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All For His Glory

The mountains bow down
The seas wave
The trees lift their arms
All for His glory

The birds sing their song
The lion roars
The ants build their kingdoms
All for His glory

The sun rises majestically
The moon reflects the light
The stars shine brightly in the dark
All for His glory

All of creation shows His handiwork
All creatures sing His praises
All that have breath praise Him
All for His glory

So should I
I should sing His praises
I should do His will
I should tell others of His love
All for His glory

Declare His mighty works
Tell of His excellent love to us
Shout out in worship to His name
All for His glory

This is what I was designed to do
This is why He made me in my mother’s womb
This is why he gave me breath
To give Him glory
So glorify His name
Shout it from the housetops
Display His wonderful love to others
That they also may know
His glory!

All Creation Sings

Sitting by an apple tree                 
Listening to the birds and bees
Realizing all creation sings His praise

Wind blows through the willow tree
Praises from the rustling leaves 
Creation calling out His mighty name

Jesus, Holy Jesus
Full of love and grace 
All creation lifts their voice
To sing His praise

Flowers blooming near to me
Sunrise shows His artistry
All creation testifies that He is Lord

Mountains loom in majesty
Clouds roll on a gentle breeze
Every bit of nature lifts His word

Jesus,  Holy Jesus    
Full of peace and joy
All creation shows His beauty
In our eyes restored

Lift your voice oh people
Lift your voice and sing
Sing of joyous wonder
To creation ' s King

The Natural Order

If I could pluck a star out of both time and space
It would upset the natural order and would have to be replaced
No matter what the distance between these fiery balls
They have been placed distinctly where God calls

If I could move a planet that circles ‘round the sun
And change its safe rotation much damage would be done
For God has placed each one where gravity requires
To keep the natural order is God’s only desire

If I would change the trees so they’d breathe like you and I
No oxygen created would cause us all to die
The cycle of the air is a wonder to behold
For God has made it all and His wonders are untold

You see, the natural order was put in place by God
It goes on day by day with His guidance from above
Man tries and tries to copy it but will ever produce life
Only God can breathe that into His creation from on high

What a wonder to behold this creation we live in
From the awesome natural order to the miracle within
Our bodies are the greatest feat that God has done by grace
Yet we take them for granted and forget to give Him praise

Praise for all the stars above that circle through the sky
Praise for all the blood within that circulates with life
Praise for His creation, so mighty and so grand
Praise for how it all works by His sweet, gentle hand

So, this morning as you wake up, ponder what you are
Remember that your body is more complex than a star
Remember that God made you and holds you with His hand
To be the person that you are and fit into His plan

This is the natural order and the course that we should take
To come to Christ the Lord and fall down on our face
Confessing all our sins and trusting in His grace
Then rising up to shout aloud His glory and His praise

He waits in heave above to hear your voice today
Come to Him with all your cares and bow to Him in prayer
Then be still and just listen to what He has to say
I guarantee He has some things for you to do today

Alive and Breathing

 Viewing His beautiful creation.
 Smelling His glorious scents.
 Hearing the wonder of nature.
 Feeling the wind in my face.
 My mind is full of His word
 My thoughts ever honor His name
 My heart desires to praise Him
 My soul longs to hear Him again
 What a joy that he gives me this day
 To bask in the life He has blessed
 To take in the whole of creation
 To know I can lean on His breast
 He gives me breath
 He gives me sight
 He gives me hearing
 He gives me smell
 He gives me touch
 He gives me life
 To enjoy His creation
 To lift up His name
 In praise.
 What a glorious day this will be! 
The Believers Life

Your Love For Me

No mountain too high. No valley too low
No ocean to wide or depth below
Can ever compare to your majesty
So I stand in awe of your love for me

No thunder too loud or lightning so bright
No sunset to bold or star in the night
Can ever compare to your glory Lord
So I stand in awe of your love for me

I stand in awe that you would come down
From heaven above from your lofty throne
To die in my place on a cross of shame
Be buried alone and then rise again

Oh what a wonderful love that you gave
To a sinner like me when you poured out your grace
Now I will worship and give you my praise
Because I stand in awe of your love for me

