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Can You Hear Me?

Can you hear me?
I am calling you
In my still small voice 
Will you hear the words 
I long for you to hear

Can you hear me?
I am calling you
To perform my words 
Will you do the things 
I ask you to do

Heal the sick 
Set the captives free
Make the lame to walk
In my name all is possible 
If you just believe

Open blinded eyes 
Make the deaf to hear
Raise the dead to life
Greater things will you do 
In my name

For I have given you
Power over all
Your enemies
Take authority
And hear the will of God

I want you to pray
All throughout your day
When I ask you to
Do not be afraid
For I will be with you

Can you hear me
Calling out to you
In my still small voice?
You can do all things
In Jesus name!

The Natural Order

If I could pluck a star out of both time and space
It would upset the natural order and would have to be replaced
No matter what the distance between these fiery balls
They have been placed distinctly where God calls

If I could move a planet that circles ‘round the sun
And change its safe rotation much damage would be done
For God has placed each one where gravity requires
To keep the natural order is God’s only desire

If I would change the trees so they’d breathe like you and I
No oxygen created would cause us all to die
The cycle of the air is a wonder to behold
For God has made it all and His wonders are untold

You see, the natural order was put in place by God
It goes on day by day with His guidance from above
Man tries and tries to copy it but will ever produce life
Only God can breathe that into His creation from on high

What a wonder to behold this creation we live in
From the awesome natural order to the miracle within
Our bodies are the greatest feat that God has done by grace
Yet we take them for granted and forget to give Him praise

Praise for all the stars above that circle through the sky
Praise for all the blood within that circulates with life
Praise for His creation, so mighty and so grand
Praise for how it all works by His sweet, gentle hand

So, this morning as you wake up, ponder what you are
Remember that your body is more complex than a star
Remember that God made you and holds you with His hand
To be the person that you are and fit into His plan

This is the natural order and the course that we should take
To come to Christ the Lord and fall down on our face
Confessing all our sins and trusting in His grace
Then rising up to shout aloud His glory and His praise

He waits in heave above to hear your voice today
Come to Him with all your cares and bow to Him in prayer
Then be still and just listen to what He has to say
I guarantee He has some things for you to do today

My Child

When I woke up this morning, I heard Jesus
He was calling out my name loud and clear
I rose up from my bed and said I’m here Lord
Please speak your words of comfort in my ear

He said I love you son
I said I love you Lord
He said I’m with you everywhere you go
He said I’ll lead you, Son
I said I’ll follow, Lord
He said You’re my child forevermore

As I go about my daily preparation
I keep listening to hear the words He says
If we block out all the noise that this world offers
We can know His voice is there throughout the day

He says I’ll heal you son
I say forgive me Lord
He says I forgave all your sins upon the cross
He says I’ll give you peace
I say my words of praise
He says you’re my child forevermore

My child I’m with you in the darkest moments
My child I’m with you in the raging storm
My child I’ll lift you up out of the valley
And set your feet on the solid ground

He said I love you son
I said I love you Lord
He said I’m with you everywhere you go
He said I’ll lead you, Son
I said I’ll follow, Lord
He said You’re my child forevermore


I heard a voice so softly whisper in my ear
I’m not sure who is speaking. My waking time is near
I roll myself back over and try to go to sleep
The voice returns once more and I ask the voice to speak

My child I want to tell you how much I love you so
How much I want to bless you. More than you could know
I wish to give you blessings to help your faith to grow
So you can spread the message of my love to all below

I rose up out of bed and I put on my shoes
I opened up the curtains. The sunlight filled the room
I went right to my easy chair and began to sing a tune
My spirit sought to praise Him, My worship filled the room

I am so glad you love me. I am so glad you do
I lift my hands in worship and send my love to you
All of my adoration. With every one of praise
I worship you sweet Jesus. I thank you for your grace

I love the story of Elijah. He bursts on the scene out of nowhere, walks into the King’s palace and announces it won’t rain for three years and then walks out. I’m not sure how he got in or how he got out. It was not easy to get to see the king in those days and when you announce something as drastic as a three year drought, I don’t see how the king did not hold him for a bit to find out who he was. Nevertheless, it took a lot of courage to do what Elijah did,

But Elijah did not always have courage. He also got discouraged. After defeating all the servants of Ball, he ran from Jezebel man actually wanted to die. God led him to the side of a mountain and as he was standing there he saw strong wind, an earthquake and fire, but God was not in any of them. He was in the still small voice that spoke to him and encouraged him to keep going.

If a mighty prophet like Elijah can get discouraged, so can we. But in those times, if we listen for that still, small voice we will hear it. God is always talking to us.

2 Chronicles 20:15 King James Version (KJV)
15 And he said, Hearken ye, all Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, and thou king Jehoshaphat, Thus saith the LORD unto you, Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude; for the battle is not yours, but God’s.


Praise and Worship

Hallelujah to My King

One night while I was sleeping
My pillow soft and warm
I felt the Holy presence of the Lord

I stood with great awareness
That He was there with me
Then I sang Hallelujah to my King

Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Hallelujah to my King
Hallelujah, Hallelujah,
Hallelujah to my King

In the morning I so often hear Him speak to me. It may be through a praise song or in the quiet of the sunrise, but His voice is very recognizable. It may be in the noon day sun or when the stars are sparkling and bright that He would call my name. He often speaks these words to me in rhyme and asks me to write them down. Often He gives me the whole song at once, like He did with this one. As I walk along the old railroad tracks, which have been made into a bike trial, I lift my hands and sing the songs He gives me. Such joy fills me heart as I thank Him for giving me words to share with you.

What is God saying to you today? I can guarantee that He is speaking to you every day, and quite often during the day. Do you hear Him? Do you try to hear Him. Or are you so caught up in this world that the voices here drown out the voice of God. Don’t you hear that voice telling you what is right and what is wrong? Don’t you hear Him whispering which way to turn? He is always there. We too often are not still enough to hear!

Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God

I Surrender All

I wait for thee
Down on my knees
Praying to you
Lord please hear my cry

To hear your voice
In you, Oh Lord
I now rejoice
As you speak
I make a choice
Lord I surrender all

All to thee Lord
All to thee
I surrender all
All to thee Lord
All to thee
I surrender alll