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First Blood

He was in agony
In the garden of Gethsemane
Bowing His head, down on His knees
The first blood He shed was in prayer
The perfect sacrifice
Not a blemish or a scar
Ready to pay the ultimate price
The first blood He shed was in prayer
They beat Him and mocked Him
Spit in His face
In a trial that broke all their laws
They whipped Him and scourged Him
And crowned Him with thorns
Blood unceasingly dripped to the ground
The made Him carry His cross up a hill
Where beggars and thieves came to die
The drove nails
Through His hands and feet
As they hung Him on that cross
The agony there was when sin entered in
The Father had left Him alone
He never had felt the pain of sin
As His blood quickly seeped in the ground
He had never hurt anyone, never said wrong
Yet He died the most ungodly way
Yet with all of the blond that he shed that day
The first blood He shed was in prayer
Let us never forget the price that He paid
And the blood that was shed that day
But ponder on the significance
That the first blood He shed was in prayer

It’s Been A While

It’s been a while since I knelt bedside my bed and prayed
It’s been a while since I opened up the book and read
It’s been a while since I lifted up my arms in praise
But you have been here all along with your amazing grace

It’s been a while since I listened for your words of love
It’s been a while since I thought about your throne above
It’s been a while since I realized you are enough
But you have been there all the time with your redeeming love

Oh God, I miss my talks with you
The fulness of my walks with you
Oh God, I’ve moved so far away from you
Please help me find a way back to your unfailing grace
Have mercy on me now, my Lord, I pray

It’s time to kneel down by my bed to pray
And read the words of your amazing grace
I need to lift my arms and give you praise
For you have been right by me all the way

I soon forget that you are near
And that my prayers you always hear
I must remember that you love me all the time
Help me to see you by my side
Help me to know that you abide
Speak to my heart and open up my simple mind

Oh God, I miss my talks with you
The fulness of my walks with you
Oh God, I’ve moved so far away from you
Please help me find a way back to your unfailing grace
Have mercy on me now, my Lord, I pray
Have mercy on me now, my Lord, I pray

My Time of Need

All my doubts, all my worries, all my fears
I lay them down at your feet with my tears
Broken and ashamed
I cry out to your name
I know you’ll carry me all my years

Every day I know I go astray
It’s so easy to lose my way
As I sinner I plead
Getting down on my knees
That you’ll hear every word I pray

What a Savior you are, Lord Jesus
What a friend in my time of need
Every day that I live
I know you will give
Grace and mercy abundant and free

Our Deepest Need

I was determined that my prayers would reach to heaven
I waited patiently to have the answer come
Then in the stirring of my heart I felt assurance
As the peace of God came rushing like a flood 

In that moment no more worry was within me
I know that Jesus had received my heartfelt plea
I lifted up my eyes to see the heavens open
As the Holy Spirit came to rest on me

What a joy then filled my heart to overflowing 
I felt a laugh deep down within my seeking soul
My mouth flew open and the laughter came in torrents 
My heart had found a place where I could just let go

I didn't care if those around me heard my laughter 
I didn't even recognize that they were there
And it was then I realized the blessed freedom
That could only come from Jesus loving hand

Then I remembered this all started in my prayer life 
I'd been seeking things I thought I truly need
But as it turned out all those things were not the answer 
Jesus brought an answer deeper than my plea

Now I share with you this heartfelt lesson
Always remember Jesus knows our deepest need
And if the answer to our prayer seems long forgotten 
There is something more He's given us indeed

The Gift of Prayer

As I gaze at the sliver of moon in the sky
And feel the dew under my feet
My mind goes to you in the silence of dawn
All I want is to hear you speak

Oh God, I open my heart up to you
My prayer ascends up to your throne
But it's not the words I speak that matter the most
I must listen for your voice alone

What a precious thing is the gift of prayer
What a mystery vast and wide
I can come to the King of all Kings each day 
He will hear every word that I cry

Then His voice will speak gently with calm and grace
He will give me the words of life 
So, I pray in the silence of morning dew
Because only here will I survive 

Call on Jesus

When you wake up in the morning brew your coffee
Have a muffin, or banana or some toast
Make sure all the house around you is in order 
Take a shower, brush your teeth and out the door

Wait a minute, somethings missing in that sequence
Something all of us should do to start our day
There is nothing more important than this one small thing 
Take some time down on your knees to pray

Pray for children, pray for neighbors, pray for grandma
Pray for friends that live both near and far away
Pray for pastor and for mayor and for workers 
Pray for everything you'll do throughout the day

You see the secret to success is not your bankroll
Not your wisdom, or your power or your fame
It’s not a matter of the place you have climbed to
Your success comes from the times you called His name

The name of Jesus is the key to all your future
The name of Jesus is your peace in every storm
The name of Jesus is a joy you can hold onto 
He’s a refuge and a strong and mighty tower

So, when you find that you are rushed and running ragged
And it seems you don't have time to even think 
Take a break down on your knees to call on Jesus
And you'll find you have more time to follow Him

He's the way. The truth, the life and He's your answer 
To the question of a day that seems too short
Just a little time with Jesus in the morning 
Will make the whole day better from the start 

It Is Well With My Soul

 I pray a blessing on you today
 May all your desires come your way
 May you hear the sound of your spirit say
 It is well with my soul
 I pray that mercy will fill your heart
 That grace may be what you always impart
 That your song of life will always start
 It is well with my soul
 I pray that life brings you joy today
 And that peace will follow you all the way
 I pray that His love will cause you to say
 It is well with my soul
 Let your heart rejoice
 Let your praise be heard
 Lift your loudest voice
 To our awesome Lord
 Bringing honor and glory to God above
 He’s the Savior of your soul
 He will be with you each and every day
 He will guide your life and show you the way
 He died on a cross just to hear you say
 It is well with my soul 

The Place for Me

My enemy is standing at the door
Grumbling and complaining to get in
I could feel the evil he would pass to me
I didn’t freeze
Got on my knees
Then I heard a voice I had heard before
Saying get away from him, he is mine
I knew it was my Savior and my Lord
He heard my prayer
Down on my knees
The place for me is down on my knees
I can’t stand before the Son of God
His throne is where I want to spend my time
Giving Him praise
Lifting His name
He raised me to my feet and held me tight
I could heard the devil as he walked away
A smile came on my face in that moment
He say me there
Down on my knees
The place for me is down on my knees
There’s no other place I would rather be
It is there my Savior hears my every word
I need to stay
Down on my knees
I know my enemy will return someday
I know he won’t give up that easily
But when he does I know I have a weapon
A humble prayer
Down on my knees
The place for me is down on my knees
There is victory when I surrender all
So I’ll lift my voice and bow my head
And pray to God
Down on my knees