All For His Glory

The mountains bow down
The seas wave
The trees lift their arms
All for His glory

The birds sing their song
The lion roars
The ants build their kingdoms
All for His glory

The sun rises majestically
The moon reflects the light
The stars shine brightly in the dark
All for His glory

All of creation shows His handiwork
All creatures sing His praises
All that have breath praise Him
All for His glory

So should I
I should sing His praises
I should do His will
I should tell others of His love
All for His glory

Declare His mighty works
Tell of His excellent love to us
Shout out in worship to His name
All for His glory

This is what I was designed to do
This is why He made me in my mother’s womb
This is why he gave me breath
To give Him glory
So glorify His name
Shout it from the housetops
Display His wonderful love to others
That they also may know
His glory!

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