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Sinking Ground

 No one expected the angels
 No one expected the star
 No one expected that shepherds would bow
 Or that kings would come from afar
 No one knew that a child would be born
 In a manger filled with hay
 Only the Father knew His plan
 On that blessed Christmas day
 We hustle and bustle, thinking all is well
 As presents are piled up high
 We fix our great feasts and tell of good cheer
 While the sun rises high in sky
 We look at our children, all merry and bright
 As they open their presents with glee
 With great hope we look out on this beautiful day
 In the land of the brave and the free
 But in truth all around us the world’s fading fast
 Into a world of defeat
 Morality slowly is withered away
 And a plague fills us all with disease
 They speak of a cure when before there was none
 All around us people bow down
 We must sound the alarm in this worst of all times
 We are standing on sinking ground
 Our Father above sees all that transpires
 He knows when the time will be right
 That the trumpet will sound for all men to hear
 In the clouds His Son will arrive
 He will come as a thief in the night that day
 No one knows when is the time
 Just as He came on that Christmas Day
 Only few will be chosen to rise 
 Are you ready for Him to appear that day?
 Is your heart settled in His true grace?
 Have you asked Jesus Christ to be your Lord?
 Does He receive all of your praise?
 On this Christmas Day give your whole life to Him
 All your heart and your soul and your mind
 Tomorrow may be too late my friend
 And you’ll find you’re left behind
 Unexpected by many He will show up
 Please don’t say I’ll do it next time

He’s Coming Back For Me

I will sing a love song to Jesus
I will sing it loud with all my heart
I will sing a love song to Jesus
Every day. Every day

I will lift my hands and worship
I surrender all to my Lord
I will lift my hands to worship
Every day. Every day

What a Savior
He loves me so much
That he gave His life on Calvary
My Redeemer
Rose up once again alive
And He’s coming back for me
He’s coming back for me

I will bow my head in reverence
He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords
I will bow my head in reverence
Every day. Every day


Hallelujah. Hallelujah. He loves me. He loves me
Hallelujah. Hallelujah. He loves me and I love Him.


Praise and Worship

His Mercy Lasts Forever

I shudder just to think
What will happen in a blink
To the lost when Jesus comes back in the clouds
The saved will rise away
And beginning on that day
The wrath of God will pour out on this ground

The lost who all denied
The Lord would test their lives
Will face such horrors we cannot contain
But even in those days
The Lord will show His grace
And some will still be saved from all that pain

His mercy is forever
Even in His wrath
His mercy is forever
Even to the last
His love will always reach out
His grace will always pull out
His mercy lasts forever and a day

Don’t take your chance that day
Come to the Lord to stay
Take Him today to be your Lord and King
He’ll take you out of here
On that day that He appears
And you won’t have to face those nasty things

He warned you in His Word He’s coming back
He warned you in His Word to not be slack
Believe the Word of God
In a blink you’ll see reward
His Word is very clear in white and black

His mercy is forever
Even in His wrath
His mercy is forever
Even to the last
His love will always reach out
His grace will always pull out
His mercy lasts forever and a day

Christ Returns

The Coming King

I heard a bell this morning
It sounded out aloud
And then I saw an angel
Descending in a cloud

He said my name is Gabriel
I come to bring you news
Jesus Christ the Son of God
Is coming back real soon

He will come here suddenly
No warning will be given
In one blink of an eye His children
Will join Him in heaven

From this day forward rest assured
The time is coming near
So let your voice give witness
For all the world to hear

They must all confess their sins
And turn from their foul ways
They must accept Him as their Lord
And do good all their days

A trumpet sounded loud and clear
Then Gabriel spoke these words of cheer
May peace and joy rule all in your heart
And from His grace do not depart

With that He vanished in the air
The clouds he came in disappeared
I bowed my head and said a prayer
That I’d be faithful to declare
The King is coming soon my friend
Make sure your heart is right with Him

One Path

I’ve traveled many roads
While living on this earth
Some led to a party
While others had not worth

It seemed I’d often end up
On a dead end in my life
I saw many ways to turn
But never could decide

But now my life is easier
The labyrinth is gone
There is now just one path
That I want to be on

It is the straight and narrow one
That leads to heaven’s gates
Are you now walking on that path
Come now and don’t be late

For Jesus Christ will soon return
To take the saved away
There’s only one path leading there
Accept His cross today

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/10/30/your-daily-word-prompt-labyrinth-October-30-2018/

