One Thing Remains

In all the world I cannot find
A match for what God leaves behind
Each day He comes and illustrates
His love for us in different ways

Today in might be flowers bloomed
Whose end with frost is marked with doom
And then there are majestic clouds
That come and go as lightning shouts

The grass is green for many days
Then it turns brown like chopped up hay
The leaves turn colors beautiful
Before they fall and lose their hue

All these things God leaves behind
But one thing still remains through time
The brilliance of a new sunrise
The palette of a sunset shines

We just go on our merry way
And take for granted all He gave
From natures wonder on display
To Calvary’s cross and a borrowed grave

He gave His all to show His love
He came to die from heaven above
Today I hope you realize
The love He has for you

In response to the daily prompt

A Sanctuary

I awoke this Monday morning
Looking forward to the day
I rose to greet the sunrise
As it lightened up the gray
I ate a bit of breakfast
With coffee on the tray
Then I walked out of my house
And I began to say

Thank you, Lord for giving me
Your mercy on this day
Thank you Lord, for your sweet grace
Which blesses me always
Thank you Lord for peace of mind
Provided by your grace
Thank you for the joy you give
And hope that always stays

Thank you Lord for this creation
Beautiful and wise
Thank you Lord for singing birds
Filling up the skies
Thank you Lord for flowers and trees
Colors for my eyes
Thank you Lord for loving me
And helping me through trials

As I finished my short song
Of praise unto my King
I thanked Him once again
For providing everything
And in that moment I could feel
The Spirit praises bring
My porch became a santcuary
For the King of Kings



In response to the daily prompt


I remember days from long ago when life was but a high
We traveled in my little car across the countryside
There was no destination as we went on this long ride
We just enjoyed the scenery especially in fall

New England is a gorgeous place when autumn comes about
The leaves turn brilliant colors that always gave my heart a shout
Whenever autumn comes each year I look with suspect doubt
That the colors here in Iowa are redolent at all

God’s canvas is a mighty thing each day I look around
From sunrises to sunsets He fails not to astound
But in the autumn colors I’m set on higher ground
Their brilliance in New England makes me homesick every fall

A Great Morning

Dark is the night
Stars shining bright
Sky is all clear
I feel God near

Quiet is the airnature
Wind is nowhere
Sun waits for dawn
Bird song is gone

Then I hear the Master
Whisper my name
Out of the dark
His voice the same

He says I love you
My peace be with you
Find joy in living
Forgiveness be giving
Speak only good things
Walk in my mercy
Find grace from me
Give grace out free

Then He was quiet
Birds started singing
Sun started rising
Light on  horizon

What a great morning
What a great way
To start this adventure
Of one more day.


In response to the daily prompt

A New Painting

I love a brilliant sunrise
When the clouds are gilded in gold
Seeing this marvel unfolding
Is something that never grows old

Then as the sun is leaving
The sunset is equally grand
A new painting  done every minute
By the master’s loving hand

So beautiful is this ceation
It’s hard to imagine much more
But the wonder of His sweet mercy
Is an aesthetic I can’t ignore

He forgave all of our sins
By sending His son to die
Then He shows His wonderful grace
By giving eternal life

The next time you see some beauty
Just remember that Jesus loves you
Then you will see that His mercy
Like that painting is always new


In response to the new daily prompt esthetic

What A Glorious Day

I was out this morning before first light
And remembered when darkness was my plight
Then came the Son and gave me my sight
Oh what a glorious day

The dawn arrived and His beauty shone
The clouds were covered with golden tones
Like the joy and peace once I was atoned
Oh what a glorious day

Oh what a glorious day
When He took my sins away
Heaven became my stay
Oh what a glorious day

Now the day is gone and the sunset nears
The golden sky once again appears
I can hear Him whisper in my ear
Oh what a glorious day

I have walked with you through all your storms
I have kept you strong and have kept you calm
I have held you close in my loving arms
Oh what a glorious day

Oh what a glorious day
When He took my sins away
Heaven became my stay
Oh what a glorious day

Glorious day to walk with my Lord
Glorious day to talk with my Lord
Glorious day to hear from my Lord
Oh what a glorious day

Oh what a glorious day
When He took my sins away
Heaven became my stay
Oh what a glorious day


Are You Ready?

I watch the sun as it rises today
Creeping its way up the sky
Bright rays touch the clouds
The birds sing aloud
Their anthem is raised up high

Someday soon God’s Son will return to earth
To bring all His dear children home
His radiant light
Will dazzle our sight
Well bow at the foot of His throne

Be sure today that you’re ready to go
When the trumpet shall sound that day
Trust in His name
Repent and be saved
Then lift up your voice in praise.



In response to the daily prompt Radiant

Sweet Grace

Awake to the dawn of the sun as it rises
A new day He’s given to lift up His praise
A walk toward the sunset to see the bright colors
That glorify God in our life everyday

These are the typical ways that we see Him
All in the splendor that He gifts us with
These are the times that we lift our praises
For He has given to us such great gifts

Yet even even in sorrow our hearts should still praise Him
Even in doubt we should bow at His throne
For God is still there always walking beside us
In good times and bad, we are never alone

Don’t wait for good times and hold in your worship
Don’t wait until you think all is in place
God always loves you no matter your trail
He will come cover you with His sweet grace


In response to the daily prompt Typical

How Can I Keep Silent

How can I keep silent
When birds sing out their praise
They greet the sun each morning
With songs that lift His name

How can I keep silent
When sunrise lights the sky
The colors give Him glory
As gilded clouds shine bright

How can I keep silent
While trees wave praise all day
The rustling of their leaves
Shout out in lofty praise

Can you hear their worship
Can you see their praise
Lifted up to heaven
Honoring His name
Their song lifts up to heaven
Their glory fills the skies
How can i keep silent
While nature testifies

How can I keep silent
When babbling brooks proclaim
A song of hallelujah
Proceeds throughout they day

How can I keep silent
When stars praise in the night
Twinkling in wonder
Of His power and might

Will you rise and worship
Will you rise in praise
Sing out hallelujah
Glorify His name
My heart beats in wonder
My soul leaps within
Longing to rejoice
And lift my voice to Him

I will lift my eyes to heaven
I will raise my hands up high
I will not be silent
I will testify
Glory to the King of Kings
Glory to the Lamb
I will sing His praises
I will worship Him

No Excuse

It doesn’t  take a rocket scientist
It doesn’t take a city boy
It doesn’t take a college professor
Or a person who’s self-employed

It doesn’t take a big jet pilot
It doesn’t take a sporting star
It doesn’t take a foreign leader
Or a rube who does not travel far

All you have to do is look up
At the heaven’s some starry night
To know that there’s a design
That put them all to flight

Then wake up in the morning
To the splendor of the dawn
At evening brilliant sunsets
Declare that there’s a God

On judgment day there’s no excuse
That your were never told
You’ve seen it every day you’ve lived
From youth to very old

So today if you’re not right
With our God who reigns above
Ask Jesus to forgive your sins
And accept His gracious love


In response to the the prompt Rube