A Beautiful Sight

I look up at the stars tonight
All in their places and shining so bright
I say Lord what a beautiful sight
Your glory displayed in the skies tonight

Then the sun begins to cast its rays
Turning clouds crimson red from their pre-dawn grays
Golden beams stretch across my gaze
What a beautiful sight to start my day

As the sun crosses the sky His beauty grows
The trees wave their arms in praise below
The birds sing a song because they know
This beautiful sight is for all to behold

Then the dusk arrives and the sun begins to set
He paints the sky all across the west
His majesty is on display again
This beautiful sight brings day to end

Don't miss a single moment of His grace
No matter what may come He'll make a way
The beautiful sights He gives to us each day
Are a token of His love so give Him praise

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