No matter how hard I try, I can’t understand why He loved me. He was seated on the throne in heaven. All the earth was His footstool because He created all things. He made the seas and the mountains, the stars and the birds. He made the lightning roar and the thunder clap. He put order to the universe and an atmosphere in this planet. He was above all. Then the Father said “It’s time,” and He left His throne and all of heaven behind and came as a baby in a manger. He grew up, taught us the love of the Father, healed all manner of illness, and yet was crucified. He was wounded for me, scourged for me, beaten for me. I was a wretched sinner, cursing God with every breath, yet He loved me. He made me new just as He made all of creation new. I am no longer the same but I have been bought with a price – the price of His blood. What a great love He has for me.

Romans 8:38-39 King James Version (KJV)
38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

What A Great God

He started with nothing
And made everything
All that I can see
All that I can hear
He came from nowhere
And spoke out everywhere
Words that created
Words that gave life

What a great God we serve
What a great God we serve
He made the heavens and the earth
What a great God we serve
Blesses us more than we deserve
What a great God
What a great God

He started with dirt
The dust of the earth
Then with His hands
He made a man
He loves us so much
That when the man sinned
He sent His Son
To die in our place

What a great God we serve
What a great God we serve
He made the heavens and the earth
What a great God we serve
Blesses us more than we deserve
What a great God
What a great God

Maker of heaven
Maker of stars
Maker of earth
Creator of all
Heavenly glory
Came down to earth
To save us all
To save us all

What a great God we serve
What a great God we serve
He made the heavens and the earth
What a great God we serve
Blesses us more than we deserve
What a great God
What a great God


Our Salvation

The Reaches of Your Grace

In the morning skies
In the clouds that rise
In the stars at night
In the bright sunlight
In the morning dew
In the flowers hue
In the world around
I see you

All creation is your masterpiece
Declaring who you are
Precious Lord make all aware
Of your mercy and your love

In the rain drops splash
In the winds that lash
In the birds that sing
In the eagle’s wings
In the brook that flows
In the corn that grows
In the world around
I hear you

All creation shows your majesty
Help us all to be amazed
At the wonder of your love for us
And the reaches of your grace

Soon and Very Soon

I can tell by the faint
Dim Light
Giving shape to the trees
And buildings far off
It increases
Slow but sure
I see the slight tint
On the dark gray clouds
Above the horizon

Soon and very soon

I can tell as the rays
Hit the bottom
Of the clouds
They start to light up
First a dull yellow
Growing slowly
In it’s glory
To a brilliant gold
Gilding the formerly gray
Obscure shapes

Soon and very soon

Those rays hit another cloud
Then another
Colors appear across the sky
Extending further
And further
Lighting the sky
Thrilling the eye

Soon and very soon

The sun will peak it’s face
Over the horizon
The show will be over here
To be shown elsewhere
Further west
And further west
Throughout eternity

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/11/24/your-daily-word-prompt-horizon-November-24-2018/

Jesus Life


Sometimes I can explain and other times I can’t
The science of this world is not enough
It can only go so far
To explain the sun and stars
But just cannot explain my Father’s love

They say it was a big bang that started everything
And all creation came from not a thing
But then they say that something
Cannot come from nothing
It seems they just can’t grasp a lot of things

Perhaps it was a big bang that began the world we know
It happened in the blink of an eye
The Father spoke the Word
Let there be Light was heard
And all the universe came into sight

But to explain a Father that would give His only Son
To die a painful death upon a tree
To save a sinful soul
To come and make us whole
I can’t explain His ardent love for me

So when you talk of science and logical response
Just remember that He died to give you life
It just does not make sense
For God to recompense
This kind of love for one’s who cause Him strife

We all were sinners lost with no hope for future life
Hell and it’s torture was our destiny
But God did send His Son
He was the only one
Who could give eternal life to you and me

So today I ask you please to put aside that hardened heart
And accept what Jesus did for you and me
Because science can’t explain
His purpose and His plan
It’s faith that will decide your destiny