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Serving the Lord

Sweet Words

I am constantly reminded of my failures
By the enemy that lurks inside my mind
Hew takes every opportunity to mock me
And to make me feel I’ve really missed the mark

It’s so easy to give ear to what he’s saying
For I always seem to think that I fall short
But if I listen closely there’s another voice
Speaking words that cause me peace and joy

Sweet words of Jesus
Words of life
Words that bring healing
Words that end strife
Sweet words of wonder
Words of grace
Words that uplift me
To a higher plane

Now I choose to shut out the enemy
Who would fill my mind with fear and doubt
I will listen to the words of my Savior
In the midst of my trials He’ll bring me out

Sweet words of mercy
Words of faith
Words that deliver
Words that save
Sweet words of His love
Spoken in my ear
Words that bring life
To all who hear

Open up His word
Listen everyday
There is so much
He has to say
Sweet words of Jesus
Spoken to you
Follow His word
In all you do

I Listen

I wait for thee
In the morning
Before dawning
Stars aglow
Snow below
Air is cold
Wind is bold
I listen

Heart for you
Thoughts anew
Your voice I hear
In my ear
You speak to me
These words of life
And sacrifice
I listen

Thank you Lord
For your words
For these psalms
That bring calm
You speak to me
Words that seek
To set us free
That we might be
Found in thee
Help me Lord
To listen