Oh, Man, Turn to Me

I was walking on the beach
In a dream I had last night
Soft sand under my feet
As the waves crashed in

Then I heard the spirit speak to me
With the still small voice of God
“Hear the waves praise my name?
Hear them never cease to shout?
Loud and free.”

Then I traveled in my dream
To a meadow lined with trees
Just before the day dawned
As the birds chirp in glee

Then I heard the spirit speak to me
With the still small voice of God
“Hear the birds praise my name?
Hear them fill the air with song?
So beautifully.”

Nature sings my praise all day
From wind to rain to streams
I long to hear the voice of man
Joining in their song

My crowning achievement
I gave him all of this
All of nature is at his disposal
All he needs is provided
Just like the birds and beasts
Just like the flowers and trees
Yet man does not praise me
But mocks me, scorns me, blames me

All I do is love him
I gave my son to set him free
I gave the spirit to guide him
Yet he chooses to remain lost
To remain by himself
Trying to figure life out
Trying to make it on his owns
Turning to things unknown
Harmful things, deadly things

Oh, man, turn to me
Lift up my name
Sing aloud my praise
I will lift you up
I will set you free
I will guide you through this world
Because I love you
I always have
I always will

Oh, man, turn to me
Join natures praise
Join the thankful chorus
Sing Hallelujah
Sing Emmanuel
For I am with you
Watching over you

Quiet Ruled The Nght

Sometime in the night
I heard Him call my name
Quietly whispering His sweet words to me
I waited for His words
Yearning for His voice
Hoping He would tell me what would be

But quiet ruled the night
He did not speak again
I tried to recall what my Lord had said
His whisper was so faint
And I was half awake
I wasn’t sure what words were in my head

I took up pen and paper
And started to write down
Hoping it would spark my memory
But once I got the story down
Of how He woke me up
There was no more to write that I could see

I realized I’d missed it
I waited much to long
To write the words my Lord had said too me
I pondered getting up
To write what He had said
And once I took the pen the words did flee

A sadness filled my heart
As I lay back down to sleep
I knew that I had missed His word this time
I promise Him the next time
He starts to speak to me
I’ll quickly rise and write down every line.

If you’re awakened in the night
By the still small voice of God
Make sure you have a pen and paper near
You never know what He may say
Or what words will speak to you
Just open up your heart and lend an ear