Merry Christmas

An Amazing Year

When look back on this year
And all God’s done for me
I just cannot get over
His generosity

First there was my cancer
Which was destined to go
I am in remission
I saw the end of chemo

In spring we got a puppy
It’s been years since we have one
The joy that he has brought us
Just cannot be outdone

He had me write a book
From notes made long ago
It started early in the year
It’s published now you know

My granddaughter was sinking
Under weight of troubled life
She came to live with us
And now is free from strife

To have a teenage girl
Again in this old house
Has brought a sense of peace
To me and my spouse

There are so many ways
That this year has been blessed
I pray that you have found
His mercy you possess

He died to take your sins
And free you from your pains
Will you please give Him praise
And make Him Lord again

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