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He Calls Your Name

I didn’t know that I was lost. I always thought I was alright
My life made sense to me. I was enjoying life
Then I looked all around and I saw misery and pain
I wondered to myself, how can this old world change?

I didn’t realize it had to start with me
If I didn’t see my sin I could not be set free
That’s when I picked up the book. His words reached to my soul
I saw my wretchedness in all the stories told

That’s when I knew I had no excuse
I fell on my knees and cried “Jesus save me”

Then He called my name and He raised me up
To stand with Him on solid ground
I am not the same. I have been born again
There is a new song on my lips since He called my name

Now there’s heavenly home waiting ahead for me
My life still has its pains but I have joy and peace
There is no substitute for His amazing grace
You too can find new life iIf you kneel down and pray

Then you will know His love in your soul
Pardon you’ll see when you are set free

When He calls your name, He will raise you up
To stand with Him on solid ground
You will not feel the same.  You will be born again
A new song will rise in you when He calls your name

Jesus calls you out of darkness.  Jesus calls you out of pain
Jesus calls you out of bondage.  Jesus calls you out of shame
Jesus calls you into freedom.  Jesus calls you into love
Jesus calls you into joy and peace that come from above

In The Still Of The Night

In the still of the night hear the bullfrogs
As they fill the night air with their cries
They sit by the side of their dwelling
Daring someone to catch them alive

In the still of the night see the stars shine
Looking upward their glory I see
The light that they give travels onward
My wonder it will never cease

In the still of the night feel the cool breeze
As it whisks away all of the heat
I look forward to that brisk feeling
From the top of my head to my feet

In the still of the night God is speaking
Through the sounds, sights and feelings I have
There is no mistaking His presence
As I take in the cool night air

I hope that he always comes calling
As I walk by the wayside each day
If I open my ears and I listen
I the still of the night He is there

Do You Hear Me?

Are you there?
Do you hear me?
As I quietly call your name.
Are you there?
Do you hear me?
My prayer is still the same.
I want to know you more
I want to feel your touch
I want to hear your voice
Do you hear mine?

Are you there?
Do you see me?
As I go through trials of life.
Are you there?
Do you see me?
When my life is full of strife.
I want to know you more
I want to feel your touch
I want to hear your voice
Do you hear mine?

Out of the silence
I hear your voice - 
Gently it speaks to my soul
"I am here
I hear your voice
I will answer in my time
I am here
I see your life
My help is near you all the time
Do not fear
Do not worry
I will never leave your side."

His Still Small Voice

When I hear Jesus calling, I just listen 
To hear what He will say to me today 
I know that His kind words will bring fulfillment
And will help me as I follow in His way 

There is not a time that Jesus is not speaking 
His voice is soft and gentle every time 
He is hoping that you'll train your ear to listen 
As He speaks to you in words of truth and life

Not in the fire
Not in the wind 
Not in the earthquake does He call my name
But when we're still 
When we're ready to hear
His still small voice will be loud and clear

Jesus is waiting for your ears to hear
His words are there if you'll just lend an ear
Be still and know that He's Lord of all
His voice will come and settle your storm


His words bring peace 
His words bring joy 
His words bring healing
Deliverance is yours
His words bring hope
His words bring love
His words will guide 
When you listen real close



 I've never felt so much loneliness
 When peace and joy seemed so far away
 My heart is restless sitting in this place
 I am broken and afraid I’ve lost my way
 I try to stand but feel the weight of fear
 I fall down on my knees in deep disgrace
 I feel the tears well up in my eyes
 My words come slowly as I start to pray
 Lord I need you.  Lord I’m desperate
 Lord come quickly and mend my heart
 Lord I need you more than ever
 Come Lord Jesus.  Please come now
 I hear Him whisper gently in my ear
 My child I have always been right here
 Just call my name and I will come to you
 In times of desperation I am yours
 He is always near.  He is always near.
 He is always near.  Right by my side

Take Flight

 Arise out of your slumber
 Awake out of your sleep
 The God of all creation
 Calls to me.  Calls to me
 Do not give in to temptation
 Do not follow your fear
 The plans I have for you
 Are coming near.  Coming near
 You are my child forever
 You are my hearts delight
 I am the God of heaven
 Open up your heart
 And take flight
 Nothing can stop you.  Nothing can harm you
 Nothing can steal your joy
 Nothing to worry. Nothing to fear
 Only my love forever
 My love forever 

Will You?

Will you walk with me today?
Will you talk with me today?
Will you listen and hear the words I will speak?
Will you spend just a moment with me?
Will you pray for a friend today?
Will you help out a stranger in need?
Will you speak words of faith to a soul who’s in doubt?
Will you be what I want you to be?
I have given you this day
Every minute is a gift of grace
I pray you don’t waste it
But please make the most of it
Follow my will today
Will you walk in my way, not yours?
Will you speak my words, not yours?
Will you take all your thoughts captive to me?
Will you truly be set free?
Every breath you breathe is from me
Everything you see is from me
Make the most of this day by being a friend
Finding and meeting their needs
I truly believe that every day God gives us opportunity to minister to someone, and often we don’t recognize that opening when it comes.  When a person starts talking to you and tells you that there is a problem in their life, do you take time right then and there to pray?  I have a habit of saying that I will pray for them ,but don’t always take the time to pray while I am with them.  While Jesus was on this earth, the bible is very clear that He prayed for everyone that came to Him, and they were all healed.  Now, I am obviously not Jesus, but I believe if I walked in this kind of faith, more people would see the healing power of God.  Not because I am praying, but because I extended faith to them so they could believe.
The most precious gift we have is our time!  We must utilize it more for Him and less for ourselves.  We all have daily tasks that take up precious minutes in our day.  But taking a minute or two to pray with someone at the time we are with them should be a  flexibility we will have.  May we all take this precious gift and share it with others.  We can change the world one person at a time!
James 5:16b King James Version
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

The Lord Said

The Lord said I am free
Why do I walk in bondage?
The Lord said I am healed
Why do I walk in sickness and pain?
The Lord said I am blessed
Why do I walk in poverty?
The Lord said I am saved
Why do I walk defeated?
The Lord said I have faith
Why do I walk in doubt?
The Lord said I have peace
Why do I walk in turmoil?
The Lord said I have joy
Why do I walk in sorrow?
The Lord said I have light
Why do I walk in darkness?
The Lord said He’s my friend
Why do I walk alone?
The said He’s the way
Why do I wander off?
The Lord said He’s the truth
Why do I believe a lie?
The Lord said He’s the life
Why do I walk in death
The Lord said He’s the Light
Why do I walk in darkness?
The Lord said He’s the Bread of Life
Why do I walk in need?
The Lord says He’s the resurrection
Why do I remain in the grave?
The Lord said He’s the Word made flesh
Why do I not believe?
He has told us all these things So we could walk in faith
Believing every word and not doubting what He said
Determine this In your heart to rejoice this very day
Because I have just told you what our Savior said
And you can know it’s true
Because Jesus loves you!

Your Gentle Voice

I’ve come to listen, Lord, to hear you speak
For your truth is what I seek

I long to hear your gentle voice
Come to me now and I’ll rejoice

For you speak life into my soul
You speak hope and make me whole

You speak wisdom so I might learn
You speak glory for which I yearn

You speak peace to calm my storms
You speak joy/ My heart you warm

Lord give me life today I ask
To hear your voice is my only task