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The Still Small Voice

I’ve wandered too long in the shadow of death
The mountains tower high on each side
It seems that I cannot find my way out
So, I look for a place to abide

I see a small cleft in the side of the rock
It seems like a good place to stay
When I get there, I am surprised to find
That the cleft is actually a cave

I stand at the entrance and look out below
The river runs down through the land
Then suddenly strange things begin to unfold
As I watch from the place where I stand

First the wind howled hard and the mountains did shake
Then I heard the rumblings of a great earthquake
Soon a fire was roaring from some unknown place
All of these brought no solace to me

But after the commotion of these three strange things
A still, small voice started speaking to me
I listened really closely to hear the voice speak
And I knew that this voice was speaking to me

He said “Child, do not worry or fret in this place
I have carved out the cleft so you’ll know my grace
You are safe and secure in the palm of my hand
Even in the midst of the storms and the rain”

Then I felt a comfort that I’d never known
The valley of death was no longer my home
I was now in the hand of my Savior and King
I could not be hurt be anything

He Breaks Me Down

He breaks me down, so he can build me up.
He pours me out so he can fill my cup
He dries me out so I will thirst for him.
He wears me down to lift me up again

His desire is to reach into my heart
take the old man out and make me new
His desire is to empty me of me
And fill me up with everything brand new

He uses trials in my life to show me I am weak
He uses every circumstance to build my faith
When I give my life to him and fully trust his grace
I will see his mercy working every day

He builds me up whenever I break down.
He fills my cup when I have been poured out
He satisfies the thirsting of my soul.
He lifts me up when life has got me down

His desire is to put his hope in me,
Drive away my doubt, and lift my faith
His desire is to fill me with his joy
And overwhelming peace every day

He uses trials in my life to show me I am weak
He uses every circumstance to build my faith
When I give my life to him and fully trust his grace
I will see his mercy working every day

I will see his mercy working,
And in faith I will be trusting
That his grace will give me hope every day
I will see his mercy working,
And in faith I will be trusting
That his grace will give me hope every day

He Puts Me Back Together

Don't know how I got here
Don't know which way to go
My life is all in pieces 
I am broken and alone 

I lift my eyes to heaven
And lift my voice to pray 
For in the midst of trials 
He will make a way

He'll take the pieces of my life 
And place them one by one
Each piece makes up the puzzle
That one day will be done 

I've scattered them all over
Some are upside down 
My Lord will turn them over
The lost ones He has found

Slowly and with tender love 
The picture starts to form 
Even though I'm going through
The middle of the storm

He puts me back together
Each time I fall apart 
So, I will trust in Jesus. 
I give to Him my heart

And when the day is over 
I know His loving hand
Will put me back together
Revealing His good plan 

Astounding Grace

I am not forsaken.  I will not give up
I found my strength in Jesus. He is enough
Though Satan storms against me I will not turn aside
I will stand strong in the battle with Jesus by my side

It seems old Satan tries every means he can
To turn me from my Savior so I will trust in man
I will not be deceived by all His trickery
I’ll turn my heart to God for He’s my victory

Right now I call on Jesus and all the host of heaven
To come and hold me up in the comfort of His hand
The enemy seems strong but God is stronger still
I’ll fight on through this trial and heed my Saviors will

And when I gain the victory I’ll lift my hands in praise
To my precious loving Father who filled me with His grace
I’ll worship Him for giving me the mercy that I need
When Satan comes against me I’ll be found down on my knees

On my knees to pray for deliverance each day
On my knees to offer up my life to Jesus way
On my knees to praise Him for Her will show the way
On my knees before His throne astounded by His grace

For victory can only come when I am on my knees
The enemy is helpless when my cries to God increase
And even if it seems that my prayers have not been heard
I will stay down on my knees and trust His holy word

I know He won’t forsake me.  I know He won’t depart
I know that His great joy and peace will come and soothe my heart
I know without a doubt that all things work for good 
I know that Jesus loves me and my prayers He understood

Thank you Lord for giving me this peace within my soul
Thank you Lord for mercy when the devil seemed so bold
Thank you Lord for showing me your astounding grace
This day and every day I will lift your name in praise

His Presence Is All I Need

I cried to the Lord in my weakness
He heard me and rescued me
Out of the darkness
Into the light
His presence is all I need

He heard me in my tribulation
His mercy uplifted me
Up from the valley
Out of my plight
His presence is all I need

When He’s near me I feel His glory
When He’s near me I know His peace
When He’s near me His joy overwhelms me
His presence is all I need

What a wonderful thing is His presence
My Savior is near to me
What a joy to abide in amazing grace
His presence is all I need

I will rest today and not worry
Sweet Jesus will walk with me
He has promised He’ll never forsake me
His presence is all I need

