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It Is Good

He made the earth but it was void
No life could there survive
But His Spirit roamed across the earth
And began to bring it life

On the first day He spoke Light to come
But not the Light we see
This was the Light that brings all Truth
Revealed to you and me
And it was good

The second day He made heaven and earth
The ground then did appear
He divided the waters from the earth
And heaven was set up higher
And it was good

The third day He made plants and herbs
And fruit so filled with seed
He set in motion the cycle of life
Our meat to come from trees
And it was good

The fourth day He brought forth the sun
And set the stars in place
Night and day were ruled by them
His glory on display
And it as good

The fifth day He brought fish and birds
The seas teamed full of life
The sky was filled with songs of praise
The waters brought forth life
And it was good

The sixth day he made animals
To roam upon the earth
The snakes and insects also came
The food supply was birthed

And then His crowning achievement came
When He made man to live
In His own image did He work
To make this man like Him

He gave dominion to the man
Over all that roamed the earth
And to this day that has not changed
Man is the king of earth

All of this in six short days
All of it was good
Creation shows His majesty
I hope you’ve understood

The wisdom of this man has gone
He says that evolution won
But God’s word has never changed
Creations’ truth will still remain
And all of it is good!

Surrounded by the Glory

I’m surrounded by the glory of the Lord
He’s in the still of night
In the stars so bright
I’m surrounded by the glory of the Lord
He’s in everything I see

For His glory overwhelms His creation
His glory is above the universe
His glory brings the heavens down on it’s knees
In surrender to our soon and coming King

His glory and His majesty timeless
Throughout all history they do proclaim
That the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit
Are right here beside me everyday

I’m surrounded by the glory of the Lord
He’s in the still of night
In the stars so bright
I’m surrounded by the glory of the Lord
He’s in everything I see

Oh, the glory.  Oh, the splendor
Oh, the majesty overwhelms me
Oh, the glory.  Oh the splendor
His love always there for me

Sunrise in June

There is nothing like the beauty of a sunrise
Nothing like the singing of the birds
Nothing like the golden rays
Bringing forth a brand new day
I can hardly out it into words

I was walking my dog yesterday morning and just knew something glorious was about to happen. I had been out earlier on my own walk, listening to the wonderful worship music of Michael W Smith, when I noticed the crescent moon peeking through the clouds every so often. It was then that I actually started to set out my timing to take the dog. We have a walking trail in town that was laid where an old rail line had been deserted. The trail slices through town from north to south about a half mile from my house. When I walk down the street and turn left to go north on the trail, there is a bench about ¼ mile up that faces east. There is a gap in the bushes and trees to the east of that bench which gives a perfect view of a summer sunrise. I was thrilled when I realized that this day I had timed my walk perfectly to catch one of the more glorious sunrises we have had in a while. I snapped a dozen or so pictures with my phone, and one of them is before your eyes right now.

Are you as amazed as I am at what God can paint in the sky? Changing every second, the beauty He adorns His clouds with is breathless at times. Man can paint a picture of it, but that rarely gives the account of the slow motion changing of the colors. Every minutes the picture changes, giving us an awesome view. Each, day and every day a new painting emerges. Each night the sunset does the same. Creativity abounds in the mind of our God. This creativity also shows itself in the way he answers our prayers. We may not always get the exact answer we want. But He will creatively fill our needs every single time. He does this by utilizing our faith, giving us the power to call into existence those things that are not. He is an awesome God!

Ephesians 3:20 King James Version (KJV)
20 Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

Precious Are Your Thoughts To Me

You knew me when I did not know you
You cared for me when I did not care
You loved me when I cursed your name out loud
What a Savior you are to me

You saw me when sin was my playground
You sought me in that miry clay
You searched for my heart when my heart was stone
What a Savior you are to me

Precious are your thoughts to me
More than I can count
More than I know
Precious are your thoughts to me
What a Savor, what a friend indeed

You are there by my side when I need you
You hear me when I call your name
You wrap your arms around me when I’m hurt and feel alone
What a Savior you are you me


Savior and friend
You love ‘til the end
You captured my heart
Right from the start
You fill all my needs
Forgive my misdeeds
How marvelous is your grace
How marvelous is your grace


The God Who Loves Me

Who paints the brilliant hues and celestial rainbows upon the clouds and the heavens
Where eyes can see them and where they cannot
Who listens to the calls of the birds and insects and wild beasts in all the corners of the globe
Where ears can hear then and where they cannot
Who drops the dew and the snow down on frosted valleys and distant mountains
Where fingers can feel them and where they cannot
Who crafts the aroma of the flowers and the shrubs that lie all around the globe
Where noses can smell them and where they cannot
There certainly is not a man who can name every color that is found in this vast creation
Or who can mimic every sound that might be soft or loud in all the heavens
Or send the vast array of sensations that can be felt by man throughout this earth
Or that can mix together the unending smells and fragrances that dance around in the air
There certainly is no other beast or flying thing that can accomplish these tasks
There certainly is no being in the sea or crawling on the ground that can carry out these feats
Who or what is it then that does all this
That has done this since the beginning of time
That will do this until the end of time
It must be one who holds the expanse of the earth in His hands
It must be one that can take time and stop it whenever He pleases
It must be one who can create something from nothing and can make nothing of something
Who can bring all the forces of nature together to please the least if His creation
Who can place every fragrance
Every color
Every sound
Right where He wants it to be
He must be omniscient
Knowing all things so he can mix them together precisely as they are needed
He must be omnipresent
Being able to bring from the far corners of the earth each ingredient as it is needed at that moment
He must be omnipotent
Having all power to draw out the very essence of each and every sensation
He must be above all
And in all
And through all
This is the God I serve
This is the God who loves me
The God of yesterday today and forever
The God who parted the Red Sea
The God who knocked down the walls of Jericho
The God who guided David’s stone
The God who saved Daniel from the Lions’ Den
The God who showed Ezekiel the wheel within a wheel
The God who loved us so much that he gave His only Son to die for us
To die for me
That is the God I serve
That is the God I love
That is the God who loves me

Beauty of Creation

How Awesome You Are

The morning light
Brings a new day
The sun appears
On golden rays
Reminding me
That God is near
He paints the clouds
For all to see

Oh what a Savior
Oh what a friend
On His great love
I can depend
Just when the night
Seems dark and dim
The sun arises
And I see Him

My God how awesome you are
My God how awesome you are
My God how awesome you are
Oh what a Savior
Oh what a friend