It Is Good

He made the earth but it was void
No life could there survive
But His Spirit roamed across the earth
And began to bring it life

On the first day He spoke Light to come
But not the Light we see
This was the Light that brings all Truth
Revealed to you and me
And it was good

The second day He made heaven and earth
The ground then did appear
He divided the waters from the earth
And heaven was set up higher
And it was good

The third day He made plants and herbs
And fruit so filled with seed
He set in motion the cycle of life
Our meat to come from trees
And it was good

The fourth day He brought forth the sun
And set the stars in place
Night and day were ruled by them
His glory on display
And it as good

The fifth day He brought fish and birds
The seas teamed full of life
The sky was filled with songs of praise
The waters brought forth life
And it was good

The sixth day he made animals
To roam upon the earth
The snakes and insects also came
The food supply was birthed

And then His crowning achievement came
When He made man to live
In His own image did He work
To make this man like Him

He gave dominion to the man
Over all that roamed the earth
And to this day that has not changed
Man is the king of earth

All of this in six short days
All of it was good
Creation shows His majesty
I hope you’ve understood

The wisdom of this man has gone
He says that evolution won
But God’s word has never changed
Creations’ truth will still remain
And all of it is good!

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