Isn’t it wonderful this is all true

He sent His only Son to take all our sins
Died on a cruel cross our victory to win
Then He rose again
Eternal life to gain
He did it all so we’ll be with Him

It is incredible what God can do
It is phenomenal He does this for you
It is remarkable that he loves you
Isn’t it wonderful this is all true


In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/06/14/a-new-daily-post-word-prompt-june-14th-2018-word-phenomenal/

A New Painting

I love a brilliant sunrise
When the clouds are gilded in gold
Seeing this marvel unfolding
Is something that never grows old

Then as the sun is leaving
The sunset is equally grand
A new painting  done every minute
By the master’s loving hand

So beautiful is this ceation
It’s hard to imagine much more
But the wonder of His sweet mercy
Is an aesthetic I can’t ignore

He forgave all of our sins
By sending His son to die
Then He shows His wonderful grace
By giving eternal life

The next time you see some beauty
Just remember that Jesus loves you
Then you will see that His mercy
Like that painting is always new


In response to the new daily prompt esthetic

Precious Treasures

I placed the stars in the heavens
I painted the rainbows hue
I taught the birds how to sing
I did this all for you

I brought the rain in due season
I capped the mountains with snow
I started rivers and streams
My love for you for to show

For you are my precious treasures
Each one of you dear to me
Don’t ever believe
My love is not real
Remember the marvels you see

I cause the flowers to bloom
I bring the fruit of the vine
I gave you all this creation
So you would know you are mine

Not a day goes by that my love will fade
Not a minute can block my desire
To be close to you
And all that you do
I’m so glad that you are alive

For you are my precious treasures
Each one of you dear to me
Don’t ever believe
My love is not real
Remember the marvels you see


Photo by Corey Hearne on Unsplash