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The Believers Walk

The Heartbeat of My Life

 I place my life in your hands, I surrender
 All of my heart and my will are yours
 Take my soul in your arms forever
 I will follow you all  the way
 Every day, I will bow at your feet
 Every day, I will offer my life
 Every day, I will sing out my praise
 To you alone.  To you alone
 Glory to you, Oh Lord
 Glory to you, Oh Lord
 Honor and praise to your great name
 The heartbeat of my life 
 I lay down at your feet 

I Surrender to You

All of my sin I will leave in the past
Then I will walk in freedom at last
The enemies shadow will no longer cast
Because I surrender to you
All of my pain I will lay at your feet
The stripes on your back brought my healing indeed
I will no longer walk in defeat
Because I surrender to you
I surrender to you, Lord
I surrender to you
My victory comes when I surrender to you
I don’t have to fight the battle with sin
Because you have already won
All of my heartache I humbly forgive
I don’t need to hold on to hurts I’ve received
My heart will rejoice as I let them retreat
Because I surrender to you

All to Jesus I surrender
All to Him I freely give
Take my life Lord from this moment
In your love I’ll always live

I Give All To Him

I give all my heart to Him
Everything that’s deep within
Cries out to be free from sin
Help my heart to seek you
I give all my soul to Him
In His presence I will live
My praise will be an offering
Help my soul to find you
I give all my strength to Him
I am nothing without him
Through the waves I cannot swim
Help my weakness trust you
I give all my mind to Him
All the thoughts that stir within
He will help me conquer them
Help my mind to follow you
He alone provides the answer
To the question in my life
Everyday I’ll give up myself
I’ll give all to Him!

Surrendering All

My lips will proclaim Hallelujah
I’ll worship His name Hallelujah
Forever my voice
Will greatly rejoice
In Jesus my Lord and King

I’ll raise up my hands Hallelujah
His name is so grand Hallelujah
Surrendering all
On Him I will call
For He is my everything

Jesus, Jesus
Jesus my Lord and King
Jesus, Jesus
Jesus my everything