He Took and He Gave

When He died upon the cross that day
His love came down through time
He gathered all my sins away
And replaced them with His life
He took my unforgiveness
My bitterness and grief
And showed me what forgiveness really means
For I was undeserving
Of the mercy He gave me
Now I try to understand my brothers needs
He took my doubts and fears
Of who I really was
And showed me His great plan to change my life
For I was wandering aimless
Never touching anyone
Now I help the lost to change their lives
He took my insecurity
Of what the future holds
And showed me there’s a hope for all of time
For I was wasting all my time
On dead end pursuits
Now i can truly know that heaven will be mine
He took my lousy attitude
And the venom my mouth spewed
And showed me that His joy could overcome
For I was only happy
When things would go my way
Now this joy always reminds me He has won
He took away my anger
At all the hurts Ihad endured
And showed me that to love is so much more
For I was always lonely
And was closed off deep inside
Now I try to make myself an open door
The change He made in my life
Didn’t happen overnight
In fact He still has so much work to do
But one thing that I know
Is when I asked Him in my heart
My life became much better through and through

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