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Down with the Giant

David was a teenager

When he faced the giant

Goliath had a victors laugh

But David brought him down


The giant in our lives is sin

We’ve no way to defeat it

But Jesus paid the price for us

The giant’s been defeated


Today take Jesus as your Lord

And He will be your Savior

The giants in your life will fall

Before His mighty name


In response to the daily prompt Giant

Not Defeated


All alone

That will be defeated with my Lord

He is always here inside my heart



Hope is lost

That will be defeated with my Lord

He encourages right from the start


When I gave my heart to Jesus

All my doubts and fears He took

He threw them all away

And He told me where to look

He said you’ll find your answers

In the pages of my book



Faith is weak

That will be defeated with My Lord

He restores my faith when mine is gone



Strength is gone

That will be defeated with my Lord

He gives me the strength to battle on


I know this world will try me

And will test the faith I claim

But every time I start to fade

I call upon His name

He lifts me up and dusts me off

And then I sing His praise


Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Victory is coming from my Lord

Hallelujah, Hallelujah

He gives me the power through His word

I will not be defeated

I will claim

His mighty name