The Flow

There is a fountain of life

That flows from Calvary’s tree

It comes from God above

And washes over me

But when it hits my heart

It’s not for me to hold

I have an obligation

That others must be told


There is a river of hope

That tells me heaven’s my home

There is no doubt of where

I’ll rest when life is o’er

This hope should flow through me

To others that I know

For I am just a vehicle

To bring friends into the fold


There is a stream of joy

That flows throughout my heart

It reminds me of the blessings­­­

He does to me impart

These blessings are for everyone

Who call upon His name

So I must share this joy

By giving Him all praise


There is a flood of peace

That keeps me safe and warm

It flows from knowing God

Is always on the throne

My friends all need this peace

In this chaotic world

So I must let it flow through me

To touch and make them whole


And last there is His love

That flows eternally

It reaches out to everyone

No matter what they be

I must tell all I come to know

Of this great love divine

So the love, joy, peace, hope, life He brings

Will not just stay as mine

2 thoughts on “The Flow

  1. Really connected with this one. Peace is the primary gift God gave me once I surrender completely to Jesus. It has never left me, through difficult and uncertain times, His peace has always reigned in my heart. It is my Treasure of Great Value.


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