Glorious Indeed

I walked out this morning to a silent peaceful night
Up above my head I saw the stars that shone so bright
The crickets chirping softly sang a tune that let me know
They praised the one who reigned on high and sat upon the throne

And as I walked in wonder I can feel his presence near
The night air was so calm there were many sounds to hear
As I put it all together I just stood in awe
This glorious creation was a testament to God

Glorious creation glorious indeed
I look up to the heavens He adorned
His glory they proclaim
So I lift up His name
To join the heavenly chorus of the Lord

All that I have was given by His grace so undeserved
He saved me from my sin with His mercy and His Word
When I look at the stars I am reminded of the day
That Jesus came and rescued me from all my sinful ways

Glorious creation glorious indeed
I look up to the heavens He adorned
His glory they proclaim
So I lift up His name
To join the heavenly chorus of the Lord

He didn’t have to leave His throne
He didn’t have to save us
He didn’t have to die an ugly death
He did it so we’d know His love
He did it so we’d look above
He did it to have fellowship with us

Glorious creation glorious indeed
I look up to the heavens He adorned
His glory they proclaim
So I lift up His name
To join the heavenly chorus of the Lord


Oh, Man, Turn to Me

I was walking on the beach
In a dream I had last night
Soft sand under my feet
As the waves crashed in

Then I heard the spirit speak to me
With the still small voice of God
“Hear the waves praise my name?
Hear them never cease to shout?
Loud and free.”

Then I traveled in my dream
To a meadow lined with trees
Just before the day dawned
As the birds chirp in glee

Then I heard the spirit speak to me
With the still small voice of God
“Hear the birds praise my name?
Hear them fill the air with song?
So beautifully.”

Nature sings my praise all day
From wind to rain to streams
I long to hear the voice of man
Joining in their song

My crowning achievement
I gave him all of this
All of nature is at his disposal
All he needs is provided
Just like the birds and beasts
Just like the flowers and trees
Yet man does not praise me
But mocks me, scorns me, blames me

All I do is love him
I gave my son to set him free
I gave the spirit to guide him
Yet he chooses to remain lost
To remain by himself
Trying to figure life out
Trying to make it on his owns
Turning to things unknown
Harmful things, deadly things

Oh, man, turn to me
Lift up my name
Sing aloud my praise
I will lift you up
I will set you free
I will guide you through this world
Because I love you
I always have
I always will

Oh, man, turn to me
Join natures praise
Join the thankful chorus
Sing Hallelujah
Sing Emmanuel
For I am with you
Watching over you

Cooped Up

A long night
of darkness
and cold
a foot of snow
blankets the ground

The driveway
the streets
but snow topped
slippery travel

I sit
drop foot and braces
both feet
walking outside
off limits
cooped up
in my house

will warm
will go
will melt
will sing





Sue Vincents Daily Echo #writephoto challenge :waiting

How Excellent Are Your Ways

Oh God, how excellent are your ways

You have been God since before the foundation of the world

You spoke and the earth was formed

The waters and the earth gathered together at your word

At the sound of your voice the earth brought forth trees and greenery

The sun and the moon appeared at your command, and you placed the stars in space

Then you created all the animals, on the ground, in the sea, and the birds and insects

Then you made man out of the dust of the ground

You gave him dominion over all that you have made

And you said it was all good

And you rested

Oh God, my God, how excellent are your ways

Still today you watch over your creation

You bring the rain in due season

The thunder blasts and the lightning crashes at your command

The sky clears and the rainbow appears to remind us of your promise

You bring the crops to maturity and the farmers bring in the harvest

The harvest you have provided

You turn the trees to brilliant colors in the cool fall air

We marvel at the beauty of your creation

Oh God, my God how excellent are your ways in all the earth

You still love man despite the way he has failed you

You still see him as the crowning jewel of your creation

You cry out to him to turn back to your word

Because you know what is best for your creation

Help us Lord, to turn to you

Help us to follow your word

Help us to pray for our nation

You have been so good to us while we have turned our backs on you

Forgive our nation, Lord, for our transgressions

Hear our plea for healing and restoration

Renew us in your word, and clothe us with your Holy Spirit

Let your love arise in our hearts as we worship you

Let the church rise and carry out your word

That we should humble ourselves,

And pray,

And seek your face,

And turn from our wicked ways

Because then, and only then

Will you hear from heaven

And forgive our sins

And heal our Land.

Oh God, my God, How excellent are your ways in all the earth.

The Master Painter

I sit and watch

As sunset approaches

Scattered clouds above the western horizon


A ribbon of gold touches the bottom clouds

He spreads upward

Around the dark clouds

Bright and shimmering

Outlining and silhouetting


Suddenly a blaze of brilliant gold

Rays peek through

To touch a higher cloud with gold


Sun sinks deeper

Red starts to color he lower clouds

As Gold starts to relinquish its power


Red, orange, pink, yellow

An incessant palate

Changing minute to minute

Reaching across the sky

Until it reaches above me

Behind me


Then slowly the colors fade

From west to east

Into gray

As the last rays

Leave the clouds


Oh. What a thrill

To watch the Master painter

At work

Nature’s Praise

As I wake up in the morning

And the sun is breaking through

I sit in awesome wonder

At the good things that you do


You fill the air with sunshine

You bring the evening rain

You light the stars at night

And then you bring the sun again


You start the birds a chirping

In the early morning light

And as sunset rolls along

You give them sleep into the night


The animals all trust you

To provide their daily care

They go about their daily tasks

And know you’re always there


The trees uplift their branches

In praises unto you

They know their source of life

And they give praise where it’s due


All of His creation

Is a song of simple praise

I think I’ll try to be the same

When I proclaim His name


No more murmuring or whining

No more wishing there was more

No more wondering if He hears me

No more doubting His dear word

No more thinking it is my time

No more sulking in my woes

No more worries in my trials

No more angry at my foes


If nature can just praise Him

For the good things that He gives

Why should I be any different

In the praise that I uplift

The Storm

Storm clouds gather in the west

Lightning claps the sky

Wind is rising, sudden gust

Lifts a tree branch high

Thunder rumbles, drawing near

Majestic dark clouds roll

Smell the fragrance of the rain

Before it starts to fall.


Then the drops come slowly downward

Hear their pitter-pat

Picking up the pace they echo

Through the rolling grass

Now a torrent water fountain

Opens up the sky

Streams of raindrops rushing downwards

Onto you and I


Suddenly the rain is over

Clouds start to depart

Evening sun peeks through below

And brings a brand new start

As the sun reflects the raindrops

Rainbow does appear

Reminds me of God’s great promise

He is always near


When you face the next storm in your life

Remember this

God allowed the storm too come

It may be just test

So guard your way and lean on Him

Throughout the stormy blast

On the other side you’ll see

A rainbow come at last