I remember days from long ago when life was but a high
We traveled in my little car across the countryside
There was no destination as we went on this long ride
We just enjoyed the scenery especially in fall

New England is a gorgeous place when autumn comes about
The leaves turn brilliant colors that always gave my heart a shout
Whenever autumn comes each year I look with suspect doubt
That the colors here in Iowa are redolent at all

God’s canvas is a mighty thing each day I look around
From sunrises to sunsets He fails not to astound
But in the autumn colors I’m set on higher ground
Their brilliance in New England makes me homesick every fall


I see the painter linger

His brush poised in the air

He silently is pondering

What this piece will declare

Out there on the horizon

The sun is sinking down

All colors of the rainbow

Can in the clouds be found

Anything the painter draws

Is only a pastiche

Of God’s own great creation

His images are rich

Rich in beauty far beyond

What brush strokes can attain

Rich in all His glorious ways

Shining once again

The painter starts to paint again

His brush strokes slow and calm

He knows this painting will reflect

The beauty of the Lord

In response to the daily prompt

That Which Surpasses

I used to love seeing those games
Where everything stays the same
Balls set set strings
Ducks go diving
The pure motion always remains

Perpetual games they were called
And I would get quite enthralled
When my life took a turn
Twas then that I learned
Perpetual is not this at all

The sunrise and sunset each day
The wind and the sun and the rain
These are the things
That surpass everything
When it comes to perpetual ways

These gifts that come from above
Filled with our Father’s love
Will always remain
For His love will not change
His mercy is always enough



In response to the daily prompt

Mercy Paintings

I saw the sunset painting hanging in the air so high
So I asked my painter neighbor why he hung it in the sky
He said is was not him who put that painting where it lie
It must have been another one’s surprise

So I asked around the art museum who might be the one
Who hung their painting in the sky when they thought it was done
When I walked back out to see the sight I noticed what had come
A new painting was shining like the sun

Now I was quite perplexed another painting had appeared
Then I noticed that it changed again and I broke down tears
I realized that no earthly one could paint such brilliance here
That God was sending me a message clear

Every moment mercy comes into my life to stay
Just like the brilliant sunset it’s faithful every day
And no one does provide it like the master in His way
I take it so for granted as it fades

From now on I will recognize His mercies all brand new
From the brilliance of a sunrise to the wet of grassy dew
From the singing birds that greet the sun rising with its hue
His mercies do abound for me and you

And when I see the mercy paintings hanging in the sky
There will no longer be a question why it hangs so high
I will know that God does show His love and that He’s always nigh
Then I will l lift His name with praises high

A New Painting

I love a brilliant sunrise
When the clouds are gilded in gold
Seeing this marvel unfolding
Is something that never grows old

Then as the sun is leaving
The sunset is equally grand
A new painting  done every minute
By the master’s loving hand

So beautiful is this ceation
It’s hard to imagine much more
But the wonder of His sweet mercy
Is an aesthetic I can’t ignore

He forgave all of our sins
By sending His son to die
Then He shows His wonderful grace
By giving eternal life

The next time you see some beauty
Just remember that Jesus loves you
Then you will see that His mercy
Like that painting is always new


In response to the new daily prompt esthetic

What A Glorious Day

I was out this morning before first light
And remembered when darkness was my plight
Then came the Son and gave me my sight
Oh what a glorious day

The dawn arrived and His beauty shone
The clouds were covered with golden tones
Like the joy and peace once I was atoned
Oh what a glorious day

Oh what a glorious day
When He took my sins away
Heaven became my stay
Oh what a glorious day

Now the day is gone and the sunset nears
The golden sky once again appears
I can hear Him whisper in my ear
Oh what a glorious day

I have walked with you through all your storms
I have kept you strong and have kept you calm
I have held you close in my loving arms
Oh what a glorious day

Oh what a glorious day
When He took my sins away
Heaven became my stay
Oh what a glorious day

Glorious day to walk with my Lord
Glorious day to talk with my Lord
Glorious day to hear from my Lord
Oh what a glorious day

Oh what a glorious day
When He took my sins away
Heaven became my stay
Oh what a glorious day


The Painting

The old man didn’t know
If he had one more painting in him
Or what his shaky fingers could do
He had painted many things
Through the years so long ago
That now he could not figure what to choose
Then he looked out of his window
To see a bright sunset
And he knew this was a moment not to lose
He prepared his canvas well
Set his tripod on the hill
And decided to just let his fingers loose

The young man stood there weeping
At the graveside of his father
Who had passed away so swiftly in the night
For years they’d been apart
And just lately Dad had called him
And wanted to make sure he was all right
For the next few weeks they talked and talked
And grew quite close again
And the future started looking very bright
And as he stood there in the twilight
Tears flowed down his face as he fought
The hurt and anger at his plight.

