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He Shows Up

Though I’ve fallen once again on this journey
I’ve forgotten how to pick myself up
So I cry out to the Lord in my trouble
He shows up. He shows up

It’s amazing that in spite of my failure
He still loves me just the way I am
Every time I need a boost from my Savior
He shows up. He show up

He shows up when I am weary
He shows up when I am down
He shows up when I am reeling
In my fog of sin and doubt
He shows up and leans down to me
He shows up and lifts me out
When I cry out to the Lord
He shows up

I will do my best to follow in His ways
He has shown me what the best path is
I know that if I slip and fall again
He’ll show up. He’ll show up


All I have to do is cry out to Him
All I have to do is say His name
He will come and lift me out of trouble
He will come to save the day


I Need You Lord

I need you Lord
In my trials
In my sorrow
In my weakness
In tomorrow
In my heartache
When my faith goes
I need you Lord

Not a week
Not a day
Not an hour
Not a minute
Not a second
Not a blink
That I don’t need you Lord

Come to me Lord
I seek your face
Come to me Lord
I need your grace
Come to me Lord
I’ll give you praise
Oh how I need you Lord

Holy Spirit Thank You

I can feel your presence
Deep inside of me
Leading me to know
What I’m made to be

I can feel your presence
Filling up my heart
Causing me to change
Make a brand new start

Holy Spirit thank you
For your love and grace
Thank you for your mercy
I worship in this place

Let me know your wisdom
Calm me with your peace
I’m forever grateful
You live inside of me

Christmas Poetry

He Waits For Me

He waits for me
In the silence of the morning
As the sun is slowly rising
The gilded clouds are shining
The birds are loudly singing
The dark quickly dispelling
The dew is gently falling
As all the earth is waking
He waits for me

He waits for me
As life just gets to busy
My faith starts to get lazy
My doubt is rising slowly
The fear of failure lures me
The troubles loom around me
I’m not all I should be
I ifeel as if He’d left me
He waits for me

He waits for me
Full of hope I’ll find my way
Full or mercy for me day
Love that drives all fear away
He waits for me

Slowly I begin to rise
Lift my praise up to the skies
Loft my head and set
my eyes
Upon Him waiting there

Then His peace comes over me
Peace that calms my raging seas
Back where I have longed to be
Beside my Lord and King

I know in your darkest hour
His love draws you by gracious power
I pray that you will find this true
He’s waiting there for you


I can see Him
in the brilliance of the sunrise
in the gilded skies at dawn
in the colors of the rainbow
in the evenings glorious yawn
I can see Him in the stars above
I can see Him in the bird that fly
I can see Him in the leaves that fall
I can see Him everywhere

I can feel Him
in the gentle breeze of spring bring
in the stream that gently flows
in the warmth of summer sun
in the cold of winter snow
I can feel Him in the rain that falls
I can feel Him in the birds that fly
I can feel Him in the still and calm
I can feel Him everywhere

I can hear Him
in the thunder from the storm
in the cooing of a dove
in the howl of the Wolf
in the stillness of His love
I can hear Him when I still myself
I can hear Him when I’m restless
I can hear Him in my sorrow that
I can hear Him everywhere

I can touch Him
in the questions of my prayers
n the times I speak His name
in the showers of His grace
in the words uttered in faith
I can touch Him every moment
I can touch Him in my troubles
I can touch Him when I’m lonely
I can touch Him anytime

I can feel His presence everywhere
He’s given me these senses so I could know He’s there
I use them every day
To guide me on my way
Let my mouth declare
My eyes behold
My ears be witness
My Spirit touch
The Glory of the Lord
It’s everywhere

I Love the Light

I love the light that shines on me
It helps my eyes to plainly see
God’s creation given to me
I love the light that shines on me

I love the light that shines in me
Revealing things that hinder me
Dispelling dark and setting free
I love the light that shines in me

I love the light that shines through me
Showing the way so others see
The love of God can set them free
I love the light that shines through me

Is God’s great light alive in you
Does His abiding love shine through
Give Him your all and His will do
Make sure His light shines bright in you

Praise & Worship

I Can

I can hear Him
Gently speaking
In a whisper
Above the noise of this world
Kind words
Gentle words
Words of life and hope
Words that lift me out of darkness
Into light
I can hear Him

I can see Him
Shining brightly
In all of His creation
The stars
And the birds
Testify of His presence
His presence that is always near me
Without question
I can see Him

I can feel Him
Flowing softly
Through my being
Letting me know He is near
Holding me
Helping me
Walking close beside me
Carrying me when I fall down
He is there
I can feel Him

Oh God of wonder
How precious you are
How wonderful your ways
You fill my days
With your great grace
Your mercy runs
When I am down and out
You always pull me through
And then I know
No matter what comes
With you right here
I can