Grace is Greater

 His grace is greater
 Than all my troubles
 He watches o’er me
 When I fall down
 His grace is greater
 Than all my weakness
 He keeps me floating
 When I could drown
 His grace is greater
 Than all my struggles
 He walks beside me
 When I’m alone
 His grace is greater
 Than my temptations
 He speaks so softly
 And gives me hope
 Just enough for today
 And not for tomorrow
 Yesterday’s grace is gone
 Day after day
 Like the manna from heaven
 I have to depend on Him
 Grace, grace, Great grace
 Greater than all my life could need
 Grace, grace
 God’s grace
 Grace that is greater than anything. 
Effective Prayer

Even When

 Even when I'm hurting
 Even when I cannot hear your voice
 I'll praise your name
 Even when I'm lonely
 Even when I cannot feel your touch
 'll praise your name
 Even when my life seems out of place
 Even when a smile evades my face
 Even when I've lost that sense of grace
 I will praise you
 I will praise you
 I will lift your name up high
 I will praise you
 I will lift you up
 For you are worthy of my praise
 Even when I'm troubled
 Even when I don't deserve your grace
 I'll praise your name
 Even when I'm humbled
 Even when I feel I've fallen down
 I'll praise your name
 Even when my thought life isn't great
 Even when my prayers all seem to late
 Even when I've lost that sense of grace
 I will praise you
 I will praise you
 I will lift your name up high
 I will praise you
 I will lift you up
 For you are worthy of my praise

Lay Your Burdens Down

 Early morning, waiting
 To hear the voice of God
 Calling to me deep within my heart
 Listening so intently
 For the Spirit's call
 Suddenly His voice comes like a shout
 I am here to heal you
 Lay your burdens down
 Let me touch you where it hurts the most
 I am here to save you
 Give me everything
 Let me hold you in my loving arms
 I hear Him calling, longing
 To draw me close to Him
 So he can speak so gently in my ear
 I slowly turn to greet Him
 Into my life this day
 And then I hear Him speak some words of cheer
 I am here to rescue
 Take you from your trials
 Bring you into freedom from your flesh
 Let me overwhelm you
 Fill you with my grace
 Give you faith to overcome your fears
 Finally I yield to Him
 Peace does flood my soul
 The world and all its trials fades away
 I'm leaning on His bosom
 He holds me in His arms
 I'm ready to go out and face the day
 For He has come and spoken
 Truth into my life
 That He is with everywhere I go
 And I can rest assured
 That He is always mine
 And in His loving hands I find my home.

It’s All Good

 When I come up against an ocean of fear
 And doubt surrounds me like the enemy
 There is nowhere to turn for escape
 There is nowhere to hide
 Defeat seems imminent
 I hear you say
 It’s all good
 When the trials are hotter than I can stand
 And the lion is waiting in his den
 There is no hope for relief
 There is nowhere to run
 Death is right around the corner
 I hear you say
 It’s all good
 I turned the sea to dry land
 I turned air into manna
 I turned water into wine
 I turned bones into flesh
 I turned walls into rubble
 I turned death to life
 I turned all these things before
 I can turn them again
 So when all seems lost
 And there’s nothing left to do
 Turn to Jesus
 Turn to prayer                       
 Turn to peace
 Turn to joy
 Turn to hope
 Because in the end
 No matter what it looks like now
 No matter how bad it might seem
 No matter what you think
 God says it’s all good 

You Overrun Me

Sometimes I find myself running. Running away from you
Habits and traits of the past will surface and I don’t know what to do
I feel I have called on your mercy much more than you want me to
So I turn and just start running.  Running away from you
But you overrun me.  You won’t let me go
You catch me in full stride.  My running is slowed
It’s then that your mercy and grace is bestowed
You pour out your love.  You pour out your love
Then I look into your eyes.  Tears roll down my cheeks
I know that your strength has overcome my weakness
You take me in your arms and I can hardly speak
My head rests on your shoulder.  Your mercy at its peak
You overrun me when life gets me down
I know in the flood of shame you won’t let me drown
You take off my garment and give me a gown
You pour out your love.  You pour out your love
You turn me around and we walk in your grace
I look and I see a smile on your face
I can’t help but wonder what you see in me
That when I run away you come after me
Your love overruns me when I go astray
Your mercy and grace will not go away
So I sing this song and give you my praise
You pour out your love on me
In the song Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing the last verse says “Prone to wander Lord I feel it. Prone to leave this God I love.”  That is our human condition.  This flesh we live in, that our souls live in, is prone to walk away from the statutes of God.  We find ourselves running from the very God who has saved us and died for us.  We run because we feel shame, or guilt, or unloved or alone.  We run because we don’t think God will forgive us again for that foul mouth, or that lying tongue, or our impulsive flesh. But nothing could be farther from the truth. 
In the parable of the prodigal son we find the father looking for His son to come home after he had been gone for weeks, or months or years.  We don’t know how long the son had been gone.  The father was always watching for him, hoping he would come home.  When that day came that he saw his son in the distance, he ran to meet him.  He ran to welcome his son home, to pour out his love on him and embrace him.  I can see the son as his father came running, turn and start to run away, afraid of what the father might do to him.  But the father overran him and wrapped his arms around him and pour out grace and mercy on him.  He loved his son just like God loves us!