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There is Nothing He Can’t Do

Where there is no way, God will make one
He has promised in Hi word He’ll see us through
Where there is no hope, God will give some
There is nothing that’s too hard for Him to do

Where there is no joy, God will show up
He can make every sorrow disappear
Where there is no peace, storms will dry up
He can calm the highest waves and deepest fear

There is nothing that’s too hard
Nothing He can’t do
Nothing ever stands in His way
No distance that’s too far
No enemy too huge
He is standing right beside you every day

Where there is much doubt, faith will show up
He has promises abundant in his word
Where there is much hurt, love won’t give up
Just give every heartache to the Lord


No mountain, no valley
No obstacle or storm
No heartache, no sorrow
Should make me feel alarmed
He is there, right beside me
He will carry me through
I must always remember
There is nothing He can’t do
There is nothing He can’t do
There is nothing He can’t do


All It Takes

By His miraculous hand
He was wounded for our transgressions
Bruised for our iniquities
The chastisement of our peace was upon Him
And by His stripes we are healed
Could the prophet make it any clearer?
Can God make it any clearer?
Have you experienced His healing?
His forgiveness?
His deliverance?
Do you have His peace?
It is right there, waiting for you -
A simple acknowledgement of His sacrifice
And your unworthiness
Is all it takes.
Won't you ask Him in today?
Allow the Savior to heal your hurt
Remove your iniquities
Grant you His peace?
He is standing at the door knocking
Gently knocking at the door of your heart
Now is the accepted time
Today is the day of salvation!

God Brought a Friend

When I need a kind word, you are there
When I need a smile, you are there
When I wake up in the morning
When I go to sleep at night
I know you are there for me

God brought a friend, a faithful friend
He knew my need and filled it
I cannot thank my God enough
He brought a friend like you

When my day gets tired and lonely, you are there
When I need someone to talk to, you are there
When I find a little time
When I need some sunshine
I know you are there for me

God brought a friend, a faithful friend
He knew my need and filled it
I cannot thank my God enough
He brought a friend like you

I know that God has purposes for all He gives to us
I know He puts all things in place to turn out for my good
So, I will put my faith in Him a little more today
For He has brought a friend like you help me on my way

God brought a friend, a faithful friend
He knew my need and filled it
I cannot thank my God enough
He brought a friend like you

For Such A Time As This

When times are tough and life is hard God knows our deepest need
He finds a way to come to us when we are on our knees
Our prayers reach up to heaven and reach His waiting ears
Then He comes like lightning and settles all our fears

I may be in a battle, but God will break on through
I may be deep in trouble, but His word is always true
He’ll bring someone along in the times we least expect
A soothing voice to calm my heart when I simply cannot rest

Who knows if we are not here for such a times as this?
To fill a space inside our hearts that we had surely missed
I’m not sure what His plan is but I thank Him night and day
That we have found each other as we walked along the way

I know that God is with me and I know He cares for you
I know He guides my life to courses always true
I know That all He does will turn out for my good
So, it must be that that I was sent to be a friend to you

I do not know your story.  I do not know your pain
I only know that Jesus cares to lift you up again
He wants to bring you out of a dark and lonely place
So you will rise to new life with a smile on your face

Take joy that Jesus saw you and used a simple game
He heard your prayers in silence and answered in His way
Don’t worry for tomorrow.  Don’t fret for what’s to come
Just place your life in His hands.  The battle has been won

He Sustains You

 I will sing of the wondrous love of Jesus
 He has given His life for me
 He took stripes on His back for my healing
 He rose again to give me life eternally
 I will praise the precious name of Jesus
 He taught me the meaning of love
 He showed me how t treat others around me
 And gave me the pathway to peace
 I will worship the mighty name of Jesus
 He brings joy into my weary soul
 He lifts me up when I have fallen down
 And carries me when I am too weak to stand
 I will sing glory to the matchless name of Jesus
 Every knee will bow at His feet
 Every tongue will confess he s Lord of Lords
 So I will make Him my King today
 Exalt Him, lift Him high
 Sing forth His praise in all the earth
 For it is he that made you
 That gave you breath
 And it is he that sustains you
 Exalt Him, lift Him high
 Sing forth His praise in all the earth
 For He has pardoned your transgressions
 And has provided for your redemption.
 I will never cease to praise Him
 For he has been merciful to me.
The Believers Life

