All Day

There’s never a moment
Throughout the day
That I do not praise His name
For He is the one
Who gives me my breath
So He’s worthy of all my praise

When I rise in the morning
I sing out a song
Of honor and glory to Him
For He kept me through
The dark of the night
And buried His peace deep within

When I’m ready to go
And I sit down to eat
The very first meal of the day
I thank Him for all
He provides for me
As He guides me along my way

Through the day as I work
I give highest praise
For I have been blessed with a task
As people come by me
I take time to pray
Is this one the one I should ask?

Maybe He needs a Savior today
Maybe She needs a friend
Maybe you’ve placed them in my path
So I’ll be a witness to them
Speak to me Lord and give me the words
The words that only you know
That I might speak right unto their heart
And give them your love so it shows

My work day now over
I settle back home
And I praise Him for what He has done
If I said just one word
That brought comfort or peace
That person has already won

As I lay my head down
At the end of the day
I give praise that the Lord led me through
And I ask Him to give me
A good nights rest
So tomorrow will bring forth His fruit.

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