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Only Our God

Who tells the sun when to rise each day
Who tells the moon when to shine or fade
Who moves the stars from place to place
Only our God. Only our God

Who starts the wind and commands it to blow
Who steers the clouds where they should go
Who rises temperature or sets it low
Only our God. Only our God

Who gives the birds a song to sing
Who rises flowers from seeds each spring
Who allows bees to buzz and sting
Only our God. Only our God

Who brings the leaves upon the trees
Who changes their color before the freeze
Who has them fall in autumns breeze
Only our God. Only our God

Who sent His only Son to die
Who rose Him up to bring new life
Who loves us more than we realize
Only our God. Only our God

Who wants us for His own today
Who hears us when we bow and pray
Who blesses us in every way
Only our God. Only our God


Our Salvation

Heaven’s Delight

He God commanded the Light to shine
The first day of creation
The fourth day the Sun moon and stars were made
He placed each in their station

So what was the Light that He made first
The one that He spoke into being
It was the Word of God come to illuminate all
From the darkness that had been reigning

Still today the sun moon and stars do shine
Dividing the day and the night
The first Light is still there to show us the way
From hell fire to heaven’s delight

Look to the Light of the World today
Jesus Christ the Word made flesh
He’ll take all your sorrows and sins away
And cover you with His grace


In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/09/07/your-daily-word-prompt-illuminate-september-7th-2018/


Beauty of Creation

Beauty On Display

I love to see a rainbow
Draped across the sky
It’s beauty overwhelms me
It’s colors fill my eye

I love to see the colors
That sunset brings each day
I dare not miss a moment
As colors often change

It always fascinates me
To think about the fact
That white light is all colors
While crayons mixed turn black

The first thing God created
Was Light with all it’s hues
Monochromatic boredom
Has never been God’s view

He wanted us to enjoy
The beauty that He made
So Light became all colors
Their beauty on display


In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/25/your-daily-word-prompt-monochromatic-august-25th-2018/

No Other God

He spoke and there was light
He made the heaven and earth
His voice brought forth the plants
Creation heeds His word
The animals were next
He made them every one
Then man was formed by Him
Beginning then was done

There is no other God like Him
There is no other God like Him
Beginning and the end
All was made by Him
There is no other God like Him

His mercy is so evident
His grace is ever free
He fills us with His joy
He keeps our souls at peace
He understands our sorrows
He feels our deepest pain
When our lives take a fall
He picks us up again

There is no other God like Him
There is no other God like Him
Beginning and the end
All was made by Him
There is no other God like Him

When I have doubts
When I have fears
His loving hand
Will wipe my tears
When I am lost
When I’m alone
His voice will say
I am His own

There is no other God like Him
There is no other God like Him
Beginning and the end
All was made by Him
There is no other God like Him

A Sanctuary

I awoke this Monday morning
Looking forward to the day
I rose to greet the sunrise
As it lightened up the gray
I ate a bit of breakfast
With coffee on the tray
Then I walked out of my house
And I began to say

Thank you, Lord for giving me
Your mercy on this day
Thank you Lord, for your sweet grace
Which blesses me always
Thank you Lord for peace of mind
Provided by your grace
Thank you for the joy you give
And hope that always stays

Thank you Lord for this creation
Beautiful and wise
Thank you Lord for singing birds
Filling up the skies
Thank you Lord for flowers and trees
Colors for my eyes
Thank you Lord for loving me
And helping me through trials

As I finished my short song
Of praise unto my King
I thanked Him once again
For providing everything
And in that moment I could feel
The Spirit praises bring
My porch became a santcuary
For the King of Kings



In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/08/13/your-daily-word-prompt-porch-august-13th-2018/

Before and After

Before the mountains
Before the trees
Before the valleys
Before the seas

Before the sunset
Before the air
Before the dark night
You were there

You are the mighty King of Kings
Creator of all things
You reign in majesty supreme
Forever and ever

Before the flowers
Before the streams
Before the daylight
Before all things

You are the mighty King of Kings
Creator of all things
You reign in majesty supreme
Forever and ever

And we will praise you
We will praise you
For all the mighty things you’ve done
We will worship
We will worship
There is no end to your great love

After the sun dims
After the earth dies
After the sky folds
After the end of time

You are still the mighty King of Kings
Creator of all things
You will reign in majesty supreme
Forever and ever

Something From Nothing?

In so mant ways
This world does amaze
With colors and sounds and attractions
It just seems to me
To be but a dream
That this all could randomly happen

People will shuffle
And cause a kerfuffle
To try and say God was not planning
But everyone knows
If the truth would be told
That something can’t come out of nothing

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I see the painter linger

His brush poised in the air

He silently is pondering

What this piece will declare

Out there on the horizon

The sun is sinking down

All colors of the rainbow

Can in the clouds be found

Anything the painter draws

Is only a pastiche

Of God’s own great creation

His images are rich

Rich in beauty far beyond

What brush strokes can attain

Rich in all His glorious ways

Shining once again

The painter starts to paint again

His brush strokes slow and calm

He knows this painting will reflect

The beauty of the Lord

In response to the daily prompt


That Which Surpasses

I used to love seeing those games
Where everything stays the same
Balls set set strings
Ducks go diving
The pure motion always remains

Perpetual games they were called
And I would get quite enthralled
When my life took a turn
Twas then that I learned
Perpetual is not this at all

The sunrise and sunset each day
The wind and the sun and the rain
These are the things
That surpass everything
When it comes to perpetual ways

These gifts that come from above
Filled with our Father’s love
Will always remain
For His love will not change
His mercy is always enough



In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/06/22/a-new-daily-post-word-prompt-june-22nd-2018-word-perpetual/

Mercy Paintings

I saw the sunset painting hanging in the air so high
So I asked my painter neighbor why he hung it in the sky
He said is was not him who put that painting where it lie
It must have been another one’s surprise

So I asked around the art museum who might be the one
Who hung their painting in the sky when they thought it was done
When I walked back out to see the sight I noticed what had come
A new painting was shining like the sun

Now I was quite perplexed another painting had appeared
Then I noticed that it changed again and I broke down tears
I realized that no earthly one could paint such brilliance here
That God was sending me a message clear

Every moment mercy comes into my life to stay
Just like the brilliant sunset it’s faithful every day
And no one does provide it like the master in His way
I take it so for granted as it fades

From now on I will recognize His mercies all brand new
From the brilliance of a sunrise to the wet of grassy dew
From the singing birds that greet the sun rising with its hue
His mercies do abound for me and you

And when I see the mercy paintings hanging in the sky
There will no longer be a question why it hangs so high
I will know that God does show His love and that He’s always nigh
Then I will l lift His name with praises high