It’s You I Choose

His voice spoke silently
As I awoke from my night’s sleep
Words that filtered to my soul
Words of peace and joy and hope

I knew that He was there with me
To tell me He has set me free
Free from worry doubt and fear
Free from sorrow with its tears

Oh what mercy then I felt
I stooped down and there I knelt
Quietly beside my bed
Slowly bowing down my head

Lord I don’t deserve your grace
I don’t deserve your warm embrace
I haven’t done all that you’ve asked
I’ve been too lazy in the task

As I bowed with weeping eyes
He spoke to me with words so wise
My child I paid the price for you
And now my child it’s you I choose

I choose to love you more each day
I choose to guide you in my ways
I choose to show my word to you
No matter what it’s you I choose

I wept there as I knelt in prayer
I felt His spirit in the air
He chose me to be His child
All my sins He reconciled

Because He’s done so much for me
From now on it’s my heartfelt plea
To do all that He asks me to
So now my question is will you?


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