Today and Tomorrow

The past is the past
It is gone
Over with
What has been done is done
And can’t be undone
Can’t be redone
What has been said has been
And can not be been back
We can not change
The past
We can not go back
And do it over
We can not escape it

But we can overcome it
Wipe out any negative effects
Rise above any wrongdoings
Become better because of it
We can
Make it disappear
And no longer be a conduit
For doubt
Or fear
Or worry
Or misgivings
We can
Let it go
To embrace the only thing we have
And tomorrow

God says
He will wipe away our sins
And wash them white as snow
He will remove our sin
As far as the East is from m the West
They no longer have a hold on me
They no longer control me
I look to the only thing I have
And tomorrow

Rise up
Start over
Let your life shine
Let your voice be heard
Be free from your past
Live the life you were meant to live
And tomorrow

Washed Away

A crowd gathered in the street
Welcoming the King
Palm leaves scattered on the ground
Robes laid at His feet

Hosannah to the King who comes
Riding on a colt
Proclaiming highest praise to Him
Before the rocks cry out

He overturns the temple wares
Rebukes the Pharisees
Tells stories of hard times to come
The crowd now disbelieves

By night they take Him quickly
A fast and unfair trial
He stands before the crowd again
They shout crucify

A crowd gathered in the street
To mock this would be king
His body whipped and beaten down
He walks in suffering

Up to Calvary they go
Hands and feet are nailed
They raise Him up for all to see
A sign says He is Lord

Then He spoke three words of hope
Father forgive them
And all down through the ages
His mercy now does win

He gave His life that day for us
No one took it from Him
Through His sacrifice for us
He’s washed away our sin

Oh what a wonderful Savior
Who died that day for me
Purchased my salvation
From sin He set me free

No Reason

There is no earth;y reason
To pack up for the season
If you love winter, there’s a place to go
The Northern Territory
Year round has winter’s glory
You can ski and sled in mountains of cold snow

There also is no reason
To be stuck in life’s dead pattern
If you haven’t come to know the Savior yet
Just ask Him to come in
He’ll forgive all your sin
Then in His arms you’ll be forever blessed

In response to the daily prompt Territory

The Great Payment

Have you ever thought it strange

That a baby in a manger

Would be the one who came to set men free

And have you ever stopped to think

About the fact that Heaven’s King

Left His throne to come and die for you and me


You may think it’s fable

He was born in lowly stable

But the story has withstood the test of time

And I thought that you should know

Why I’ve come to love Him so

For I want you to know this Lord of Life


You see, He changed my life

When I came to Him that time

That my life was spinning out of control

He forgave all of my sin

And He put His spirit in

Now He walks with me wherever I may go


Because this baby in the manger

Was no ordinary stranger

But the Son of God who came to earth that day

He shared the Father’s love

And brought healing from above

And He said He was the truth the life the way


His teaching brought division

Put the leaders in derision

They decided that He must be put to death

So they shouted crucify Him

On a cross they railed against Him

And He gave His life in one last gasp of breath


The final price was paid

For the sin of human race

And now we are set free forevermore

And it all began that day

In a stable filled with hay

And a baby who the blessed Mary bore.


This Christmas don’t forget

The great payment for our debt

That was made by that baby in the hay

He was born to die for me

And to set the captive free

Let us celebrate His birth this Christmas day

Now I’m Weclome

There was a time that I was not welcome

Banned is a better word


I had not accepted criteria

For eternity with the Lord

But then I asked His forgiveness

For all of of the  sins of my past

And He washed me whiter than whitest snw

And said enter into my rest

Now I’m not banned any longer

I’m welcome for all of time

I sure hope that you know the Savior

So you can share in my rhyme


In response to the daily prompt Banned

How Excellent Are Your Ways

Oh God, how excellent are your ways

You have been God since before the foundation of the world

You spoke and the earth was formed

The waters and the earth gathered together at your word

At the sound of your voice the earth brought forth trees and greenery

The sun and the moon appeared at your command, and you placed the stars in space

Then you created all the animals, on the ground, in the sea, and the birds and insects

Then you made man out of the dust of the ground

You gave him dominion over all that you have made

And you said it was all good

And you rested

Oh God, my God, how excellent are your ways

Still today you watch over your creation

You bring the rain in due season

The thunder blasts and the lightning crashes at your command

The sky clears and the rainbow appears to remind us of your promise

You bring the crops to maturity and the farmers bring in the harvest

The harvest you have provided

You turn the trees to brilliant colors in the cool fall air

We marvel at the beauty of your creation

Oh God, my God how excellent are your ways in all the earth

You still love man despite the way he has failed you

You still see him as the crowning jewel of your creation

You cry out to him to turn back to your word

Because you know what is best for your creation

Help us Lord, to turn to you

Help us to follow your word

Help us to pray for our nation

You have been so good to us while we have turned our backs on you

Forgive our nation, Lord, for our transgressions

Hear our plea for healing and restoration

Renew us in your word, and clothe us with your Holy Spirit

Let your love arise in our hearts as we worship you

Let the church rise and carry out your word

That we should humble ourselves,

And pray,

And seek your face,

And turn from our wicked ways

Because then, and only then

Will you hear from heaven

And forgive our sins

And heal our Land.

