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The Words of My Praise

It’s hard for me to put into words what Jesus means to me
Everything that I write seems too small to declare His majesty
I come to Him each morning and I get down on my knees
Seeking to hear what He would say to me

Then one by one He gives me the lines and tells me to write them down
I really don’t know what the next words will be or how the rhyme will sound
I just start to type and it seems that He guides my fingers as words abound
Early in the morning when no one is around

These are His words, these are His story
This is my journal of what the Lord says
Giving Him honor, giving Him glory
These are the words of my praise

When it is finished and the poem is done, I hear Him say thank you to me
I say “Dear Lord, this is not my work.  I don’t deserve credit for these”
He says, “My son, please know how much I appreciate that you listen to me.
For I talk to many who don’t have an ear to hear.”

So, I slowly put down my fingers and I say a little prayer
For all of you who He’s speaking to but really don’t open your ears
It’s time for the children of God to arise and show themselves strong in these years
Make Him the Lord of your life and share what you hear

These are His words, these are His story
This is my journal of what the Lord says
Giving Him honor, giving Him glory
These are the words of my praise

The Giver of Life

He gives hope to the hopeless
Peace to the restless
Faith for the faithless
Love to the worthless

He gives light in the darkness
Strength for my weakness
Joy for my sadness
Health for my sickness

He’s the giver of life to all who are lost
He paid my price as He hung on the cross
The shame and the pain He bore for me
Taking my sin and setting me free

Oh, what a wonderful Savior
Oh, what mercy divine
Oh, what grace so amazing
Jesus is mine, Jesus is mine
Jesus is mine.  Jesus is mine

So, I will lift up my hands and praise Him
Praise Him, praise Him
I will lift up my heart and worship
Worship Christ the King

Our Offering

His Yoke is easy and His burden is light
He gives joy in the morning and dries tears at night
In our spirit and soul His love shines bright
He’s been so good to me

This yoke is meant to tie us together
So that we will walk step by step
I’m glad that my Lord is stronger than I
When I wander He pulls me back

When I walk step by step with Him
I will always be safe and secure
He’ll guide me to good things each time
Of this I can be very sure

The burden I bear for Him is light
And he wants me to give it away
Each time I spread His great love
It comes back and fills me again

This mercy I carry is pure
It’s a blessing that I must give
His grace is a burden I long for 
Because this world needs to know He forgives

His yoke is easy and His burden is light
Compared to what He bore for me
His yoke was a cross and His burden was sin
When He sacrifice His life for me

The lest I can do is help Him’
Spread the message he came to bring
All can be saved, all can be healed
Because he was our offering.

Start All over

If I could start all over again 
What would I do?. How would I change?
If I could rewrite my history book
How would the pages of my life look?

I would stand a little closer
Bow a little lower
Pray a little harder
Fall in love a little deeper with my Lord
I would share a little louder 
Walk beside my brother
Introduce my Savior to a lost and dying world

If I knew then what I know now
What would the end result show?

Would more know Jesus?
Would more be healed?
Would more walk with grace?
Would more lift His praise?
I believe if I did the things I should do
Then many more people would know the truth. 

I should stand a little closer
Bow a little lower
Pray a little harder
Fall in love a little deeper with my Lord
I should share a little louder 
Walk beside my brother
Introduce my Savior to a lost and dying world

Jesus Is My Pattern

I want to walk with integrity
Leaving behind all my iniquity
Living every day in the promises of the Lord
I want to speak with sincerity
So that giving grace is not a rarity
Help me to live like the one that I adore

Jesus is my pattern
His life I live after
All that I do should reflect His love for me
Help me hear you Father
Living a life that matters
I want to be all that you want me to be

Everything I have is yours
I come humbly to your throne
Surrendering my life to you in every way
I adore you Lord
I will give you more
More than ever before starting today

I Can’t Imagine

I can’t imagine what went through the shepherd’s mind that night
When the angel of the Lord appeared, bringing brilliant light
I can’t imagine what they heard when those angels start to sing
Peace on earth and Hallelujah, glory to the newborn king