Jesus Returns

Judgment Day

The heavens shall be open
A white horse shall appear
The man who sits upon him
Brings both judgment and war

His eyes are like a fire
His head bore many crowns
Clothed in garments dipped in blood
The Word of God He’s called

The armies of all heaven
Will follow Him this day
White horses will they ride upon
White garments will array

The fowls of the earth are called
To feast upon all flesh
And all who do remain on earth
Will meet a forecast death

If you are not familiar
With the words I’ve written here
Revelation nineteen ten
Is where you start to read

I do not share to frighten to
Because not all are doomed
There is a way of being saved
From all this talk of gloom

Make Jesus Christ your Lord and King
He is the only way
To be in heaven on this day
Won’t you be saved today

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/10/24/your-daily-word-prompt-frighten-October-24-2018/

The Believers Life

Foolish Habits

This world has lots of pleasures
They are wonderful to try
They make us feel important
Or they give us such a high
In this life we will face many
Of the tempters little ploys
They are all meant to enchant you
Into thinking flesh is Lord

But I have news for you my friend
The day is coming soon
When the King of Kings and Lord of Lords
Will come as a bridegroom
He is looking for a church
That is gleaming white as snow
There is just one way to get there
That is Jesus Christ to know

Put aside your foolish habits
The repent of all your sin
Allow the blood of Jesus
To wash you clean within
Accept His blood filled sacrifice
For He dies for you and me
Then he rose again from death
To give life eternally

In response to the daily prompt https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2018/10/23/your-daily-word-prompt-enchant-October-23-2018/

Fly Away

It won’t be long

The day will come
The trumpet shall resound
And just like that
Well blink our eyes
And rise up from the ground
We’ll go to meet Him
In the air
All those who call Him Lord
Then with the angels
We’ll rejoice
With Him forevermore
Now is the time
Do not delay
To heed the harvest moon
Tell of His love
To all you meet
The Lord is coming soon
They must accept
His sacrifice
Upon the cross that day
Then when He comes
Upon the clouds
We all can fly away

In response to the daily prompt


What Glorious Things

If i could see the future what would my eyes perceive
I’d likely see much more than my mind could now conceive
If i could know what’s planned for all of us who do believe
What glorious things I’d witness on that day

I’d see a band of elders gathered round the throne of God
Cherubim and Seraphim would fill the sky aloft
Singing holy holy holy with their voices sounding loud
What glorious songs I’d sing with them that day

I’d see the Lamb of God who gave His life to save my soul
He’s the only one that’s worthy to open heavens scrolls
The worship choir praises Him and loud hosannas roll
What glorious things I’d hear them sing that day

I’d see the vials and the scrolls pronounce the wrath of God
I’d hear the trumpets sound aloud from angels in the clouds
I’d see the beast be lifted up and worshipped from the crowd
What glorious truth I’d know He’d do that day

I’d see Him riding a white horse His countenance so bright
He’s leading heaven’s army to a victory in the fight
I’d see the supper of the lamb prepared for birds of prey
What a glorious triumph I would see that day

I’d see the lake of fire and the beast be thrown within
I’d smell brimstone and ashes as he plunged to death from sin
I’d see the saints of God whose name the book contains
What glorious things He’d have for us that day

I’d see the new Jerusalem descending from above
I’d see the streets of gold and gates of pearl be opened up
I’d see the healing of the lands because of His great love
What glorious things await us on that day

Most of all I’d see my Savior Lamb of God is He
I’d see the one who came to earth and gave His life for me
I know these visions are the way the future’s meant to be
What glorious things He has in store that day

If you don’t know my Jesus and haven’t made Him Lord
The time is now my friend He should not be ignored
Cry out to Him for mercy he will here your cry and more
What glorious things your life will know that day


Praise and Worship


Clothed in the clouds He comes
Mighty and Merciful He comes
All power and authority in Him
All will bow their knee to Him

Riding a white horse He comes
To judge all the nations He comes
Our salvation is only in Him
Our victory was provided by Him

He is Jesus
Full of wonder
Crowned with splendor
He is Jesus
Eternal Savior
Light of the world

In radiant glory He comes
With sound of trumpet He comes
Will you be found in Him
Is all your trust in Him

The only way
The only truth
The only light
He is
The only way
The only truth
The only light
He is

He is Jesus
Full of wonder
Crowned with splendor
He is Jesus
Eternal Savior
Light of the world

In response to the daily prompt Splendor