Oh God, my God, How excellent are your ways in all the earth.

With Me

I’m walking with Jesus all the day long

He fills up my heart with a joyous song

I am so glad He travels along

With me


I’m talking with Jesus all the day long

He tells me he loves me, to him I belong

I am so glad He walks alongside

With me


What a wonderful Savoir I have

He takes care of my every need

He meets me in the morning dew

And stays with me all the day

What a wonderful Savior I have

He stays with me through every storm

And when day is done and the sun is set

Through the night He will always stay


I’m resting with Jesus under this tree

He tells me how much He really loves me

I lean on His shoulder, glad that He will be

With me


I’m trusting in Jesus every day

I know that He’ll lead me in His ways

And He will protect me all my days when He is

With Me


What a Merciful Savior I have

He overlooks all my mistakes

When I fall down He picks me up

And helps me start over again

What a Merciful Savior I have

He took my sin and shame away

When He gave His life at Calvary

He pardoned me with His dear grace


I will lift my voice and sing

Hallelujahs to the King

I will shout His praise

All of my days

To me He’s everything


I will worship His sweet name

He is day to day the same

I can trust in Him

He’s my lifelong friend

Jesus is His name


What a wonderful Savoir I have

He takes care of my every need

He meets me in the morning dew

And stays with me all the day

What a wonderful Savior I have

He stays with me through every storm

And when day is done and the sun is set

Through the night He will always stay

Magnificent Mercy

I vowed to you Lord that I would obey
And promised to do everything you say
As I go through this life day after day 
But then I slipped and fell

You came to me and lifted me up
You dusted me off and offered your cup
You said start again and never give up
Your forgiven all over again

Oh magnificent mercy
Coming from His precious love
Sweep over me like a river
Mercy that’s more than enough

I try day by day to be worthy
But I succumb to my frailties 
Gossip or anger or what my eyes see 
Drop me from pure to my knees

But you never speak condemnation 
You offer me your consolation 
And show me your endless compassion
As you take my hand once again

Oh magnificent mercy
Coming from His precious love
Sweep over me like a river
Mercy that’s more than enough

You always forgive when I stumble
You always forgive my mistakes
You’re always right there
To show me you care 
And you’ll do whatever it takes

Oh magnificent mercy
Coming from His precious love
Sweep over me like a river
Mercy that’s more than enough

The Greatest Love Song

I don’t think I will ever see

A love song start this way

When He gave up all of heavens praise

To come here as a babe


I don’t think I will ever know

A child who was so meek

He worked those years in Fathers shop

When He knew who He would be


Then the love song picks up tempo

As He’s baptized with such grace

The Holy Spirit declares His name

And He starts to show His face


Then He teaches for the next 3 years

The people flock to see Him

He brings healing and deliverance

And sets His fire within


But the love song takes a bitter tone

As the leaders plot against Him

And with the help of one of His own

They take Him and arrest Him


The music is so melancholy

As the crowd cries crucify

And they beat Him, mock Him, scourge Him

And nail Him up so high


But this is where the love song shows

His deepest love for me

As He cries out from the cross “Forgive”

And from sin He sets me free


And even though he bows His head

And dies at Calvary

The love song doesn’t end right there

One last stanza’s meant for me


For in three days He rose again

His spirit won’t depart

His love will keep Him at our side

As He lives inside our heart


Oh the wondrous love of Jesus

Oh the beauty of His plan

He has given all for me

Now He holds me in His hand

Oh the precious song He’s written

With His life so full of love

Tis the greatest love song written

Coming down from heaven above


Jesus my Redeemer
How wonderful you are
You made this glorious earth for me
And gave me a gift of the stars
Then you brought forth the food to sustain me
And you gave light to brighten the day
Jesus blessed Redeemer
How magnificent are your ways

Jesus, marvelous Savior
I just can’t thank you enough
You gave your life at Calvary
In demonstration of your love
You forgave all my sins and transgressions
Paid a debt I could never repay
Jesus, marvelous Savior
How magnificent are your ways

You saved me
You healed me
You delivered me
From eternity spent in hell
You loved me                                                                                                                                        You raised me                                                                                                                                                     You adopted me                                                                                                                                   And now you ask me to tell                                                                                                                    Tell of your excellent mercy                                                                                                                  Tell of your marvelous grace                                                                                                            Jesus, marvelous Savior
How magnificent are your ways

Jesus, merciful Savior                                                                                                                          You love me just as I am                                                                                                                                      Your compassion is greater than all my sin                                                                                         You hold me in your righteous hand                                                                                                         I don’t deserve your mercy                                                                                                                             And I sure don’t deserve your grace                                                                                                    Jesus, marvelous Savior
How magnificent are your ways