God paints the sunset every day
A million different colors
Changing hue from ray to ray
And the beauty he creates
Cannot be matched by any man
Because every evening sunset
Is a gift that God created
To please the eye of every single man

The old man finished painting
And he laid down his brush
Then he heard a voice he hadn’t heard for years
The voice of God spoke softly
That he should write a note
And place it with the picture he held near
God instructed him to take the picture
To the local store
With the note neatly tucked in to the rear
And give the painting to a man
Who walked into the store with eyes
That had been filled with tears

The young man wandered aimlessly
Through the streets of town
Not knowing what direction he would go
When he happened in the store
Where the owner stood there smiling
The picture in his arms was his to show
And the tears once again
Welled inside the young man’s eyes
As he saw the painting staring out so bold
He could not believe what the painting
Of the sunset right before him
So looked it over once and one time more.

God paints the sunset every day
A million different colors
Changing hue from ray to ray
And the beauty he creates
Cannot be matched by any man
Because every evening sunset
Is a gift that God created
To please the eye of every single man

The young man finally spoke
And asked where this painting had come from
It was a sunset he had seen before
And the owner answered back
He had recently received it
Just 5 days had passed since he was done
The young man saw the sunset
That was there on the day
He last said my goodbye’s to my Dad
He’d been trying to find something
To remember him forever
And now this painting came into life

Now the owner said just wait
This picture is for you
No charge because it’s from the masters hand
And he handed him the note
That was penned upon completion
Of the painting of that sunset days before
As the young man read the note
The tears started flowing
A sob or two came forth amid the joy
And he read aloud in broken voice
The words the note contained
And the shop keeper just bowed his head in thanks

I painted this sunset just for you today
Knowing that your heart was full of pain
As you look upon its beauty
Just remember that I love you
For only God can paint the sunset just for you.

God paints the sunset every day
A million different colors
Changing hue from ray to ray
And the beauty he creates
Cannot be matched by any man
Because every evening sunset
Is a gift that God created
To please the eye of every single man


Sweet Grace

Awake to the dawn of the sun as it rises
A new day He’s given to lift up His praise
A walk toward the sunset to see the bright colors
That glorify God in our life everyday

These are the typical ways that we see Him
All in the splendor that He gifts us with
These are the times that we lift our praises
For He has given to us such great gifts

Yet even even in sorrow our hearts should still praise Him
Even in doubt we should bow at His throne
For God is still there always walking beside us
In good times and bad, we are never alone

Don’t wait for good times and hold in your worship
Don’t wait until you think all is in place
God always loves you no matter your trail
He will come cover you with His sweet grace


In response to the daily prompt Typical

No Excuse

It doesn’t  take a rocket scientist
It doesn’t take a city boy
It doesn’t take a college professor
Or a person who’s self-employed

It doesn’t take a big jet pilot
It doesn’t take a sporting star
It doesn’t take a foreign leader
Or a rube who does not travel far

All you have to do is look up
At the heaven’s some starry night
To know that there’s a design
That put them all to flight

Then wake up in the morning
To the splendor of the dawn
At evening brilliant sunsets
Declare that there’s a God

On judgment day there’s no excuse
That your were never told
You’ve seen it every day you’ve lived
From youth to very old

So today if you’re not right
With our God who reigns above
Ask Jesus to forgive your sins
And accept His gracious love


In response to the the prompt Rube

Down the Trail

I started down the trail
On a bright sunny day
Blue sky dotted with clouds
White and puffy
Like cotton balls floating by
It was autumn
Trees lined the path
Yellow and orange leaves
Fluttered down from above
Floating on a gentle breeze
The path sloped downhill
A gentle incline
Leading to a brook below
Lush moss lined the older trees
Undergrowth filled the ground
With green leaves
As I neared the brook
It babbled to me
Letting me know it was there
The growth got thicker as I neared it
The path became more obscure
There was much growing
In the valley
Near the brook
I crossed the small brook
Heading up the other side
Steeper and steeper was the climb
The sky started clouding up
Darker clouds hiding the sun
Darker below the trees
The fragrance of rain filled my nostrils
The climb became even more difficult
Then the rain started
Gentle rain
Filtering through the leaves
Showering down upon me
As I continued upward incessantly
Desiring to reach the summit
The trees grew scarcer
The passing rain grew lighter
The clouds started to part
I came out of the trees into open air
Rocky ground was all around me
The sun started to peak through the distant clouds
Lowering on the horizon
The air was clean and clear
A I reached the summit
Watching the sunset
Brilliant reds filled the sky
As clouds were gilded gold
Extraordinary colors
Bade the setting sun goodbye

Reflecting on my trip that day
I realized
That every step was a joy
The valley had its pleasures
As did the summit
The rain was refreshing
The climb invigorating
The ending beautiful
Then I realized
That life is so like this walk of mine
Filled with ups and downs
Clear skies and rain
Valleys and mountains
It is all joy
It is all good
It is all a blessing
It is all a gift from God