The storm gathers
The thunder roars
Lightning fills the sky
The wind billows
The air is humid
Amazement fills my eyes

I can see the signs of a thunderstorm
As it travels from afar
I know enough to find shelter
To protect me from its harm

The wars are raging
The earth is groaning
The weather changes fast
The people fighting
The darkness gaining
His time has come at last

These are the signs of His coming
You can see them bright and clear
He’ll soon part the Eastern sky
And meet us in the air

One day the trump will sound
All the saved shall fly away
If you don’t know the Savior
Repent and be saved today

Sound Steady

I cannot guess the timing
For no one knows the day
The time of His arriving
Is not too far away

I pray that you are ready
To answer His great call
The trumpet will sound steady
And He will gather all

All who call Him Savior
All who call Him Lord
If you have His favor
If He your heart adores

I may be premature
By thinking you are saved
If you’re not really sure
Please get saved today!


In response top the daily prompt Premature

No Pretending

I look around at all the people running to and fro
I cannot help but wander where they all will go
For one day soon the clouds will part above
Jesus will return and gather those who He does love

I cannot look and see which ones will go with Him that day
I cannot determine who has followed in His ways
You see there’s only one thing that will qualify us then
Only one slight difference that no one can pretend

We must have Jesus as our Lord and Savior of our lives
We must have seen out wretchedness and asked Him to forgive
We must have turned away from things displeasing in His sight
We must now walk with Him each day and follow in His light

Will you be one to rise and meet Him on that fateful day
Will you avoid the wrath of God that’s coming anyway
If you have not decided yet and given Him your heart
Make today the day that you ask Him to be Lord

In response to the daily prompt Slight

The Day of Salvation

I dreamed I was rising to heaven
Jesus waited for me in the clouds
He had come back just as He promised
The trumpet had sounded aloud

I could see others rising beside me
All colors and ages were there
This day we had all been awaiting
When we would meet our dear Lord in the air

Then I looked for my friends and my neighbors
There were many making the flight
But several were not rising with me
I feared they had not seen the light

They had not asked the Lord to forgive them
Of the sins that He died for that day
They had not asked Him to be their Savior
They had not followed in His way

I know I had told them the good news
That Jesus had died for their sins
But they never decided for certain
Thinking there would be time in the end

For a moment a sadness was present
At knowing they were left behind
But His joy quickly came in and calmed me
As His presence filled up my mind

I hope if you’re reading this poem
That Jesus is Savior and Lord
If not take a moment this instant
To give Him your heart and your soul

For we don’t know the hour or the moment
When He comes there will be no more time
Today is the day of salvation
It is time to make up your mind

Make Me Your Light

I am so thankful for all you have done
You’ve given me breath
You’ve given me life
You gave me your Son
When I was lost and all alone
You called to me and saved my soul
Oh what a Savior
Oh what a friend

I am so grateful for your healing touch
You’ve strengthened my soul
You’ve lifted my head
You loved me so much
When life seemed out of control
You rescued me and made me whole
Oh what a Savior
Oh what a friend

Jesus the way
Jesus the truth
Jesus the life
Come and restore
Make my life whole
Make me your light

I am so hopeful you’re coming again
The trumpet will sound
The clouds will roll back
You’re saints all await
We will ascend with you on high
You will grant all eternal life
Oh what a Savior
Oh what a friend

While on this earth I will cling to you
Follow your mercy in all I do
Let others know of your great love
So they can join me up above

Jesus the way
Jesus the truth
Jesus the life
Come and restore
Make my life whole
Make me your light


Are You Ready?

I watch the sun as it rises today
Creeping its way up the sky
Bright rays touch the clouds
The birds sing aloud
Their anthem is raised up high

Someday soon God’s Son will return to earth
To bring all His dear children home
His radiant light
Will dazzle our sight
Well bow at the foot of His throne

Be sure today that you’re ready to go
When the trumpet shall sound that day
Trust in His name
Repent and be saved
Then lift up your voice in praise.



In response to the daily prompt Radiant

Forever Over All

The time is coming soon
When Jesus will return
The clouds will open wide
The trumpet shall be heard

He’ll come for all the saints
Who are faithful to His word
They will meet Him in the air
Forever with our Lord

We’ll sing glory hallelujah
Holy is His name
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
Holy Holy Holy
Is the King of Kings
Forever over all He shall reign

In one blink of an eye
The scene above will come
Are you ready for His call
Have you made Him number one

If you haven’t now’s the time
Bow your knee and call to Him
He is ready to forgive you
And cleanse you from your sin

We’ll sing glory hallelujah
Holy is His name
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
Holy Holy Holy
Is the King of Kings
Forever over all he shall reign

The Clouds Will Part

I had a premonition
It was not intuition
It was a thought that filled my soul and mind
That sooner than we think
In time that’s just a blink
The clouds will part and startle all mankind

Jesus will come calling
For all His faithful followers
To join Him in the heaven’s up above
Have you made Him your Savior
Have you made Him Lord forever
Please ask forgiveness now
Make Him the Lord of all
Then you will join the faithful in the clouds



In response to the daily prompt Premonition

Catch That Flight

Running through the airport
MIddle of the night
Jump on the conveyor
Have to catch a flight

My time is a wasting
The gate has opened wide
Arriving there in time
I sit and breathe a sigh

Another flight is coming
To take us all away
Jesus will return
Are you ready for that day

The conveyor of all truth
He said to trust in Him
Ask Him for forgiveness
Make Him Lord within

Don’t be in the position
That you haven”t bowed and prayed
To make Him Lord and Savior
Before the final day

in response to the daily prompt Conveyor