You Are Enough For Me

 When I am down, you pick me up
 When I am dry, you fill my cup
 When I am lost, you give me hope
 You are enough for me
 When I have sorrow, you give me joy
 When I’m in doubt, your faith I employ
 When there are storms, you fill me with peace
 You are enough for me
 When I had nothing, you came along
 When I was sad, you gave me a song
 When I get lonely you whisper to me
 You are enough for me
 You are enough, more than enough
 You are enough for me
 All this world offers will never fulfill
 The needs that well up in me
 When I turn to you, I find I am full
 Because you are enough for me
 Through terror and fear
 Through troubles and tears
 You always come through for me
 Through trials and tests
 You know what is best
 Because you are enough for me
 Stay close to me, Jesus
 Stay right by my side
 I’ll try my hardest to always abide
 And when I should wander
 To left or to right
 You’ll guide me back on the path
 Because you are enough for me’
 Your grace is enough
 Your mercy enough
 Your peace is enough
 Your joy is enough
 Your hope is enough
 Your strength is enough
 Your healing enough
 Your love is enough
 Yes, you are enough for me 

Life Abundantly

 I can’t explain this peace that washes over me
 Every time a troubled sea is in my soul
 It seems I put my trust in Him to guide me safely home
 Because I know my God is in control
 I can’t explain this joy that brings a smile to my face
 When tribulation rears its ugly head
 I know that He will teach me of His wondrous grace
 And everything will work out for my good
 I can’t explain this hope that says I’m bound for heaven
 I’ve put my faith in Jesus Christ
 He promised He was building me a mansion home
 A place to dwell through my eternal life
 I can’t explain the love that God has shown to me
 His wondrous plan I didn’t even know
 He gave His son to die for me amidst my sinful ways
 Remove them all and wash me white as snow
 Even though I can’t explain it still I know it’s true
 That God became a sacrifice tor me and you
 If there is just one thing you really need to do
 Is call upon His name and He will pardon you
 Your sin was nailed to His cross on calvary
 Forgiveness He has spoken hanging on that tree
 He rose again and to show us His great victory
 Come before the Lord and pray with me
 Father forgive me. Father I have sinned
 Father take my life. Give me joy within
 I now make you Lord of my life today
 Come and show me your precious ways
 If you prayed that prayer now you have life abundantly
 The Son of God has saved your soul today
 I pray you’ll go to church and read your Bible more
 So God can lead you safely on your ay

Safe in the Arms of God

 I found a place, a quiet place
 Where I could rest, where I feel blessed
 No enemy could harm me there
 Safe in the arms of God
 I found a song deep in my heart
 That lifted up to heaven’s hearth
 I hope I never will depart
 Safe in the arms of God
 There is no reason to despair
 No trouble can alarm me here
 My refuge and my fortress near
 Safe in the arms of God
 A place of grace boundless and free
 A place where mercy covers me
 A place I’ll live eternally
 Safe in the arms of God
 Come join me in this joyful place
 Come look at His adoring face
 Come know His mercy and His grace
 Safe in the arms of God 

When I Think Of Jesus

When I think of Jesus I think of peace
In every storm I am at ease
For He’s the one who comforts me
I am at peace when I think of Him

When I think of Jesus I think of hope
There’s not a time when I can’t cope
For in His hands my life He holds
I’m filled with hope when I think of Him

No power is greater. No love is stronger
No mercy will surpass His grace
No deeper passion saved forever
Jesus, precious, holy name

When I think of Jesus I think of joy
When trouble come I still rejoice
My enemies He will destroy
My joy flows out when I think of Him


Then His love, unceasing love
Flows over me from high above
I can’t escape His love for me
I praise His royal majesty


There are times that my mind wanders away from Jesus. I get caught up in the every tasks around the house so easily. The dishes pile up, laundry needs washed. Vacuuming must be done, windows are dirty, grass needs mowed, garden is filling with weeds – the list is endless. Work can also consume me now that most of my work is done form home. Phone calls to make, contact management databases to update, letters and cards and emails to send, planning for tomorrow, next week, next month. He seems far from my thoughts. He seems distant and somehow I can’t sense His presence. I feel like Peter, out on the water, suddenly loosing sight of Jesus because of the cares of the world crashing around Him.

But then He is there. I realize my mind has strayed and I bring it back to Him and realize He has been there all the time. He never left me. He never walked away. He was there all the time. My mind is quickly filled with joy, hope, peace and love again. Once again, I am thinking of Him and all is well.

Isaiah 26:3 King James Version
3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

Just Amazing

Amazing is His grace
That flows from Calvary
To every heart it comes
To set the captive free

Amazing is His love
No mortal man can know
How much He gave away
Because He loved us so

Amazing is His peace
That calms our every storm
He left this peace for me
He holds me in His arms

Amazing is His joy
My sorrow He dispels
I’m full to overflow
With joy unspeakable

Amazing is the Hope
That comes to me each day
I know my final home
For He has made a way

Amazing just amazing
The things He’s done for me
I’ll give me life to Him
For all eternity