I can’t imagine what the wisemen thought from distance far
When they looked up in the sky and saw that brilliant star
I can’t imagine as they journeyed to a foreign land
To see the King of Kings as the prophecy had said

I can’t imagine Joseph’s thoughts a Mary was in pain
Bringing forth the baby that would be the great I AM
I can’t imagine Mary holding Jesus as a babe
And singing lullaby’s to Him as He lay in the hay

I can’t imagine Jesus before the Father on that day
Saying I will go to earth and become a little babe
I can’t imagine walking with Him as He taught the crowds
And being there when he scolded all the Pharisees aloud

I can’t imagine all the pain he felt that fateful night
As they beat Him and they whipped Him into a frightful sight
I can’t imagine seeing Him just hanging on a cross
I probably would think that this is such a loss

I can’t imagine when one day I’ll see Him in the clouds
As He returns to take us home and give to us our crowns
I can’t imagine what a time that we will have in heaven
Praising Him and joining saints forever and forever.

A Resting Place

I stand here thinking if my life 
And all the things I do
I realize that I'd be lost
If I did not have you

I was a soul just wandering 
Through darkness and disgrace 
Then one day I saw the light
When I came to know your grace

No more do I wander
No more do I roam
I have found a resting place
In you and you alone

What a blessed hope I have
What joy now fills my soul
A peace that calms down all my fears
Your love has made me whole


Only in you, Lord, only in you
Can I find rest in this troubled world



The house stood there in shambles,  abandoned and alone 
The roof was full of leaks and the walls had gaping holes 
Windows broken, shutters torn, boards all filled with smelly mold
You could tell it wasn't lived in even though it wad not old 

 A carpenter on day walked by that weathered house
He looked and saw potential in a place no one would choose
He paid the price to buy that house and did what he did best 
Day by day repaired that house without taking rest

He filled the holes within the walls until they sturdy stood 
Repaired the looks throughout the roof to withstand the flood 
The boards were all replaced,  the windows and the floors
Them finally He finished off by strengthening the doors

The carpenter stepped back and saw the work he'd done
He said it now is livable but there's still much to be done
That house that was in shambles now stood on solid ground 
And he would keep on working until it made him proud

My life was in shambles. Abandoned and alone
My body full if sin and deep doubt throughout my soul
I had no place or purpose and wandered aimlessly
I wondered every day who could save a wretch like me

Then a carpenter named Jesus was walking by one day
A friend had introduced us and I asked Him to stay
I needed His attention and I ached for something new
He said that He had paid my debt of sin and made me new

Once I recognized Him as my Savior and my Lord 
I found a joy and peace that I had never known before
He quickly went to work on me and repaired me from within
I realized that now I must live my life for Him 

He will keep on working in my heart and in my soul
Abs this work will go on until I'm very old 
I'm not a perfect vessel but He loves me anyway
And I will let Him work on me each and every day

A Blessing for Today

May the Spirit of the Lord be upon you
May His love always shine on your face
May you walk on the path He has shown you
May you give out His amazing grace

May the hope that is in you be contagious
May you share joy with all that you meet
May you bring peace to all of your neighbors
May you pray for them all at His feet


I was leaning like a plant, all withered and dried out
Leaning on a past that was full of sin and doubt
Leaning in the gale that the storm had brought about
Ready to fall over if no one could help me out

A friend came by one day and said He had a plan for me
I asked him who it was that could come and set me free
He said it was a Savior who died upon a tree
And all I had to do was ask Him to pardon me

I had my doubts and fears but I cried out anyway
If you are really there con and help me find my way
I nearly cried out loud when I heard His still voice say
My child your are free by the power of my grace

Now I am walking daily in the mercy He provides
I’m leaning on Him all the time and He helps me survive
If you need to restore your life than please take my advice
Ask Jesus to forgive you and all will come out right